The 7 Best Mini Skis 2021 [Guide & Review]

Updated Jun 24, 2021
Best Mini Skis Skiboards Snowblades

If you’re looking for the easiest, downhill mini skis that any newbie or pro will effortlessly glide and thoroughly enjoy their ride; then the Mini ski model ski will applicably fit your boot and these skis designed to fit your boot like mini snowboards, will boost any rider’s comfort and performance, when downhill snow skiing.

They generally fit with most pairs of ski boot bindings, being engineered to work with release or non-release bindings. The boots are generally around 40 to 90 cm, and come with a few different widths depending on the function and design of the mini-ski.

Mini-ski’s go by a few different names, some of which are Skiboards, Short Skis, Bigfoots, and Snowblades; many different manufactures name their product differently, for whatever style they’re trying to mimic more.

The wider skies allow for more off trail riding, in between trees and gliding on powder really becomes an easily masterful skill with these mini skis. Think of all the new places these skies could take a skier to that wasn’t accessible to them before, similar to back mountain snowboarding.

What to look for in Mini Skis, Skiboards, Short Skis or Snowblades


Whether you’re a beginner looking for a new pair of skis that will give you an advantage in downhill riding, or a pro who’s looking for a pair of skis that will take you new places, then mini skis will easily make for a pleasant, affordable ride.

Mini skis, or more commonly know as snowblades or ski boards have a fairly diverse range for pricing; usually ranging around $60, for cheaper grade, usually meant for children; and the higher grade ranging upwards of easily $600.

Comparing this price to your average grade a skis seems favorable to most buyers, when your normal pair of skis can shoot for prices as high as 2k+ depending on the brand, and quality of material and manufacturing.


Mini skis usually tend to be shaped similar to a small snowboard, designed to glide on powder, and provide maximum carving, similar to snowboard riding. Shorter ski boards are more maneuverable, easier to learn on, great in moguls, glades and have a similar feel to inline skates.

When searching Mini-ski through most vendor’s or through most brands you’ll come up with a few different products that are designed to be applicable to different styles of riding, most mini skis or ski boards aren’t built for park, or tricks as much as they are developed for downhill carving.


Many designs are made to be more applicable for a diverse ride when carving downhill, some less engineered skis tend to be primarily for only downhill, and don’t do well on moguls or rails as well as the higher quality pair of mini skis.

The twin-tips offer an extremely short learning curve, with the potential to ride anywhere you care to go. The smaller size is great for anyone looking for greater control and maneuverability, without sacrificing quality or performance.

Our Decision

We made our decision today based on top brands on the market and their long history in the Mini ski and ski board sport market and the attributes mentioned above. Each board individually poses as a good pick for any skier, but this review has the top boards listed in order from best, and runners up.

1. Summit Carbon Pro 99cm Skiboards Snowblades

The 7 Best Mini Skis 2021 [Guide & Review] - mini skis


The Summit Carbon Pro 99cm Skiboards Snowblades with Atomic L10 Release Bindings 2020 is our favorite choice of mini skis, measuring at 99cm because of their exceptional design and their features.

These snowblades have Atomic L10 bindings and 2 skis leash included. Their design is great for freestyle and also allows easy turning without catching edges in high speeds. They also offer High performance for stability at speed.

The Carbon Pro 99 cm features fast die cut sintered bases (for speed and glide), aggressive beveled edges (for grip), twin tip high energy wood core and a carbon fiber top sheet.

The Carbon fiber top sheet adds extra durability, enhanced stability in edging and higher energy performance.

This high energy construction delivers almost effortless carves, with stability at speeds that will truly surprise you.

They fit ski boot sizes 257-380 mm (approx. size 4 – 14 U.S.).  These skiboards are recommended for advanced to expert riders and intermediate riders who are ready to take a quantum leap. These mini skis won’t disappoint you.

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2. Elan Freeride Skiboards 99cm Snowblades

The 7 Best Mini Skis 2021 [Guide & Review] - mini skis

These Mini Skis from Elan are a perfect choice for freeriding, backward riding, carving, turning and having fun on the slopes. Elan has been in the skiboard market for over a decade, always coming out with numerous, innovative models like Elan Freeride Skiboards 99cm Snowblades.

These mini skis have a narrower profile for ease of use, new graphics and are made of a tip-to-tail wood core, asymmetrical twin tips and come pre-mounted with Elan’s full feature ESP10 step-in release bindings (made by Tyrolia) , that include brakes so you don’t need any leashes.

Made with rugged “snakeskin” top sheet to provide maximum durability against nicks and scratches. Bases are graphite – extra durable and fast.

Not only are these great at speed with surprising stability, but these just look great. The Elan Freeride 99cm skiboards provide a smooth ride with quick edge-to-edge carving, an all-around skiboards choice.

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3. X-Morph Snowblades

The 7 Best Mini Skis 2021 [Guide & Review] - mini skis

At 99cm long, these Mini Skies are an easy to control when downhill bombing, riding backwards or carving, they are particularly fun riding back country and on moguls, they feel similar to a mix between traditional skis, rollerblading, and ice skating.

