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Best Skateboarding Grind Rail 2021 Review and Guide

Updated Jul 26, 2021best grind rail

Whether you’re a novice looking to really start improving your street skating style, or a veteran looking to shred and work on those technical tricks, buying your own mini or full-sized skateboarding rail might be the best decision for you! So, keep on reading to find our selection of the best skateboarding grind rail you can find.

So many different styles of rails come into the options list, from different shapes, styles of metal either tube steel, or pipe, the height of the rail, length, stability when set on concrete, additional ramps attached to the rail, coloring, and slant if there is any at all.

The Best Skateboarding Grind Rail 2021 – Factors considered


The pricing for your average skateboard rail is going to cost you around $30 on the low end, upwards of $300 for a more technical rail.

Pricing varies depending on the grade of steel, adjustability of the ramp, additional features, such as a ramp, or incline rail, and style of the rail. If you are looking for the absolute cheapest option, contact a welder and buy the metal and have them fabricate you a rail to your preference; due to mass production companies some rails may be cheaper than a welder, but some rails can be VERY pricey and are up charged by lots of vendors.


Generally, skateboard rails are practically indestructible. Fabricated from strong grade steel or metal tube piping. While the steel structure may be nearly unbreakable, that doesn’t mean baseplates, and adjustable legs are going to last.

I’ve had my skateboarding grind rail for nearly 7 years now, and because of the amount I spent to pay for quality, it will easily last the rest of my skating career and well onto its next generation of skateboard users.


Almost all rails are made from steel materials, for most of the time rails are square or round tube piping, some weld, the stainless steel clips on the leg height adjustment, plastic end caps, and the nonchip slick paint.


Skateboard rails are fabricated in a welding shop or by an automatic welding machine in an assembly shop. The rail is cut from thick gauge tube steel, square or round, to the exact length.

The rail is then welded to its legs, and adjustment features are added, some rails don’t have the adjustment options, finally, steel baseplates are added, which are an important component of the rail, if they are added by a bad welder, then the baseplate could be warped so extra care is needed when installing the final feature.

Additional Features

Some additional features some skate rails offer are, incline rails, adjustable legs, duel rail option, ramp to rail set up, curved rails.

Generally, most skateboard rails are straight and don’t offer much as far as features; but a few different rail companies offer a more diverse range of boards if you are looking for a more customized rail.


The Best Skateboarding Grind Rail – Buying Guide

Types of Skateboard Rails

It’s critical to understand the various alternatives available and which would be best for your skill level and set up before purchasing a skate grind rail.

Tip: Purchase only metal rails. Although there are a few plastic rails available, they are normally of poor quality and should not be used by anyone.

Flat Bar Skateboard Rail

Today’s industry-standard rail is the flat bar skate rail. Take a stroll through your local skatepark, and I bet you’ll come across several kinds of flat bar rails.

Flat skateboard rails are ideal for beginners since they are extremely sturdy and simple to “lock” your trucks onto. Many rails these days are adjustable, allowing you to customize the height to your liking and abilities.

They’re also better for sliding stunts since they’re broader than round rails, so you’re less likely to slip to one side or the other.

Due to the larger surface area in contact with your deck or trucks, flat grinding rails will require more skate wax than their round counterparts.

Round Grind Rails

Round skate grind rails are the second most popular skateboard rail currently available. They’re extremely similar to flat bars, with the exception that the rail is circular rather than flat.

Round grind rails, like flat grind rails, come in adjustable variants to allow for modification and adjustment as your skill level improves.

Due to the nature of the circular surface, round rails are far more difficult to skate than flat bars. Apart from that, round rails are typically thinner than regular flat bar rails, which adds to the difficulty of “locking” into grind tricks.

Slides aren’t that much harder, and they might even be easier for novices on round rails because they don’t have to ollie as high.

Rainbow Grind Rails

Rainbow grind rails are designed in the style of an arch and resemble a rainbow, as the name suggests. To be honest, these are more of a novelty item that is rarely seen, but they look fantastic and are a lot of fun, so I couldn’t leave them out.

Best Skate Rails Reviews

1: Fresh Park Grind Rail

best grind rail

The Fresh Park Professional Skateboarding Grind Rail is an incredibly high-quality multi-purpose rail, unequally designed with an oval bar, allowing for smooth transitions between tricks, and a perfect roundness to acquire a perfect balance.

The 6 foot, adjustable 9 to 19, weighing in at about 24 pounds. This rail is a personal favorite, and a rail I have been riding for many years now; and having skated many rails, park, and pre-fabbed trick rail, this is a classic any skater would love to have for their garage skating or friendly games of skate with friends.

The Fresh park professional Skateboarding Grind Rail has the added benefit of its multiple attachment and add-ons with fresh park add-ons such as fresh parks quarter pipes, kicker, and ramps using their patented modular linking system.

Made with high-grade tensile steel coping, that is coated with a baked-on powder coating, this grind rail is well equipped and ready to take hard smashes from both Skateboarders and BMX bikers alike.

This rail for its price and quality earns its way to #1 on this review, coming in at about $140 on is a perfect pick for a skater who is looking to spend around the same price as a complete skateboard.

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2: Mojo Rails Square Grind Rail

best flat bar for skating

Coming in second but one could argue not behind in quality is the Mojo Rails Square Grind Rail. Mojo Rails has been a lead producer in skateboarding gear for years and now they made this skateboarding Grind Rail which is considered one of the best available.

This 6 Ft, 20-pound rail, comes a little bit heavier than your average Skateboarding grind rail due to its welded steel construction and higher-quality manufacturing fabrication, which in trade means a much more durable rail that could quite possibly last a lifetime. Its portable,

This classic all-blue rail has professional engineered aspects that not many other rails on the market offer, such as powder coat finish that provide for a better hold and less slide when skating on blacktops. It has e3 adjustable heights, 4″, 8″ , 12″, and 2″ square tubing. What more can you ask for?

Although this board doesn’t come with an attachment for ramps, if you’re looking for a quality skateboard rail that will fit any professional standard, then the Mojo Rails Square Grind Rail prices near $200 on is a choice decision for a gift or rail for a personal purchase.

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3: X Factor Driveway Skate park Grind Rail

x factor circle grind rail

If you’re looking for a very circular rail, look no further. The average skater is usually trying to get their deck, gear, and equipment on the cheap, therefore the third rail on our review is the X Factor Driveway Skate park grind Rail.

This rail is still the average 6ft, weighing in much less than your average rail at about 10 Lbs., making the X Factor rail a much better option for young skaters who may have a difficult time lugging around a heavy rail, without sacrificing much strength.

This rail isn’t built to last more than a few years, as constant smashing with skateboards or scooters may cause denting. For an affordable price, the X Factor Driveway Skate park Grind Rail is an incredibly economical decision for your skater or gift buyer on a budget or an empty wallet.

This rail is perfect for a junior or new skater who isn’t quite ready for that professional quality rail without sacrificing functionality.

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