The Best Snowboards of 2018 – Snowboards Buyers’ Guide – All-mountain, freeride, freestyle etc.

Our favorite Snowboards of the year – Best Snowboards of 2018

Are you looking for the best snowboards on the market to turn your snowboarding imaginations into reality? If you answered yes, you are in luck. On this page, we have some of the best snowboards of 2018 that money can buy. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for men’s snowboards, women-specific boards, or kid’s snowboards, the list we have prepared for you below is inclusive of the best snowboards for men, women, and kids.

best snowboards buyers guide

In our quest to find the best boards in the industry, our team of experts thoroughly scrutinized and analyzed the key features of hundreds of boards from different brands, and at the end of the day came out with the fine list below containing some of the most outstanding boards money can buy. But what you need to find, and you will if you keep on reading our snowboard buyer’s guide is the best snowboard for you.


The Best Snowboards and Snowboard Packages in 2018

The Best Snowboards Comparison Table

See our comparison table below. You can find more details if you scroll down to our presentation of each one of these snowboards.
You will find the answer to why these are the best snowboards for men, women, and kids by reading our in-depth reviews of each one of them.

PictureProductReviewWhere to Buy
System MTN CRCX Men's Snowboard 2018 Review Camp Seven 2018 Valdez Snowboard Read our In-depth Review Check on Amazon
System MTN CRCX Men's Snowboard 2018 Review 2018 System MTN Men’s Snowboard Read our In-depth Review Check on Amazon
Camp Seven Drifter CRCX Snowboard Review Camp Seven Drifter CRCX Snowboard Read our In-depth Review Check on Amazon
System Timeless CRCX 2018 Snowboard Review System Timeless Men’s Snowboard Read our In-depth Review Check on Amazon
EMSCO Group – Supra Hero Snowboard-review EMSCO Group – Supra Hero Snowboard – For Kids Ages 5-15 Read our In-depth Review Check on Amazon
System 2018 Flite Snowboard Review System 2018 Flite Women's Snowboard Read our In-depth Review Check on Amazon
Burton Feelgood Flying V Women’s Snowboard Review Burton Feelgood Flying V Womens Snowboard Read our In-depth Review Check on Amazon
WSD Snowboard Junior Snowboard Boreas Wood core Steel Edges Kids Snowboard WSD Read our In-depth Review Check on Amazon
Burton Ripcord Snowboard review - color multi Burton Ripcord Snowboard - Men's Read our In-depth Review Check on Amazon
Gnu Asym Carbon Credit Snowboard Mens 2020 Review GNU Asym Carbon Credit Snowboard Mens Read our In-depth Review Check on Amazon


The Best Snowboards of 2018

1. Camp Seven 2018 Valdez Snowboard Summit Bindings & APX Boots Men’s Complete Snowboard Package

Camp Seven Valdez CRC 2018 Snowboard Review

Among the vast lineups of snowboard packages on the market, the Camp Seven 2018 Valdez Snowboard Summit Bindings & APX Boots Men’s Complete Snowboard Package is one of the most widely acclaimed.

Indeed this package is noted for several cool things, most notably the Camp Seven Valdez Snowboard that it comes with. Camp Seven’s Valdez is a fantastic board for any adult male rider whose goal is to conquer the mountain with great ease.

This durable board proudly features one of the industry’s lightest and “poppiest” cores, which plays a significant role in enhancing performance and makes riding more enjoyable.

Other appealing features of the Valdez include a maximum hold that ensures easy carving, a catch-free riding ability, and an excellent floatation in deep powder.

In addition to the world-renowned Valdez board, this amazing snowboard package comes complete with the super comfortable Camp Seven Summit Bindings and the System APX Snowboard Boots to make cruising the slopes more fun than ever.

