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The Best Skateboarding Helmets 2022 – [Review & Guide]


Depending on what you’re doing, it may be a good idea to skateboard in full body armor, but a helmet is a bare minimum for protecting skateboarders. Skateboarding helmets are one of those things that no one wants to spend too much money on. Most skaters don’t even want to wear a helmet at all! But, hitting your head is all too easy in skateboarding, and for that time you do slam your skull to the curb, you will be ecstatic that you bought a helmet from the shortlist that we’ve created to make sure that you have one of the best Skateboard Helmets on the market.

The Skateboard helmets on our list were carefully selected for specific reasons and we chose a favorite option, a second favorite option, and a value pick which is just as valuable a helmet as our first two. Our process for narrowing our list down to just three helmets required a lot of research on our part and quite a bit of debate to select our three helmets. We considered a lot of factors.

We began with the safety of the helmet, but we also strongly discussed and considered the comfort of the helmet and its look. We took into account what the helmet’s material was and how it was made while also seriously looking at its accessories and other factors to determine which skateboard helmet was superior. Some of these factors include the helmet’s ability to be adjusted, the durability of the helmet, and of course, the overall price.

After weighing all the factors, our choices for the three best Skateboard Helmets on the market today were decided upon based on the following categories.

The Best Skateboarding Helmets of 2022 – Buying Guide


You want your Skateboard helmet to be able to take the punishment instead of your head. That is why we looked at what the material of the helmet was made of so closely. We needed to make sure that the shell of the helmet was high impact and a durable while and the inside was both safe and comfortable and preferably made of an EPS Impact liner. None of our selections are over three pounds, so they aren’t particularly heavy. We have absolute confidence in our choice of helmets when it comes to their comfort and safety.

Affordable Price

Our thoughts when it came to our price range is we want quality over something cheap. In our research, we realized that the standard price for a real quality skateboard helmet is roughly $50. Therefore, our target range of price for a helmet was a max of $70 to a lower price of just over $20. All three of our selections range anywhere in price between those two numbers according to the seller. As a buyer, you’ll be putting your money in the right place with a helmet that will last for many rides, crashes and we guarantee it’ll keep your egg unscrambled.

Other Factors

Assuming that a helmet fits snug and perfectly on top of your head, there should still be features and accessories to make the helmet better. We took that into account and if a skateboard helmet had an adjustable chin strap, had open vents for airflow, or even a way to keep water in your helmet and turn it into a water bottle then we took that into account as well. Other factors we included in our decisions were the weight of the helmet, how it would look on a human head, or even the shape of the helmet.

Our Decision

Our list has skateboard helmets that we guarantee to offer a range in price, have satisfying comfort and most importantly, top quality safety for worry-free skateboarding. Our top choice for the best Skateboard Helmet on the market is the Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner. But there are more skateboarding helmets and all are of top quality and great features. Find the list below.

Our Best Choice: Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner


The Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner is a mouthful to say, but that’s only because this helmet has a lot to talk about. Triple 8’s renowned helmet is considered one of the best multi-impact helmets available. All of our safety concerns vanished when we saw this helmet.

Because the designers clearly noted how gross sweating can be while skateboarding, so they developed the patented Sweatsaver liner that eliminates the cons of being active. The liner has moisture-wicking layers that limit sweat drippage, an anti-bacterial treatment to make it virtually stink proof, and a 360° wrap around design so that there is absolutely no liner separation. That is maximum comfort as we’ve seen in a helmet.

As far as features and accessories are concerned, we aren’t. The Triple 8 also has adjustable straps, customized logo rivets and a classic skate side cut helmet design. Most impressively, the helmet actually weighs less that a pound which makes it feel like it’s barely on your head. For our dollar, at a price of a max $70 and getting it at a steal of just over $20, we’re positive this is the best skateboard helmet on the market.

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The Runner-Up: Pro-Tec Original Classic Helmet


The Pro-Tec Classic is a great skateboard helmet for the price. In a similar range of a max of just over $60 to a low of just under $20, this helmet is a trustworthy one that will give a great quality and allow you to skateboard without fear, or nagging worry. Lined with EPS foam, an injection-molded ABS outer shell and generous fit pads for a precise fit. The Pro-Tec is just as good as the Triple 8 in terms of safety, quality and comfort.

Laced with 11 open vents for air flow, laced with Nylex Lamination Interior and Dri-Lex wrapped foam transition, this is a helmet that is durable, comfortable and it would look good on anyone’s head and in any color. It doesn’t feature as many accessories as our first choice, but as our back-up selection, the Pro-Tec Classic is a solid skateboard helmet that wouldn’t disappoint you.

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Our Value Pick: Pro-Tec Classic Matte Skateboard Helmet


Pro-Tec is a well known skateboarding hear company for a reason. There were more than a few reasons to select the Classic Matte as our value pick. In a price range from $50 to just over $20, it continues the trend that just $20 and change, you can have even more choices for a great helmet. It features the same high impact ABS chell and EPS impact liner that was built for rigorous skateboarding. It also includes 11 large vent openings to help keep your head cool during intense use, soft nylon webbed straps that are easy to adjust, comfortable interior padding, and stainless steel rivets.

As a third option, it can still be adjusted, it also has 11 open vents for air flow and at only 3 pounds, it remains consistent with our selections and allows the standard for skateboarding helmets to be met in terms of comfort, look and safety. We chose the Matte Skateboard helmet as our value pick because we know good value when we see it, and value is what any of these selections would get you.

Thank you for reading and good luck with your choice. Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and your own.

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