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The 10 Best Neck Gaiters and Warmers For Skiing or Snowboarding in 2022

Updated Feb 17, 2022The Best Neck Gaiter & Warmer For Skiing or Snowboarding

One of the hardest things about winter snow sports like skiing and snowboarding is dealing with getting extremely cold. Coats and snow pants do the trick for your body but what about around the neck and face regions. For this reason, many seasoned snow sports aficionados will dawn a protective cloth like a bandana or a Neck Gaiter to protect against biting cold, or even just cold air while you are working outdoors or on a walk or jog.

In this review, we are looking at the best neck gaiter and warmer for skiing and snowboarding. The first thing right off the bat was making sure the gaiters were suited for winter weather conditions particularly those found on the mountain! The other criteria we looked for are as follows and the best choices are those that fit each category to the greatest extent.

What we look for in Neck Gaiters & Warmers For Skiing or Snowboarding

Below are the factors we studied and you need to consider before buying a neck gaiter or warmer, especially if you need it for skiing or snowboarding.


The pricing of these garments is awesome because, truth be told, unless you are good with that sort of thing, these types of garments tend to get lost and it might be handy to have a couple of extras. They are very affordable. One can however choose to go for a more expensive option and with this, there may be a great number of features available.


The durability of these gaiters is why we chose them for this review. They are from trusted brands and are made with very nice materials that are going to last more than one trip to the hills. The durability of a gaiter will correlate directly to the amount of


The materials these gaiters are made with make them great for staying warm and also for situations as different as dust storms and sun protection. They are tailor-made for biting sleet snow and ice.


It’s on your face, all day… it better be comfortable.

Additional Features

These gaiters are very warm and perfect for winter. They are also available in many different colors. Gaiters are available for men and women and also one can find a wide variety of stylish options as well. The material a gaiter is made of can directly affect how much protection it provides.


2022 Best Neck Gaiters & Warmers For Skiing or Snowboarding List

The Neck Gaiters in this review are all made of quality materials meant to keep you comfortable and also pretty affordable and are sure to make your next winter outing more warm and enjoyable. The following choices are based on an overall decision combining the factors above.


1. Smartwool Merino 250 Neck Gaiter

Smartwool Merino 250 Neck Gaiter

Enhanced comfort, breathability, thermoregulation, and odor resistance are all features of the Smartwool Merino 250 Wool Neck Gaiter. Its for men and women, recommended for alldifferent styles of skiing and snowboarding.

The Smartwool Merino 250 Wool Neck Gaiter Fabric combines the moisture management, temperature regulation, and odor resistance of Merino with the durability and quick dry time of polyester.

In cold, harsh weather, keeping your neck warm and dry will keep you comfortable. This 100% Merino wool gaiter is made from our NTS Midweight fabric and has the same smooth, comfortable feel.

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2. SITKA Gear Men’s Hunting Neck Gaiter

SITKA Gear Men's Hunting Neck Gaiter

So what if this Neck Gaiter is made for hunting? Its a high quality product that you can use for skiing and snowboarding too. It is made of Ultra-fine fibers engineered to retain maximum warmth even when wet. The Sitka Gore Optifade neck gaiter incorporates stretch polyester knit with polyester high-pile fleece liner.

Lightweight and ultra-breathable, the neck gaiter keeps the sun off your neck and pulls up for concealment when things heat up.

It also has a plush high pile fleece interior provides ample warmth and maximum comfort. It will keep you warm even in extreme cold conditions.

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3. Value Pick: Chaos-CTR Chinook Micro Fleece

best neck gaiter

The value pick on this list is the Chaos CTR Chinook Micro Fleece Neck Gaiter. It is the perfect low-cost, high-quality option. Made with 95% polyester and 5% percent spandex makes the gaiter is lightweight and stretchable. The materials are not as high quality as, say the Colombia model, but for fewer than six dollars, it is certainly the most affordable neck gaiter. It will also perform very similarly to the others in the review.

The materials will wick a bit more water than the more high-quality models. Overall though, this is a great option for those looking for multiple gaiter coverage or extras to throw in the closet.

It is also very stylish and will do the job even more expensive gaiters will do for less. This is another gaiter that enables one to get more than one.

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4. Carhartt Men’s Fleece Neck Gaiter

carhartt neck gaiter

The Carhartt men’s fleece neck Gaiter is another great neck gaiter pick because it is an awesome priced super durable garment, from a trusted brand that is sure to keep you warm and covered. for $9.99 It is the most affordably priced for its level of quality.