Read our in-depth review of Camp Seven 2018 Valdez Snowboard Summit Bindings & APX Boots Men’s Complete Snowboard Package

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2. 2018 System MTN and APX Complete Men’s Snowboard Package

System MTN CRCX Men's Snowboard 2018 Review

Another outstanding snowboard package that makes it into our list of the best snowboards is the 2018 System MTN and APX Complete Men’s Snowboard Package. This package proudly features the System MTN Snowboard – an all-mountain board that comes with a Camber/Rocker/Camber profile which gives you maximum floatation in powder and ensures that catching an edge is the last thing you encounter as you cruise the slopes.

Coming with a twin design, this board can ride both regular and switch excellently. If you are a snowboarder who can’t get enough of ollies and jumps, the MTN’s nose and tail are engineered with cambered parts that can easily give you that explosive pop you’d need when making those jumps.

All in all, the MTN is one of the most ideal boards that can be used to enhance your comfort and performance on any snow conditions and terrains that you can think of.

Besides the outstanding System MTN board, it is worth noting that this snowboard package is also inclusive of the performance-enhancing and lightweight System APX Bindings and the comfortable and high-quality APX Boots.

Read our in-depth review of the 2018 System MTN Snowboard and APX Complete Men’s Snowboard Package.

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3. Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2018 New

Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men's Complete Snowboard Package 2018 Review

The Camp Seven Drifter is arguably the most prominent component of the Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2018 New.

The Drifter Snowboard, already a fine product in and of itself, has been upgraded to now feature a dual-density (DD2) core made of poplar, and Camp Seven’s new Bash X technology has also been implemented into the hardware to enhance the board’s edge hold and its durability.

The Drifter also features a custom CRCX (camber/rocker/camber) profile that greatly enhances the board’s floating ability in powder while at the same time making sure that the rider never catches an edge.

When these and several other great features combine, they transform the Drifter into one of the most outstanding all-mountain snowboards on the market that would leave riders amazed. They don’t call this board “the Drifter” for nothing!

The other amazing components that accompany this highly sought-after snowboard set are System’s acclaimed APX Snowboard Boots and APX Bindings whose jobs are to keep you comfortable and equip you with everything you need to conquer the slopes.

Read our in-depth review of Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2018.

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4. System Timeless and Summit Complete Men’s Snowboard Package New 2018

System Timeless CRCX 2018 Snowboard Review

The Timeless Snowboard is one of the three outstanding tools in the System Timeless and Summit Complete Men’s Snowboard Package.

This board lives up to its name by being one of the most durable boards you can find in the marketplace thanks to several impressive features, most notably the 3D Core which is widely regarded as one of the industry’s strongest cores. But that’s not the only reason it’s one of the best snowboards available.

Aside from its immense strength, the Timeless is also adored for its ability to float very well in soft powder and deliver a very smooth ride in a wide variety of snow conditions.

The cambered tip and tail give the board that explosive pop that makes it lively enough to be used to make ollie-ing and jumping super fun.

Regardless of where you intend adventuring, whether, on park runs, groomers, or powder, this board would take good care of you. The other components of the System Timeless and Summit Complete Men’s Snowboard Package that complete it is System’s ultra-durable and comfortable APX Snowboard Boots and Camp Seven’s acclaimed Summit Bindings that ensure you are comfortable even when riding in the roughest of terrains.

Read our in-depth review of System Timeless and Summit Complete Men’s Snowboard Package New 2018.

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5. EMSCO Group – Supra Hero Snowboard – Great for Beginners – For Kids Ages 5-15 – Solid Core Construction

EMSCO Group – Supra Hero Snowboard-review

If you are looking for a good beginner snowboard for your kid who is between the ages of 5 and 15, then the Supra Hero Snowboard from EMSCO Group is worth considering.

Equipped with easily adjustable step-in bindings, this board will give your kid(s) an excellent fit for them to ride in superior comfort.

Other appealing attributes of this board include its solid construction, brilliant workmanship, and trendy design.

With this user-friendly board in your kid’s possession, he or she is going to fall more and more in love with snowboarding while at the same time rapidly increasing his or her skill development.

Read our in-depth review of Supra Hero Snowboard.

