The Best Mountainboards for Beginners 2021 – [Review & Guide]

Updated Oct 25, 2021The Best Mountainboards for Beginners

Mountainboards are an amazing way to cruise trails or scenic paths in any sloping or hilly region. Having a mountainboard can enable one to conquer trails meant for mountain bikers and other extreme downhill athletes. Keep on reading to find the best mountainboards for beginners.

Mountainboards also perform extremely well on cut grass. There is a multitude of areas where they can be used. Some ride-on rock, through water and mud and anywhere in any environment, you might encounter medium harsh terrain. They’re pretty tough machines when it comes down to it. The enlarged wheels, hand brakes, and the inclusion of bindings allow riders to maintain control of the board in even the steepest and most radical of rocky terrains.

The boards in this review for the best mountainboards for beginners have been chosen based upon their weight (lighter, for an easier abdominal workout), durability, their construction, materials, and lastly on the price. When purchasing a mountainboard it is important to realize that mountainboards are naturally a more expensive version of your classic skateboard due to having more features like bigger tires and trucks. Prices can exceed $700 for the top-of-the-line boards.

The Best Mountainboards for Beginners 2021 – Review and Guide


The price of your mountain board as mentioned above is going to range from $50 up to $700 for the most expensive boards. Some still can range above that, but for this particular review, we’ve chosen boards that are between $180 and $500.


One of the most important aspects of the best mountainboards for beginners is durability. Having the constant shock of the terrain that you’re possibly going to be riding on is something that these boards are ready to handle. The wheels are also designed to absorb a lot of the impact of the terrain that you’re going to be on and also the shape of the board itself adds to an increase in the flex and overall durability when riding.


The boards in this review are made of composite plastics, wood aluminum, and resins. The equipment and additional features of these boards make them ready to use out of the box and often indeed to use with minimal assembly as well. One thing you might have to make sure you include with your purchase is a brake set up.


One of the most important factors for the beginning rider is the weight of the board and making sure that it is not too heavy to control on the course or when going downhill. One thing that is different from skateboarding or longboarding even is the inclusion of bindings which create more of an attached feel that leads to more abdominal and core strength being needed.


The construction of each piece of equipment that goes with these boards is of high quality and worth the price that you’re going to spend the wheels are upgraded to be of high quality and the bearings and trucks are also high quality as well.

Additional Features

Some of the mountain boards below feature a convenient brake handle that extends up words on a leash to the rider so that when going downhill they don’t have to worry about slowing down at the bottom of the hill before the tree line, or over the cliff, or what have you! Some other cool features are the included bindings, which allow the rider to have more stability, and control as well as in clue did upgraded wheels, which are better than the aftermarket versions.

Overall Pick: Atom 95X Mountain Board

best mountainboard

The reason the Atom 95x board was chosen as the overall pick of the best mountainboard for beginners is that it is essentially the perfect board for the beginning rider.

For around $180 it is a superb example of what a lightweight durable mountain board can be. The price is not going to destroy your budget either and that’s going to allow you to purchase pads and a helmet and other accessories to complete your mountain boarding package.

This is the perfect board for the beginner also because the maple laminate deck and the V4 brake kit, add durability and safety simultaneously.

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Runner Up: MBS Colt 90 Mountainboard

mbs colt mountainboard

The colt 90 by MBS is an awesome mountainboard for beginners and experienced riders alike. Improvements made by MBS as well as upgraded tires give this board a sturdy feel, good handling, and with the upgraded bearings a very smooth ride.

Overall, this board is a killer addition to anybody’s arsenal when it comes to boards. The bindings give this board a really solid ride and a sleek look as well.

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A third pick: MBS Comp 95X Mountainboard

mbs 95x mountainboard

The MBS comp 95X mountain board is made of wood and composite materials and this board also has an included MBS V5 brake system which is awesome for the beginning rider or anybody who is looking for really radical terrain. Bindings offer maximum comfort and adjustability.

At about $400 this board is a little bit more expensive which is why it is her third pic however for the more experienced long border, this might be a better option and it is also a very stylish option as well it includes everything that one might need for a mountain board excursion out of the box minus a helmet and pads of course.

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Mountainboarding is a complicated and gear-intensive sport to start, but once you get it going, (especially downhill) it is pretty straightforward. Using equipment like kneepads, helmets, and other heavy clothing like skate shoes is also recommended.

Mountain boarding is a pretty extreme sport and demands physical strength. Practice makes perfect and balance too will come with time. These boards will make this transition easier for beginning riders and will provide hours of gnarly riding.

Thanks for reading our guide for the best mountainboards for beginners and good luck!

Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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