These skies are expertly crafted, made with Fullwood core, 6 m/ 8 ft. set with carving plate, easy adjustable universal binding, superlight weigth and flexibility. The profiled CAP lenght: 99,5cm – one size fits all (minimal height of skier is 5″ = 150cm ).

Recommended for beginners who are looking to boost their confidence in their ride, or more experienced skiers who are looking to try something new as far as style of riding.

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4. Snowjam Five Forty Panzer 75cm Skiboards Snowblades

Snowjam Five Forty Panzer 75cm Skiboards Snowblades with ski boot bindings - mini skis

These Mini skis boards are top of the line, Snow Jam has making mini ski products for decades now. These twin tip multi-wood layered core, provide an amazing ride for downhill, with easy turning, riding backwards, carving, and even the powder riding that might not normally be available to some skiers.

These skis really cut the learning curve for most skiers, taking no longer than a day to really master and start hitting blacks with ease.

The Snow Five-Forty Panzer 75cm Skiboards snowblades wide design provide an amazing ride on moguls, glades, back mountain riding, switch and fakie (riding backwards).

These Mini Ski Snow Blades are incredibly durable and because of their custom, light weight set bindings provide an all around very light weight Ski.

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5. Summit Skiboards Custom 110cm

mini skis

The Custom 110 skiboards is an awesome choice of mini skis that promise to deliver almost effortless carves, with stability at speeds that will truly surprise you.

Highly durable thanks to the 3D Carbonium top sheet, beautiful graphics and a length of 110cm, perfect for all mountain skiboarding whether hitting those secret powder stashes, plunging down steep chutes or making super-fast turns through the moguls and trees.

They come premounted with Atomic L10 Ski Release Bindings and are made of vertically laminated high quality wood core, with aggressive bevelled edges and torsional stiffness provide amazing hold on hard pack and ice.

Recommended for: advanced to expert riders who seek more manoeuvrability, stability at speed and all mountain freestyle riding. And for intermediate riders who are ready to take a quantum leap in their riding ability. Unlike most skiboards, these have 2 years’ warranty.

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6. TEAM MAGNUS Snow skis



TEAM MAGNUS Snow skis for Kids

Our Sixth pick for the best snowblades is the Team Magnus Snow skis for Kids as used by USA Nordic & Ski Jumping Federation. These skiboards adjust to all boot sizes for skills and fun.

These short skis allow small kids to get up quickly. The light weight makes them easy to carry. The high-quality Swedish ski straps have exceptionally secure buckles. The skis attach firmly to any shoe or boot giving a great sense of control. We recommend to use with regular winter boots as they are far more comfortable to wear than adjustable ski boots.

The top grade UV-resistant HDPE plastic tolerates wide temperature differences and a weight up to 175 pounds.

These durable plastic skis can be used on frosty grass or to trample down deep snow. This pair of mini-skis can be used by toddlers as young as 3 up to adults with a 10 shoe size. Backyard skiing is motivating for first time skiers.

Its available in 6 different colors and its a perfect gift idea for kids in a very reasonable price.

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7. SnowJam 540 Titan 90 cm Skiboards Snowblades

The 7 Best Mini Skis 2021 [Guide & Review] - mini skis


The last pick for this review of the best snowblades 2021 is Snowjam 90cm Titan Skiboards with Fixed ski boot bindings. These skis are super fun. We trust Snowjam since they first came out and are always impressed with their quality (for over a decade now).

These are truly very reliable, durable skiboards. Snowjam wood core twin tips are very easy to turn, spin, go backwards and even ride powder. They are also stable at speed.

These 90cm skiboards are an easy way to perfect your skills on the slopes as well as being super fun, much more like skating on snow really.

The twin-tip skiboards offer an extremely short learning curve, with the potential to ride anywhere you care to go. The 90cm size is perfect for those preferring greater control and maneuverability, but don’t want to compromise on quality and performance.

With their wide body shape, these are great on the groomers, moguls, glades or even powder. They are super fun to ride off the back tails and for spinning and riding backwards.

Snowjam 90cm comes with lightweight, integrated, easy to adjust composite bindings that are highly durable. These provide great performance and fit ski boots 4-11.5 US.

These are long lasting skiboards that will take a beating if you are one who rides skiboards hard as well as for those who enjoy cruising.

Snowjam Bindings are made of a lightweight composite construction including the toe levers. These bindings fit all ski boots, hardshell snowboard and AT boots.

NOTE: These bindings are non-release and will not release in the event of a fall or collision and could result in serious injury. Recommended for: beginners (who want to advance quickly), intermediate and even advanced riders who want to have fun with a skate-like feel. Excellent conversion for skaters.

Warranty: 1 year.
Specs: Length:90cm
Tip/tail height:5.5/5.5cm
Tip/waist/tail width:13.2/11.2/13.2cm

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