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The Best Grip Tape for Street Skating

Updated Feb 17, 2022

grizzley skateboarding grip tape

Most seasoned skaters know exactly which brand of tape they prefer and they’ll often stick with it for years. Other skaters don’t have a preference, as long as it doesn’t flake off too soon. A lack of stickiness is among the biggest issues with low-quality Grip Tape.

Though durability in tape and adhesive technology has come a long way over the years, Grip Tape is something that is inevitably replaced, possibly multiple times before the deck itself needs to be swapped out. Though this maintenance can be done at home, many skaters prefer to find a board shop for a replacement. Most technicians will gladly strip and apply the new tape for a minimal price if any at all.

Many skateboards today are colorful, stickered, and covered with designs and other gnarly art. Boards are oftentimes customized by the rider as well. This customization does not have to stop with the Grip Tape. In today’s market, one can find a huge amount of designs and precut patterns available from a variety of companies that will suit many styles. Some skaters will also cut shapes into the tape, once it has been fastened to the board, to give the board a unique look and feel.

One other practical application for Grip Tape is that it lets the rider know which end their board is heading. Opposing colors of Grip Tape can be used to tell you quickly which end is which.

The Best Grip Tape for Street Skating Buying Guide


When it comes to the price of Grip Tape, one can save money with the vast economical options or go with higher quality, slightly pricier Grip Tape. Both options are available in similar places. Be prepared to spend from $3.00 – $20 on a single sheet of tape. Multiple sheet deals and rolls are also available online or possible to find at your local skate shop. These three choices were picked because the price matches their quality and it is not unreasonable when looking at the average price of Grip Tape in general.


Grip Tape can vary in its grades of grit, durability, quality, and also size, and color or design. The combinations and options for Grip Tape are staggering and one can find a variety of options to choose from. Internet vendors, especially Amazon, make viewing many choices at once.

Our Decision

Today the choices for Grip Tape consumers are endless. There also doesn’t seem to be a shortage of new companies turning out great and economical designs. It isn’t that easy to find the top three best Grip Tape brands, as there are subtle variables that go into the skater’s final decision on the product. But asking skaters, and researching the many marketplaces for Grip Tape, yielded some interesting points that helped lead to this conclusion.

Grizzly Grip Stamp Print Grip Tape

grizzley skateboarding grip tape

If you ask any skater today, more often than not, their favorite brand of Grip Tape will probably be Grizzly. At just about seven dollars, the Grizzly Grip Stamp Print Grip Tape has to be one of the all-time favorite Grip Tapes among skateboarders and longboard enthusiasts alike. Its unsurpassed quality and cutthroat style, make it a trusted go-to for skaters, from beginner to expert level.

With formulated long-lasting glue, getting this tape on your board will be a breeze…getting it off though might not be so easy. Also measuring in at 9 x 33 inches, it should fit most board lengths.

Not only does the quality stand with Grizzly but the styles that grizzly Grip Tape offers will be just as vibrant as the skating you’ll do. Not to mention, you’ll have some money left over for other cool stuff.

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Runner Up: Jessup Single Sheet Grip Tape

jessup skateboarding grip tape

Second, on the list, measuring in at 9 x 33 inches, this awesome Grip Tape design truly shows the extent of today’s manufacturing abilities and will fit most board decks. Though the price is a little higher than the other two choices, its look will compliment your board while not compromising on grip functionality. Other designs of comparable intricacy can be found at and online elsewhere.

For those consumers who are looking for a reliable, but economical solution to Grip Tape look no further than Jessup Single Sheet Grip Tape. Boasting a resilient solvent-based adhesive this Grip Tape will last and is not extremely expensive either. At 9×33 inches it will also fit most boards and is highly rated by customers on Amazon. has plenty of examples of the variety available from the source itself.

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Although Grip Tape can be bought from a variety of high-quality vendors, such as BC Surf and Sport and Zumies, great prices are often found on Amazon. When purchasing from this site, it is helpful to look at reviews posted by other customers to get a sense of whether or not the Grip Tape is authentic to the brand it is being advertised under.

Though this is a rare occurrence, it is possible to run into counterfeits with an item of this type from time to time. Quality, brand Grip Tape, like that shown above, is certainly available on amazon, however.

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