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The Best Gloves For Wakeboarding and Water Skiing in 2021 [Review and Buying Guide]

Updated Jun 25, 2021

The Best Gloves For Wakeboarding and Water Skiing Radar-Vapor-A-BOA-Inside-Out-Glove

The Best Gloves For Wakeboarding and Water Skiing Buying Guide

Many people often do not to use gear and equipment when riding, because of the frequency of their trips to the lake, ocean, or whatever water source they ride, but your professional or hobby rider will tell you the importance and help offered by a full set of gear, including safety gear such as a floatation vest, a helmet depending on the type of wakeboarding you plan on doing, (for example some wakeboard parks have rails and jump decks to do tricks on, and it’s always recommended to take extra precaution when around dangerous impactable surfaces.)

Gloves and other gear come into play when you start picking up wakeboarding as more of a frequent hoppy or even a competitive sport. A well developed pair of gloves will provide the hands with a solid reinforced barrier to stop your hands from receiving injury, or callus’s, along with provide for a more dependable grip, to achieve the best use out of your hands, when pulling for tricks or just holding on at high speeds.

Many wakeboarders or water sport beginners, tend to not use gloves designed to protect your hands, and serve a purpose to maximize your hand strength and potential while riding. If not using protection, injuries such as, blisters, callus’s, cuts from pvc, and total loss of grip, resulting in some high speed wipe out’s that can cause a whole other list of injuries. A quality pair of water-sport gloves will help anyone to maximize their potential of grip, and protect you from hazardous injuries.

Companies all over America and the world are developing high end wakeboarding and watersport gloves for professionals and more experienced rider, made with Kevlar palms, providing an incredibly durable protection barrier for your hands, usually etched kevlar palms to provide even more of a reliable grip, and helps to provide a high-performance fit and maximized hand protection from handle abrasion.

Some gloves will have pre-curved fingertips to provide a handle specific usability and maximum comfort when holding the handle. Lots of different styles are provided for the back of the hand, also many different materials that allow for breathability and a all around more comfortable fit, materials like neoprene, and stretch mesh nylon. Some gloves offer the tipples finger to provide a little extra dexterity without sacrificing much of the gloves protection and integrity.

A lesser quality glove will generally be made from the same material, but will not have the same level of engineering that went into the glove, and not be as thick of materials, making them far less durable, and less protective. Still for your hobby rider buying a cheaper $20-$30 pair of gloves will work, just not nearly as well as a product that was meant to be used by professionals, and extreme riders, who risk injury by preforming more dangerous tricks and maneuvers.

Looking for the best product out there, if you’re going to be a more avid rider who likes to be on the top of their game, looking through a few of the top wakeboarding and water-sport companies is a great place to start! Radar Skis,Connelly/CWB Board Co, HO Sports Syndicate, these companies provide some of the top gear around! Each company offer’s products that range from high to low on the price spectrum, and quality varies with price. Gloves are provided with a diverse set of designs from each individual company and their product line.

Some famous gloves used by professionals are designed by the professional alongside the companies producers to give a cool unique feel to their top of the line gloves, that the professionals will use and rep themselves. These high quality gloves tend to last longer, and provide a more comfortable wear, and a diverse application, not to mention the well designed look!

Keep on reading to find the best gloves for wakeboarding and waterskiing we recommend, taking under consideration all the above.

Overall Pick: Radar Vapor A BOA

The Best Gloves For Wakeboarding and Water Skiing

Radar Vapor A BOA Inside Out Glove


The gloves we chose are from the world renowed Radar Skis company. Radar was founded in 2006 when the legendary Herb O’Brien (founder of O’Brien & HO) left HO Sports to have a new begining. He brought some of the most valuable employee’s from HO with him to get rader on it’s feet, and have a great foundation. Even though Radar is one of the newer wakeboard and waterski companies, they still provide a professional grade, full product line that from kids products to beginners to world class professionals like Aaron Larkin, the Wilson Brothers, and Chris Rossi and more.

