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santa cruz lonboard review

When searching for a cruiser board, one must consider a wide range of options, from off road, to skate park, to city and campus cruisers. Many companies offer different applicable designs for each unique terrain.

Today we will review some of the top of the line boards so you can get an idea of some of the affordable but quality boards available. This review will cover some of the basics when looking for a quality cruiser for a variety of terrains.

The cost of a good board can range from $65 for your lower quality, but still very applicable for a good ride, meaning less compressed layers of wood, and generally a lower quality wood and less flexible trucks with a lower quality metal, to around $400-$500 for the highest quality. Meaning a higher quality of wood, pressed in a more engineered compression machine to provide a more reinforced board, with a more diversified physical design for more applications, along with very quality forged trucks, out of usually a light aluminum, or titanium metals to provide a maximum strength with a low weight for maximum performance proficiency. A quality skateboard manufacture will take the time and money to invest in making the best engineered product for their users, the products we reviewed today are by some of the oldest, and most famed skateboard companies around today for their long rich experience in producing skate equipment and gear for 20+ years.

Today we made our decision on these boards based on the quality and value that each individual company provides throughout all their product line. Having ridden these brands in the past, and being a old school skater myself, these boards provided a very quality ride that would satisfy beginners and veterans alike with an amazing cruise! Every board met a quality standard above lower quality manufactures sold by name brand companies.

For mountain boards there are a wide range of companies that offer different products for the average skilled boarder to the extreme sport racing boards.

Santa Cruz Skate Saved By The Shark Cruzer Skateboard (10 x 36-Inch)

santa cruz lonboard

The Santa Cruz brand, distributed by NHS, is the oldest continuous skateboard company in the world, originally founded by Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman in 1985. Since then they have revolutionized the skateboard and long-board industry. Creating thousands of amazing designs and art enriched products, sold around the world. For your all around cruiser for beginner and pros that gives you a fun, smooth, and versatile ride to get you around campus or around town is, the Santa Cruz Skate Saved By The Shark Cruzer Skateboard (10 x 36-Inch). The Saved By The Shark Cruzer is a Cruiser-style tribute to the original surf wagon! Custom inlaid maple top and bottom veneers. Fast and smooth 78a Road Rider Cruiser wheels and Bullet trucks. Width:10″ Length:36″ This board is no joke and will really provide you with the ride you desire! it’s old school long skateboard style provides a smooth, easy, long lasting push.

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MBS All-Terrain Long-board

mbs all terrain longboard

MBS, primarily a mountain board company, has created a mix between a mountain board and long-board. It’s called the MBS All terrain long-board. For you average, beginner off road cruisers one of the best products out there for that doesn’t break your wallet, but still offers a versatile, durable, well made product that veterans trust! With this board you do not have to mind about cracks in the sidewalk, sand or rocks. It would practically glide above everything and it delivers a smooth ride even through most uneven terrain.

The MBS all-terrain long-board opens up a new world for long boarders, the one just off the beaten asphalt path. Its super high rebound 100mm treaded long-board wheels make it one of the best addition to any long boarder’s quiver. With Strong 10 ply maple drop deck and 190mm navigator drone trucks precise turning is smooth and accurate. This long-board features a drop deck design, the primary benefit that it gives riders thorough is increased stability at high speeds because the design effectively cradles the rider between the two Trucks. Taken off of the board, the Navigator Drone trucks are raised higher from the board which makes them ideal for the MBS All terrain. In other words, these trucks raise the ground clearance of the ends of the board allowing the deck to turn more smoothly and quickly. Whether you’re a veteran long boarder looking for a new challenge, a beginner looking for a board that will roll over anything the Atom all-terrain long board will get you where you need to go and turn a few heads along the way.

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Kryptonics Diamond Tail Long board Complete Skateboard

kryptonics cruiser

Skate park cruisers vary depending on the type of skating you do, Many old school skater’s will choose longer, and more wide boards to feel more comfortable while skating vert. Some designs are for more of a street style trick layout of the board, or even just a more comfortable feel when transferring from bank to bank. Kryptonics has been in the skate industry since the mid 1970’s, Creating polyurethane wheels that drastically changed the skate industry forever. Kryptonics has a wide range of cruiser designs that are suitable for beginners and veteran’s alike. The price can range from affordable for a less quality product ranging from $60, to a top of the line board upwards of $450. The Kryptonics Diamond Tail Long-board Skateboard is a great option for both beginners and moderate Skate park cruisers! It’s wide, but sleek design provides a good all around skate park board Cruiser. It’s comfortable stance providing size, along with that large trucks and wheels to feel more similar to a long-board, really allows for a Classic, but comfortable and diverse ride. Kryptonics has been really done a good job on this product creating an affordable Cruiser board for your all around skate park enjoyment!




Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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