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The Best BMX Shoes For Freeriding in 2022

Updated Feb 17, 2022giro grynd, best bmx shoe

BMX shoes are most likely some of the toughest shoes around for the price. They also have to balance the durability with the weight, this causes there to be an issue when it comes to manufacturing. Luckily, here are a ton of new and emerging technological advances that help to bridge the gap between durability and wearability.

The price of these shoes was something that We took into account and we have a pretty normal representation of what is available from today’s top brands. Whether you are a seasoned veteran on the pro circuit or a new rider just trying out the waters, the shoes on this list will meet your criteria, though millions of variations are available all suited to the fined tuned preferences of riders.

Those variations are also represented here as well though and the average rider is going to find that the features these shoes offer are enough to excite. Below are the primary factors we based our choices on.


The Best BMX Shoes For Freeriding 2022 – Factors considered


Some pro riders have some old vans they use and are most comfortable with and some prefer $200 top-of-the-line clip-in shoes, either way, this list is a more average look at shoes that are priced for consumers and pro BMX riders alike.


These aren’t steel-toed boots but they aren’t your average sneakers either issues are designed to take a beating and come back for more durability wise they are some of the top of the line for the price that they are at.


These materials lend directly to durability and are both composite and natural, they are lightweight and designed to be unobtrusive. The shoes in this list feature a clip-in attachment on the bottom of the soles of the shoes for your petals. One shoe does not have this feature but the materials used to create these are durable and designed to work and last.


This aspect adds to the durability as the stitching in these BMX shoes is very heavy duty, the laces and lace loops are better, and overall the construction of the shoes is of a higher quality than that of your average tennis shoe or skate shoe even. The shoes in this list are designed to be used in conjunction with a highly destructive activity, Equipment-wise, and manufacturers have taken this into account.

Additional Features

The BMX shoes in this particular list have also been analyzed for their weight and their profile, all of which fit categories that make BMX and bike riding easier and more streamlined. For the durability, the features, and the price they are offered, these shoes are a great example of some of the best BMX shoes available on the market today.


First pick: Giro Grynd Bike Shoe

giro grynd, best bmx shoe

The Giro Grynd bike shoe is a stellar example of a medium-priced starting contender for this list. It is a great beginner’s shoe and an entry-level piece of equipment that even pros could benefit from. Every shoe and foot is different so you have to shop around but this shoe certainly won’t disappoint. You can expect to pay the same price you would for tennis shoes, but for features like enhanced durability and clips for your pedals.

These BMX shoes also come with a strap that goes over the laces to prevent the laces from coming undone and also to provide an extra layer of support and durability. The weight of the shoe considering its construction is one of the reasons why it is on this list, along with its price.

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Runner Up: Five Ten Men’s Free-rider Bike Shoe

five ten freerider shoe

The Five Ten Men’s free-rider Bike shoe is a great example of a shoe for not only BMX but skating and other extreme sports applications the shoes are great for biking because of their stylish sleek profile rubber soles, BMX style lacing, and overall durability that lends to a name as a favorite amongst BMX riders over the years.

These shoes are not going to fall apart easily and there is no reason you can’t wear these shoes after the race as well! The shoes are made of quality genuine leather and come in a variety of colors and available sizes.

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Now the order of this list may surprise some it is more representative of three BMX shoes that are available and that are affordable and can perform. The shoes are just a few examples of a myriad of other shoes available on the market and shopping around is encouraged when it comes to finding the right fit.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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