If buying a neck gaiter for a few people is on your agenda then this is also a great option this allows you to buy more than one, maybe also for yourself as well! They also come in different colors like camo and they are built, really to last.

This is an awesome neck gaiter that is sure to last you more than a few seasons and is overall a great addition to the hunting backpack or runner’s fanny pack. The application of this gaiter will help you avoid the sun or being spotted as well if necessary.

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5. Columbia Men’s Freezer Zero Neck Wrap

columbia neck gaiter

The Columbia men’s Freezer Zero Neck Wrap is a great alternative to all other picks but is slightly higher in price. This might translate directly into quality but seeing that it is the type of garment that covers the neck and face it is more a multipurpose device and less of a basic neck gaiter.

It can be used in a variety of environments including in the snow! Made out of 100% polyester, this neck wrap is sure to keep you warm and stylish.

This gaiter is perfect for running or other sports where you might be style conscious.

There are a ton of different designs available from this manufacturing. Overall this is a very high-quality garment that is perfect for protecting your neck and face.

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6. B BINMEFVN Polar Fleece Neck Warmer

B BINMEFVN Polar Fleece Neck Warmer

The B BINMEFVN Polar Fleece Neck Warmer is a windproof winter neck gaiter for cold weather face mask for men or women. Its a great pick that made our list for the great price and high quality material it’s made of. It protects your neck from cold, wind and sun’s UV rays.

It can be worn as full face mask or hat, open balaclava, neck gaiter or pirate cap, ski mask, half face mask and enjoy your time on the slopes.

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7. Columbia Men’s Freezer Zero Neck Wrap

Columbia Men's Freezer Zero Neck Wrap

This neck gaiter is the ultimate cooling accessory from Columbia, with sweat-activated super cooling technology to keep your core temperature adjusted in cold. But the best spec is that it has a built-in UPF 50 to seal out UV rays for supreme protection from the sun.

It is soft and feels great when you wear it, made from 92% polyester and 8% elastane.

Its price is higher than our previous choices but worth’s it. It is also available in other colors.

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8. YIBEIYI Ski Neck Warmer – Fleece Face Mask

YIBEIYI Ski Neck Warmer - Fleece Face Mask

This neck gaiter and warmer from YIBEIYI uses 250 type fleece and Coolmax material has a silk soft feeling when you wear it, and fits close to your skin. It keeps your face and neck warm when you hit the slopes and is breathable.

This neck gaiter is for men and women, windproof, dust-proof with a water-proof film design and dries fast.

You can also wear it as a hat or half-face mask. Its fabric is antistatic and is perfect for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, camping, or any other outdoor sport. And comes at a reasonable price.

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9. Fleece lined Balaclava, Winter Windproof Ski face Mask, Neck Warmer by REDESS

Fleece lined Balaclava, Winter Windproof Ski face Mask, Neck Warmer

This Neck gaiter is not an Amazon choice product and best seller for no reason. This fantastic fleece neck warmer from REDESS can be worn as a balaclava, scarf, or full cover ski face mask.

You can wear it in 6 different ways, protecting your head, face, and neck from cold. This neck gaiter is soft, feels like velvet, is lightweight, suitable for men and women for skiing, snowboarding, or any other outdoor activity.

Made of high-quality cotton, windproof and warm, this neck gaiter will not disappoint you, neither will its price.

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10. Salt Armour Face Mask Neck Warmer

Salt Armour Face Mask Neck Warmer

This Neck gaiter from Salt Armour has a unique advantage among the rest of the products on this list. It has a lifetime warranty. You can return it if you are not satisfied. This 100% polyester microfiber neck gaiter is seamless, soft, thin, and stretches as you wear it.

You can wear it in 12 different ways, as a facemask, neck gaiter, beanie, headband, scarf, and many more. It comes in so many different designs you will find it hard to choose which one you prefer but with such a reasonable price you probably going to buy more than one.

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Neck Gaiters are a perfect way to get an extra layer of protection from the elements. Having a neck gaiter for snowboarding or skiing is the perfect way to make sure you can still feel your lips after ten minutes of speeding down the slopes. Between durability and price, one can find a huge helping of options when it comes to Gaiters.

Having a gaiter will enable you to stay out longer and face the cold. These are perfect for working outside at a job such as a snow shoveling position, or if you are a Bosnian special forces sniper.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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