As a newer company they have saught to invest in new technology and design. All of their offerings are state of the art and intend to add comfort, control, and performance. Using Radar prodduct will provide you with a proffesional grade product that will really give you a boost in your whole preformance.

These gloves are the Radar Vapor A Boa! Amara palm to protect your hands from blisters, cuts and abraisians, inside out construction and a neoprene stretch zone back hand that conforms, well, like a glove, giving you a very comfortable fit.  These glove’s are truly supperior to many other gloves on the market, and for an afforadable price, ranging about $40-$65 depending on your supplier.

If you’re looking for the glove that will give you the maximum protection, along with the comfort, and preformance inhancement any begginer hobby rider, or proffesional could use to optimize their enjoyment and ability.

These things really do the trick, with their wrist velco strap and BOA wrist closure system they’re sure to keep a steady hold on your hands, while remaining comfortable. The curved funger’s provide for an execllent grasp, with an easy release for preforming different tricks. Their cool yellow, black and play provide an appealing look to the eye even from a distance.

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Runner Up: Ho Men’s Syndicate Legend

Ho Men's Syndicate Legend Waterski Gloves

Ho Men’s Syndicate Legend Waterski Gloves


The gloves we chose for the second place come from HO Sports Syndicate. These gloves are the Ho Men’s Syndicate Legend! With dual wide stretch openinngs, velcro knuckle and wrist straps to provide a steady hold on your hands and precurved fingers for better gripping power they will sure fit your needs for wakeboarding and waterskiing.

If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that will give you the maximum comfort, protection and performance enhancement any newbie or pro rider could use to optimize their tricks.

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Third Runner Up: O’brien Ski Skin

O'Brien Skin Water Ski Gloves

O’Brien Skin Water Ski Gloves


The gloves we chose for the third place come from O’Brien. These gloves are the O’brien Ski Skin Waterski Gloves!

With sturdy wrist strap for a securer fit on your hands, stretch mesh nylon backhand  for fast drying and amara panels for water resistance and grip they will sure fit any beginner riders needs for wakeboarding and waterskiing.

If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that will give you comfort and protection these gloves are perfect and at a very reasonable price.

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Obrien Ski Skin Gloves
The Best Gloves For Wakeboarding and Water Skiing in 2021 [Review and Buying Guide] - Gloves For Wakeboarding
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Fourth Runner Up: GUDENG Men and Women


The Best Gloves For Wakeboarding and Water Skiing

GUDENG Men and Women Water Gloves

The gloves we chose for the fourth place come from Gudeng. These glove is a good low cost solution so you can get the protection without spending too much!

What makes these gloves a good choice is that they can be used not only for wakeboarding and waterskiing but also for skiing. They also offer 3 touch screen finger pads. Gudeng texting gloves are coated with a conductive leather on the thumb and index finger that allows you to tap and swipe with ease.

They help your hands from getting tired and offer an excellent grip on handle when performing tricks, slaloms or your thing.

Snug fit elastic cuffs keeps the gloves tight to your hands and keeps cold wind and water out.

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Fifth Runner Up: Radar Vapor K Inside-Out

Radar Vapor K - BOA Waterski Glove

Radar Vapor K – BOA Waterski Glove


The gloves we chose for the fifth place also come from Radar. These gloves are the Radar Vapor K Inside-Out Waterski and Wakeboard gloves!

These gloves are similar to our first selection of Radar Vaport A with ariaprene construction and BOA closure system that allows you to get the gloves fitting just right, inside out construction, double gauge thread and neoprene stretch zone to provide excellent comfort, safety and durability.

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Overall when it comes to safety, comfort and protection, a set of gloves is a must have. Don’t skip it.

Now that you found the best gloves for water skiing and wakeboarding, check out the best wakeboarding Handle and rope.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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