Atomic Vantage 90 TI Skis [2022 Review]

Updated Jan 7, 2022

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Some skis are designed purposely to make skiing more enjoyable, and one such ski is Atomic Vantage 90 TI. These skis, which cater mainly to the advanced to expert skier, are versatile enough to brilliantly handle all manners of snow conditions throughout the entire mountain.

To understand all of the great benefits of these skis, you should take a look at the insightful Atomic Vantage 90 TI Skis review we have prepared for you below.

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In the process of shedding light on this excellent pair of skis, we shall be taking a look at things ranging from the key features of the ski to its specifications, to its pros and cons among others.


Atomic Vantage 90 TI Skis Specifications


Terrain:All Mountain
Skier Ability Level:Advanced to Expert
Rocker Type:All Mountain Rocker (15% of Rocker in Tips, 75% of Underfoot Camber, 10% of Rocker in Tails)
Type of Bindings included:No bindings
Skier Ability Level:Advanced to Expert
Type of Construction:Sidewall
Core:Power Wood Core
Tip Width/Waist Width/Tail Width/Turning Radius:130.5mm/90mm/114mm/16m (@ size 169cm), 132mm/89mm/115.5mm/16.8m (@ size 176) and 133.5mm/90mm/117mm/17.8m (@ size 184).


New Carbon Tank Mesh

The Atomic Vantage 90 TI Skis has been engineered with the new Carbon Tank Mesh that can be found throughout the entire length of the skis. The main job of this new material is to enhance the strength of the skis while simultaneously making them lighter. It is for this reason that this model is not only stronger but also lighter than earlier models.

Titanium Backbone 2.0

The Titanium Backbone is another outstanding selling point of the Vantage 90. This feature comes with several benefits, most notably enhancing the skis’ torsional strength. Additionally, it provides more power and stability to the skis to make the process of ripping the groomers and charging through crud more fun.

All-Mountain Rocker

This rocker, which is made up of 15% rocker at the tips, 75% camber at the underfoot, and 10% rocker in the tails of the skis, allows for fast and easy initiation of turns. The rockered tips allow for an increased floatation for skiing off-piste in powder and crud. The cambered underfoot, on the other hand, is primarily responsible for giving the Vantage 90 its outstanding ability to rebound to easily carve those mean turns.

Firewall Sidewalls

Another cool highlight of the Atomic Vantage 90 TI Skis is its sidewall blocks. But these sidewalls aren’t ordinary in the sense that they are thicker than what many skis feature. These thick blocks perform two very important functions. They help in enhancing the power transmitted during edging. Also, they contribute massively to the reduction of vibrations as you charge down the slopes.


  • The skis are durable and light.
  • They have a fantastic grip and a brilliant carving ability.
  • They float very well in powder.
  • They are stable at high speeds.
  • They perform brilliantly in a variety of snow conditions.
  • They are very responsive and versatile.
  • Atomic supports these skis with a 2-year warranty.


  • It would have been great if bindings accompanied the Vantage 90.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the Atomic Vantage 90 TI Skis?

A. The skis are manufactured by Atomic (Atomic Austria GmbH), an Austrian company noted for manufacturing some of the best skis and skiing equipment in the world.

Q. Do the skis come with bindings?

A. No.

Q. Do these skis hold an edge very well?

A. Yes, they do. In the majority of situations you find yourself in, these skis would not let you down in terms of holding an edge.

Q. Does the Vantage 90 initiate turns quickly?

A. The All Mountain rocker these skis are engineered with makes them initiate turns effortlessly and swiftly.

Q. How stable are these skis at high speeds?

A. Very stable. With features such as the Titanium backbone, Firewall sidewalls, and the ability to hold an edge very well, these skis tend to remain stable and not vibrate too much at top speeds.

Q. Do these skis have trouble when it comes to carving at high speed on ice?

A. With these skis, you would have no trouble carving if you are going at high speed on icy terrain.

Q. How well do they perform on bumps?

A. Despite being fairly stiff skis, they handle bumps well.

Q. How does the Atomic Vantage 90 TI Skis perform on powder and crud?

A. Having a waist width that is in the region of 90mm, the Vantage 90 is wide enough to float very well in powder. In addition to the width of the skis, other important features that contribute to making them float more smoothly on soft powder and charge excellently through crud include the rockered tails and the Titanium backbone.

Q. What skiing style is the Vantage 90 best for?

A. Being an all-mountain pair of skis, the Vantage 90 has been designed to move smoothly on all different types of snow conditions on every part of the mountain.

Q. Is the Atomic Vantage 90 TI a playful ski?

A. These skis are pretty playful thanks to features such as lightweight construction, a cambered underfoot that enhances pop and the rockered tips.

Q. What are some of the best bindings that can be used with the Vantage 90?

A. The following bindings are very compatible with these skis: Marker Griffon, Tyrolia Attack 13, Atomic Warden 13, and Look SPX 12.

Q. How maneuverable are these skis?

A. They are so easy to maneuver thanks mainly to their rockered tips and tails.

Q. Are these skis designed for men or women?

A. They are men’s skis. However, certain groups of female skiers such as aggressive female skiers can use them comfortably.

Q. Does the Vantage 90 come with bindings?

A. No.

Q. Are these skis covered by a warranty?

A. Yes, they are covered by the Atomic warranty, which lasts for 2 years.

Final Verdict

The Vantage 90 skis review above has revealed to you a whole lot of useful features and specifications that cannot be easily found in similar pairs of skis.

Taking all these cool attributes of the Vantage 90 into consideration, we think If you are an advanced to expert skier searching for an outstanding pair of skis to give you the power and control needed to charge down a groomer or through crud like nobody’s business, the Atomic Vantage 90 TI Skis can make a great choice for you.

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2022 Atomic Vantage 90 TI Skis Video Review


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