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6. System 2018 Flite Snowboard w/Mystic Bindings and Lux Boots Women’s Complete Snowboard Package

System 2018 Flite Snowboard Review

The System 2018 Flite Snowboard w/Mystic Bindings and Lux Boots Women’s Complete Snowboard Package features one of the most acclaimed women’s snowboards in the industry the System Flite Snowboard.

Being a purely women-specific board, the System Flite comes with such features as a lightweight core, female-friendly flex, a flat base for stable rides, and rockered tip and tail to prevent edge catches and improve floatation in powder.

The System Flite is a truly outstanding women’s snowboard that can easily help that female rider enhance her snowboarding abilities.

The other fabulous members of this snowboard package are Siren’s comfort-enhancing Lux Women’s Snowboard Boots and Mystic Snowboard Bindings designed with none other than female riders in mind.

Read our in-depth review of System 2018 Flite Snowboard w/Mystic Bindings and Lux Boots Women’s Complete Snowboard Package.

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7. Burton Feelgood Flying V Women’s Snowboard

Burton Feelgood Flying V Women’s Snowboard Review

Given that Burton is arguably the most prominent snowboard brand in the United States, it comes to us as totally no surprise why their Burton Feelgood Flying V Women’s Snowboard is one of the most reputable snowboards in the women’s snowboarding world.

The directional shape of this high-end board coupled with its lightweight construction and very playful nature gives it the ability to excellently navigate variable snow conditions and terrains.

Whether you are just an ordinary intermediate lady rider or an expert, the Feelgood would suit you much better than most of its counterparts on the market.

Read our in-depth review of Burton Feelgood Flying V Women’s Snowboard.

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8. Kids Snowboard WSD 2016 model Snowboard Wood core Steel Edges Brand New

WSD Snowboard Junior Snowboard Boreas Wood core Steel Edges

WSD Snowboard Junior Snowboard Boreas Wood core Steel Edges

The WSD Snowboard is yet another fantastic kids’ snowboard that makes it into our list of the best snowboards of 2018.

Several cool things set this board apart from other kids’ boards, and one such thing is the fact that despite being a board designed purely for children, it has the same quality construction often found in adult boards.

As a result of this, the board rides brilliantly on the snow and can take all manners of abuse that your kid subjects it to. Also, the WSD board is designed for all-terrain fun and comes with a forgiving flex that facilitates easy learning.

Furthermore, this board comes in sizes that are hard to get in many kids’ boards. If your child’s ability level is between Beginner and Intermediate, then this would make a great board choice.

Read our in-depth review of Kids Snowboard WSD.

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9. Burton Ripcord Snowboard – Men’s

Burton Ripcord Snowboard review - color red black

Our list would not be considered complete without the inclusion of the Burton Ripcord Snowboard – Men’s from Burton.

The Ripcord is considered one of the best progression-friendly boards that a male rider could currently lay his hands on.

The directional shape of this performance-enhancing board makes it feel at home on various types of terrains and snow conditions.

In addition to helping you to develop your skills faster, this board is also truly fun to use.

Read our in-depth review of Burton Ripcord Snowboard.

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10. 2018 GNU Carbon Credit Asym Men’s Snowboard Package

The Best Snowboards of 2018 - Snowboards Buyers' Guide - All-mountain, freeride, freestyle etc. - best snowboards


If you are a beginner or advanced rider looking for a snowboard set that is designed to improve your performance and make snowboarding more fun, then the 2020 GNU Carbon Credit Asym Men’s Snowboard Package should be top of your list.

This fantastic package comes with the award-winning GNU Carbon Credit Asym BTX Snowboard from GNU Snowboards. The forgiving and playful flexed Carbon Credit board is a board of great repute thanks to such impressive features as its rugged construction, catch-free rides, and excellent grips on the iciest of conditions throughout the entire mountain.

Simply put, this twin-symmetrical-shaped All-Mountain Freestyle board makes snowboarding easier and more enjoyable for riders of virtually all ability levels. And it deserves mention that Carbon Credit isn’t the only member of this snowboard package.

