Hello there. We are action sports enthusiasts. We hope you are too. We made this site for really one simple reason: We want to provide the best recommendations and reviews on action sports gear, so our readers can make the best decisions when choosing their equipment for their favorite activities.  That is pretty much it. Although here are a couple more things about how we work:

Our review process is completely 100% objective, in that we have no direct manufacturer affiliation, and don’t directly take advertisements or paid placements from them. The only ads are network ads through Google Adsense & affiliate partnerships with catalog retailers, who usually don’t care what brand or product they sell as long as it is something!

The methodology behind how we recommend and review products is through several avenues including but not limited to: expert consultation, personal experience, other credible resources on the web, identifying and breaking down the products into specific attributes that can be compared to one another (everything from price to shape to materials used), narrowing down recommendations by rider style, direct testing when possible, and updating the recommendations as new seasonal lines are released.

We hope you find it useful and if you would like to contact us about anything, have any questions about any equipment we reviewed, or have any feedback, it would be great to hear from you.

Shoot us an email at info[at]theactionadvisor[dot]com.

Thank you!

The Action Advisor Team