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The Best Skateboard Bearings 2021 – [Review & Guide]

Skateboard Bearings - bones ceramics, Bones Original Swiss Competition

When looking for the best of the best to build your professional quality complete, the skateboard bearings can sometimes, depending on the vendor, be one of the priciest parts of your hardware. There is a reason most bearings are cheap, and have to be replaced often, also their poor performance inhibits high speed; spending a few extra dollars on some high quality skateboarding bearings, will totally boost your speed and longevity of your smooth skate.

Bones bearings is the brand that came out on top in this article reviews, we reviewed multiple of their bearings over the course of my personal many skate years, and the skaters we interviewed about their hands on opinion about each Skateboard Bearing. George Powell started Bones Bearings in the early 80’s, back when skateboarding and the equipment really started to be brought into the world. Since then Bones bearings has revolutionized the Skateboard bearings industry, and really become the top brand on the market.

The Best Skateboard Bearings 2021 – Factors Considered


Ranges from $10 to $125. We looked for bang for your buck.


We’ve all ridden one of those cheap Wal-Mart, or supercenter skateboards, it doesn’t hurt your wallet, but never really performs the way a high quality boards does; you never get any speed, and the bearings rust out if you ever leave the board outside. If you’re willing to spend some more money for a pair of for example Bones ceramic bearings then they tend to last much longer, even years longer than your average metal/plastic bearing, as long as you properly lube your take care of your whole skateboard.

Ceramic bearings tend to last much longer than traditional steel cased bearings because they don’t rust.


Skateboard bearings are generally made from a few different materials for each component of the bearing; steel or ceramic usually for the balls inside the round casing, which is made from steel, plastic or ceramic depending on the bearings. Higher quality Skateboard bearings are made from industrial grade steel or ceramics and sealed in a water resistant bearings, plastic and ceramic castings don’t rust and cause for a much smoother ride and longer lasting, so less need to replace them as often.


Most bearings are mass-produced, machine made with a CNC (Computer Numerical Control). This machine allows for precision steel work, to produce the bearing balls and casing. Ceramic pieces are forged in small castings. Generally most bearings and hand set with all components. Some bearings come pre-oiled to really increase the speed right out of the box. The whole Skateboard bearing is pretty cheap to create, but the level of quality dictates the pricing.


How fast they enable you go and how they maintain that speed.

Smoothness of ride

There’s nothing better than brand new bearings who make your ride smoother than ever in the streets or on wood.

Additional Features

Glow in the dark plastic, which provide a glowing wheel center, entire ceramic casting, which is much more expensive but provides one the longest lasting bearing possibly by cutting out as much rust-able metal as possible.

First pick: Bones Swiss Precision Ceramics

bones ceramics, Bones Original Swiss Competition Skate Bearings

These bearings are the top of the line skateboard bearings on the market, being the highest quality pair of bearings bones creates. These bearings have been created over the course of bones long history of the company, and made with the highest quality on the market. If you’re looking for a professional grade skateboard bearing that will last years, then the Bones Swiss ceramics bearings is what you’re looking for, as long as you’re willing to spend a little extra on quality.

Bones Swiss ceramics can be a little pricey, but worth every penny.

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Runner Up: Bones Super Reds

bones super reds

Bones super reds are the go-to standard for most skateboarders and boards fabricated as “completes” online. These steel casting steel ball bearings are fast and smooth! Bones super reds are made with the incredible quality Bones provides for their bearings products. If you are looking to spend a fair amount on a high quality pair of bearings than the bones super reds is a great option that out performs almost all the competition.

Bones super reds bearings are affordably priced at around $18-$35 for a set for both your trucks and wheels.

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Third Pick: Bones Bearings Reds

bones bearings reds

Bones oldest bearings formula the Reds Bearings has some of the cheapest components in their line of bearings, meaning more plastic, and more metal, resulting in a faster replace time, if they aren’t taken care of as best as possible. Generally you won’t need to change your bearings that often, maybe every other year if it is protected from the elements, the bearings don’t get wet too often, best case scenario. But if you’re going to be riding around the town and riding hard no matter the weather, than you might want to opt for a more weather resistant bearing like ceramics.

If you are trying to build a still quick wheeled complete on the cheap, than the Bones Reds Bearings might be your best bet to fill your skateboard wheels, only taking $10 out of your wallet when you buy from

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Overall, this review has some of the best bearings and you are certainly not going to be disappointed!

Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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