The other two outstanding components complete this package – the durable and comfort-enhancing System APX Snowboard Bindings and Boots.

These bindings and boots combine perfectly which the Carbon Credit to provide you peak performance and comfort as you shred the entire length and breadth of that snow-covered mountain you have been eyeing for some time now.

Read our in-depth review of the 2020 GNU Carbon Credit Asym Men’s Snowboard Package.

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best snowboards buying guide

Snowboard Buyer’s Guide

There are several things you need to take into consideration before purchasing a snowboard. You don’t just go to the marketplace and pick any board that catches your fancy without first taking some time to analyze certain things, ask yourself certain questions, know your ability level, etc. Only this way you will find the best snowboard that fits you.

This insightful snowboard buyer’s guide, which we refer to as the “snowboarder’s Bible”, has one singular aim, and that aim is to guide you through the often challenging process of sifting through the myriads of snowboards flooding the market so that at the end of the day you can find a board that perfectly suits you to make your snowboarding experience safer and more enjoyable.

In the snowboarding world, one of the worst things you can do to yourself is to ride on a board that isn’t right for you. The right snowboard for you is the one that is, among other things, designed for your ability level as well as for the terrain you want to ride on.

So without any further ado, let us delve straight into the board buying guide we have taken our time to prepare for you. We hope that it can assist you in getting the right board to hit the slopes with.


Riding Ability Level

One of the first things you want to consider before purchasing a board is to know your ability level. “Why is this important?” We hear you ask. It is vital simply because many snowboards on the market are designed purposely for certain specific levels of ability.

For example, a beginner who purchases a board designed for expert riders would be doing themselves nothing but a huge disservice since that board would be unable to take care of their improving skills. The result would be a slowed-down progression as well as a massive reduction in the fun that accompanies snowboarding.

Below are the three ability levels that exist in the snowboarding world. And regardless of who you are, you are going to fall into one of the three levels below in terms of your skills.


You are a beginner if any of the following applies to you:

  • You have never ridden a snowboard.
  • You are learning the process of linking turns on nursery slopes.
  • You know how to sideslip, either heel or toe side slipping. Beyond this, you don’t know anything else.
  • Your best snowboarding skill is your ability to slide on both edges to the left as well as to the right or you have just learned to turn either toeside or heelside all by yourself on green terrain.

If any of the above applies to you, then you are certainly considered a novice or beginner snowboarder. A beginner needs a board that is soft and forgiving to make the learning of such activities as riding, turning, etc as easy as possible.

Boards designed for beginners often are not as expensive as other types of boards since they tend to use less expensive materials and are not equipped with too many advanced features.


After graduating from the Beginner level, a snowboarder enters into the Intermediate level. You are said to be an Intermediate rider if:

  • More often than not, you ride comfortably on a snowboard at moderate speeds.
  • You have started to perform tricks on the board.

Boards designed for Intermediate riders are stiffer than boards for Beginners. The stiffness is needed because stiffer boards hold speeds better than softer ones. In addition to being stiffer, these boards also come engineered with more advanced attributes to make them livelier and ‘poppier’.


The advanced level, as the name suggests, is that level that consists of riders that have successfully taken their riding to the highest level. You are said to be an advanced snowboarder if the following apply to you:

  • You can comfortably ride at moderate to high speeds on any manner of demanding terrain you encounter.
  • You are an aggressive rider who knows how to make a board obey you.
  • You can make all manners of turns at any speed and in all terrains and snow conditions.

Boards for Advanced riders come with more sophisticated features than boards meant for the two other levels of skiers. These boards have stiffer flexing and are more stable at extremely fast and aggressive speeds since they hold an edge better.


Types of Snowboard

Just like there are snowboards purposely built for specific ability levels, there are also specially designed boards for specific riding styles, terrains, and snow conditions. These are the most common types of snowboards:

All-mountain Snowboards

An all-mountain snowboard is built to be used in all terrains and snow conditions. These boards will perform well on any part of the mountain. They are excellent in places ranging from groomers to backcountry to powder.

