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The Best Beginner Skis For Kids

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Many people would not have that good of the time skiing if they cannot bring the kids with them (some people really disagree!), but for this reason, a few companies have many options when it comes to children’s skis. Many professional skiers start at a young age, if you’re ever looking to have your kid match your level of skiing, than starting at a younger age may be the way to go. Some ski developers that create the top of the line skis for adults now are providing a children’s line of skis for all level of ability. If you’re ever in the terrain park, I’m sure you’ve seen the 6-8 year olds doing some absolutely crazy stunts on their skis or snow-gear, this kids usually start at a young age, ridding with children skis at a younger age. If you’re a parents looking to get your kid started in snow sports, or a youngin’ looking for your first pair of skis, than this article will help guide you to your decision.

In this review we will explore some the best options for your child’s first pair of skis. We will look into the pricing, durability, the materials, construction and other features that make these skis a perfect addition to your gear collection, all for an awesome price.


Skis for kids are not the most expensive item on the list, but they are often grown out of. Kids will get as many good seasons as they need out of these though and their quality makes them meant to last. These are good for hand me down situations and also they aren’t too expensive. Generally a pair of children’s skis will range from $60 on the very cheap, upwards of $400 depending on the level of craftsmanship that went into the skis and the materials used to increase the durability, and decrease weight.


These skis are very durable and meant to last just like regular skis and the amount of use one can get out of these skis is close to limitless. Most of the time Skis for Kids aren’t generally made with the same level of quality as adult skis, but depending on the brand, they can be made to match the same quality as a professional adult ski. Regardless of the quality kids don’t tend to shred the mountain as hard as your more experienced skiers, there-for the integrity of the ski usually stays the same over the years. any good pair of skis is made with multi layered hard wood, or synthetic materials to increase the strength while decreasing the weight as much as possible, depending on the materials used is a direct correlation to the durability and cost of the ski.


These skis are made of laminated materials that give edge, stability and glide. Each layer of the ski is intended to provide as much stability and strength as possible. Some composite layers generally sit above and below the wood or foam core, Fibers such as fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon or boron are layered in several directions for strength. Plastic layers are then added to the bottoms and side walls of the ski to provide an easy glide. Base sheeting is ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene plastic that absorbs wax well. P-Tex or polyethylene is traditionally used on the tops of the skis where graphics are displayed. Generally on adult skis there are metal edges which are important for carving, and are attached to the bottom of the skies with epoxy. Aluminum or titanium may be used occasionally in an ultra light ski. Some skis have pieces of rubber or foam inserted as shocks to under the base of the boot, or along the side walls of the ski. Epoxy is used throughout the ski the hold all of it together, used in between each layer to bind, and harden the materials used.


The bindings are included with these skis and this makes them identical in almost every aspect to full sized skis. They are the perfect first step for any kid interested in skiing. Each pair of skies is skillfully crafted, each layered is set systematically to provide a multi layered ski that flexes, is light weight and durable. Children’s skis may not have all of the same engineering as your average adult ski, but they’re still made to replicate a more professional ski so your young skier can advance quickly.

Additional Features

Some of the skis in this review include ski poles with them. They are each equipped with bindings. Some skis come with built in bindings or removable bindings and boots, a nylon or plastic handle for carrying and easy transport.

The items included in this review are sure to give you a great time on the slopes and provide and great stepping stone for the younger skier to advance to whatever skill level they desires. Whatever age you’re looking for from as early as 3, upwards to 8 years old, these children’s skis will help give your younger rider a leg up in the Ski world.

First Pick: Lucky Bums Kid’s Beginner Snow Skis and Poles

lucky bums skis

What a deal. These Lucky Bums Kid’s Beginner Snow Skis that come with included poles comes in as the second pick in our Kids skis review, because of their outstandingly cheap price, without sacrificing quality, or style. Lucky Bums offers a wide range of Kids skis that are crafted by a team of professionals to give your junior rider one of the most professional rides for their age group, without breaking your bank. These Skis are perfect for any young beginner, being made nearly entirely with plastic, no metal edges to protect your young skiers from cuts or injury, and can be used with most ski boots.

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Runner Up: Dynastar My First Ski 93cm

These skis are perfect for you junior skier who is starting on that “Pizza / French fry” journey. These Dynastar 80cm kids skis are a perfect beginner pair of skis for your daughter or granddaughter or even just a gift for any little girl. These are designed to emulate the feel of adult skies and make for an easy transition when your junior skier makes the transition to their next pair of skis.

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Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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