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The Best And Most Durable Skate Shoes 2022 – [Review & Guide]

cool skate shoe, fallen skate shoe

Being an avid skater looking for perfect comfort and performance, or a newbie trying to boost your skating, and cut your learning curve; the right skate shoes are quintessential to any good skater’s ability. Van’s, Fallen, Lakai, DC, Nike, Emerica, and many other brands come into play when searching for a professional-grade skate shoe.

This review will cover some of the top brands today. Breaking down pricing from affordable to the more pricey options, Durability, and the material used, the weight of the shoe, and the construction process to provide maximum quality.

The Best And Most Durable Skate Shoes – 2022 Review and Guide


Skate shoes can become a frequent necessity when you skate hard and often, so seeking an affordable, quality pair of shoes becomes incredibly important to a skater on a budget! at most retail stores you can find some of your major brand skate shoes ranging from $30, and upwards of $120 for the more custom, high-quality pair that usually sports a trendy, appealing style and look.


The longevity of a pair of shoes usually correlates to the strength and durability of the shoe, also the type of skating, and how hard you skate come into play. For example, when skating street, your toes tend to wear out very quickly, due to the toes sliding on grip tape over and over, so some street skateboard shoes offer a double padded toe or a top material made with more reinforced materials, some shoes even offer a rubber toe grip to provide extra control and longevity of the toe of your shoe.


A wide range of materials go into skate shoes depending on the price you spend, comes a higher quality of materials as well. Leather, suede, synthetic leathers and plastics, and cloth for some lower quality and design on the shoe. Some companies will promote their synthetic materials as top of the line, but be careful to research your skate shoe company brand and make sure the materials used are of high quality, Fallen is well renowned for their superior synthetic material that is known to last!

A shoe made with just leather won’t do the trick, there need to be lots of reinforcement, skate shoes get destroyed fast, and that’s just a fact, the more support the longer your shoe will last. Looking for a shoe with rubber capped toe, and some on the side where you will be dragging your feet often for, ollies and other tricks.


There needs to be a proper balance between support and reinforcement, and weight, too much, and your feet get weighed down which causes slower reaction time when landing tricks. All this reinforcement technology has to be engineered to stay light and not drag you down. But be careful, if a shoe feels extraordinarily light, it’s probably made with inferior materials and won’t be worth your cash.


Multiple different phases of construction and assembly go into a quality skate shoe. The bottle soul of the shoe is made from a super-grippy rubber base, with custom etched bottoms to provide a stronger grip and unique style. Always make sure to check that the shoe you’re buying has stitched bases, glued shoes tend to tear quickly with the frequent pulls of skating, a well-crafted shoe will have double stitching around the whole base of the shoe, and along with the leather and other materials.

Padding can be added to the tongue, heel back, and the heel soul to provide more comfort and protection, not all shoes provide this, and that’s fine as it’s only there for the sake of comfort and heel protection.

Additional Features

A few other features you ought to look for are lace protectors, air pockets in the heels, STI foam, lace loops that hide shoelaces, Action Leather, Thermoplastic Toe Box Reinforcement, Fusion Grip Rubber Outsole, and asymmetric stabilizers.

Overall Pick: Fallen Men’s Slash Skateboard Shoe

cool skate shoe, fallen skate shoe

Fallen is a very famous top-of-the-line product producer, mainly being the skate shoe line they produce, these shoes are made with true multi-layered leather and soul, tongue, and heel pads to provide you with supreme comfort for any style of riding. These shoes range from $25.56 – $78.95 on Amazon.

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Runner Up: Vans Men’s Atwood Black/gum Skate Shoe

vans all black

These shoes are a classic in Van’s shoe arsenal. Vans has been producing quality skate shoes for decades, and their multi-styled options and classic built shoe give any rider an excellent base and lightweight product, that may not be made with the best materials, but is still 1 of the more well-produced shoes on the market. Price ranges from $31.05 – $54.87 on Amazon.

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Second Runner Up DC Men’s Spartan High WC TX SE Shoe

dc high top

DC is used by professionals around the world, they have a pro skate team that helps to produce shoes they ride in competitions and on an everyday basis. DC gives us an excellent range of shoes to choose from, but the Spartan High WC TX SE is one of their top-of-the-line shoes for only ranging around $43.39 – $85.00 on Amazon.

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