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The Best Skateboarding Wax in 2021

Updated Jun 23, 2021The Best Skateboarding Wax - Element Skateboards Nyjah Huston Crown Gold Skate Wax

This review will look at some of the industry’s finest skateboard wax, so that you can know that what you were using isn’t just some gimmicky birthday candle conglomeration but rather, a formulated high density and quality wax. We will take into consideration the durability, construction, pricing, and additional features, that make the wax unique and quality. Keep on reading to find the best skateboarding wax for your board.

What to look for in the Best Skateboarding wax

Below are the main factors we used in deciding our picks.


When it comes to skateboard wax you’re not going to spend a ton of money, but these waxes are of high quality and though the price might seem high for the amount of wax you get, but this is not your average candlewax.


Wax is designed to break down and is not a durable product so to speak however as far as wax varieties are concerned the wax in these products is of very high durability and also is designed to accumulate nicely and be able to be taken off or stripped as well.

How long it lasts

This is mainly based on what it is made out of, but you don’t want to be throwing it away after waxing up a couple ledges.

How well it waxes up a ledge or rail

The obvious key function.

Additional Features

The size and color of your wax does not necessarily help you become a better skater, but it will help you grind and keep the bottom of your board from being scratched as much. There is one thing, that apply’s more for surfer’s or if you are in Detroit. Some wax, boasts an ability to conform to different temperatures.


Overall Pick: Element Skateboards Nyjah Huston Crown Gold Skate Wax

The Best Skateboarding Wax -

From yet another trusted name in skating, the Nyjah wax will be equally as radical as the first choice of the best skateboarding wax. The first reviewed wax beard the shape and color of a jewelry, for those interested in a classy looking wax, with awesome capabilities look no further. Ok but for real, this wax is awesome and will get the job done as easily as the competitors.

Made of very high quality wax ,this chunk should also last you a while. If you buy online, get multiple waxes and try them out, chances are you will get a discount because some sellers have a hard time turning a profit selling single wax bars online.

When it comes to lubrication, have a cup of Nyjah Huston Crown Gold Skateboard wax and ride on.

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Runner Up: Santa Cruz Skate Screaming Hand Curb Wax

Santa Cruz Skate Screaming Hand Curb Wax

This super tacky, friction-killing wax from Santa Cruz Skate is exactly the type of wax you need to get the job done with ease. This awesome wax is a great gift for the beginning or veteran skater and can easily be identified as a quality product by its weight and feel. It smells fresh bubble gum and fits in your back pocket.

The wax that is included in this product does contain any bear parts or byproducts and is easily the second pick, not only because of the reliability of the wax but because of the fact that it is being provided by a trusted name in skating.

Positive reviews online and a stylish product make this one of the best skateboarding wax you can find and a solid pick.

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Third Pick: Dope Skate Wax Pineapple Express Yellow Original Formula Skatewax Bar

Dope Skate Wax Pineapple Express Yellow Original Formula Skatewax Bar

Our third choice of the best skateboarding wax comes from Dope Skate wax. Its the Pineapple Express Yellow (also available in black and white colors). This wax not only keeps curbs and rails slick for grinding but also reduces friction that can cause damage to your board.

This skate wax by Dope Skate Wax is specifically made to reduce friction on grinding surfaces like rails, curbs, ledges, or wherever else you shred.

Its look is not that slick as the other picks on our review of the best skateboarding wax but its definitely a wax that wont disappoint you. Just apply directly onto curb or rail until surface is thoroughly covered and enjoy.


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The wax in this review is all quite possibly the best skateboarding wax in the world. They all have some of the best quality ingredients, catered to the exact applications you are looking for.

Slather this stuff everywhere and you will see why some many skaters can’t get enough of this stuff.

Order it online and it will be cheaper, especially if it is in bulk! Skateboarders, Snowboarders, Surfers, Ice Skaters and others all love the effects a fine wax can give to your edge in the game.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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