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The Best Skate Tool 2021

Updated Oct 25, 2021independent skate tool, best skate tool

Skate tools are a great thing to toss into the back of your car or skate bag because there usually comes a time, during skating, or after a hard day at the park, where a skate tool might come in handy.

Skate multi-tools today is the way to go. Each of the skate tools in this review is great to throw in your skate bag or backpack or the back of your car. Below are the factors the decisions were based on.

The Best Skate Tool Review – Factors considered


These are some very affordable tools and can be purchased for a variety of prices. When it comes down to it something has to be said about the price variation in regards to quality. One of the choices on this list is way cheaper than the others.

Now, this isn’t too slight either of the products but there are only minor construction and material differences that cause the price variation. However, in other words, the only difference is two are made of metal and one is made of plastic. They still do great things!


The durability of the tools is intended to parallel that of the skater’s equipment and the skaters themselves, as well. They are not going to fall apart unless you want them to and the skate tools in this review are meant to last.


The materials are metal and plastic and some high-strength alloys that make re-threading the axel possible. There are many different grades of material used however and thus we have chosen three that are different in their price and also the construction.


The first two on this list are built like destroyers but are more expensive, the third choice is equally amazing and

Additional Features

These top-of-the-line options each have a unique feature! These tools are helpful for a variety of applications, not just skating, though that is where you will get the most use out of them. You will find a unique trait in each description.


First pick: Independent Skate Tool

independent skate tool, best skate tool

What type of review would this be if we did not include “the best skate tool as our choice for the best as well though the name might seem like a gimmick this truly may be the best skate tool.

It includes many of the awesome features you will usually find in any skate tool but this one also includes a rethreading I which will make repairs easy on the fly and also it is very high quality and will certainly last longer than your probably going to be able to hang onto it!

Hopefully not! But that’s how it goes sometimes! It is the most capable pick, but not the last. At just about 25 bucks, it is worth the quality, but just a little bit more expensive than the next two.

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Also great: Silver Spectrum Green Skate Tool

best skateboarding tool

This Skate Tool is probably going to get me in trouble. Having used this tool, I am A. Biased, and B. Unsure.

It is such a great tool and for cheaper than the first choice I can see how you might think it has got to have a downside somewhere. But maybe…It is just in the name, and (ok maybe there isn’t a rethreaded on this but I have known a lot of skaters who haven’t needed to rethread anything!)

But for the first time, I think that I have to declare this as a tie just based on having used this product and experiencing that quality that it provides.

This skate tool has almost everything the first and last choices have but this one has a super convenient reversible drive for forwards and backward screwing.

Along with an included detachable Allan wrench, this is a very capable tool, and for a little under $20, it is a steal. As far as capabilities and construction for the price it might as well be number one.

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Value pick: Krown Tool

krown skate tool

This is the third pic on our list just because of the price and the quality is a little bit less than the first two choices, however, that does not mean that this is not one of the best skate tools around, and for $6.37 it is perfect for the veteran or novice skater or long border alike it is also a great stocking stuffer, gift, extra spare tool, or just the perfect tool for anybody looking for a bargain price object that will last as long as you need it to.

When it comes down to it even though the price is a little bit lower than you might trust the crown tool will not break unless you try very hard to do so!

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You can toss these into your skate backpack and that’s that and with convenient, unique features, these can also be used for a variety of other options and applications as well.

The included Allen wrench keys also mean that you can detach your trucks from the board by unscrewing the bolts.

Think of these really as a Swiss Army knife of skating. Having skate tools available to you when you’re at the park means, not having to go back to the garage or the skate shop to get the wrench set or a new axel thread.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours!

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  • The Silver Premium Skate Tool is great for someone like me who needs to change trucks from one deck to another easily and continuously. The only problem that I see in this skate tool may be the color of this tool, the paint and plastic come off easily.

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