The majority of riders prefer riding all-mountain boards since they are very versatile and perform well on any terrain. Owing to their nature, all-mountain boards are great for beginners since they can easily assist them in deciding which terrain they prefer.

Freeride Boards

These boards are for boarders who love riding on ungroomed and rugged terrains. These boards often have a directional shape and flex and hence perform in one direction.

Another common characteristic of these boards is that they often feature tapered tails to improve their ability to float in powder.

Freestyle Boards

Of all the boards on the market, freestyle boards are the best for riding in the park, which is why they are also known as park snowboards. These boards are light in weight, flexible and shorter in length than freeride boards. Also, they often come with twin tips. Riders who want to cruise terrain parks prefer these boards.

Owing to how very playful these boards can be, they are also good for any riding that involves the performance of tricks such as jibs.

When riding at fast speeds on hard snow, freestyle boards aren’t good since they aren’t the best when it comes to providing stability.

Powder Snowboards

As the name implies, a powder snowboard is best at home when riding in powder. The average powder board often comes engineered with a tapered narrower tail, a wider nose, a generous rocker, and other features that enhance floatation in powder.

Jib Snowboards

These boards are designed for jibbing – a type of snowboarding style that sees the rider riding, jumping, or sliding on things such as metal rails, benches, walls, boxes, logs, etc. These boards feature a true twin shape and a soft flex.


Designed purposely with backcountry riders in mind, split boards are the most preferred choice for this category of snowboarders. Splitboards can be divided into two halves and used with climbing skins to allow for the easy ascension of backcountry slopes.

When the rider reaches the top, they can now join the two halves together into a traditional board to ride downhill.


Shape of Snowboard

Aside from sizes, snowboards also come in a variety of shapes, and not all board shapes are best for all terrains, snowboarding styles, etc. Each shape comes with the activities and terrains that it is ideal for. So for example, a shape that is ideal for riding parks might not be great for riding through powder.

What does this mean? It is simply telling you that the shape of the board you choose can have a significant impact on your snowboarding experience. Here are the various snowboard shapes.


Twin (True Twin) Shape

True twin shape snowboard

A twin-shaped board comes with a centered stance and a shape and flex that are 100% symmetrical. Their tips and tails have the same measurement in terms of their length.

The flex patterns of these boards are also designed to be the same. Because twin boards can be ridden in both directions, they are excellent for riding switch and the ideal choice for terrain parks. It is for this reason why freestyle boards often come in this shape.


Directional Shape

Snowboard Directional twin shape

A directional shaped board is designed to be purely ridden in one direction. The majority of all-mountain and freeride boards have this shape. To make them stable at high speeds, the average directional board often features a soft nose and a stiff tail.


Directional Twin Shape

Directional Twin Snowboard shape

A directional twin board, as the name implies, is a board that has features of both a directional and a twin snowboard. And as such it gives the rider the best of both worlds.

With a directional core (a tip that is softer than a tail) and a symmetrical shape (tail and tip that are similar in size), these directional twin boards are ideal for freestyle riding in the park and backcountry snowboarding.

The majority of these boards tend to have stances that are setback like that of directional boards.


Tapered Shape

Snowbaord directional tapered shape

A board with a tapered shape is one that comes with a nose that is wider than its tail. The shape makes it very easy for the nose to stick out or rise out of deep snow leaving the tail to delve into powder to enhance control.

Tapered boards are ideal for riding through powder as well as on piste. However, they are not suitable to be used for riding switch.



Snowboard Sizing

In a particularly very important aspect of life, there’s always this heated debate as to whether size matters or not. However, in the world of snowboarding, it is a fact that size is very crucial and matters all the time!

For example, using a board that is too short will not provide you with stability at high speeds whereas a very long board is very challenging when it comes to maneuvering it.

The bottom line is that you simply can’t get the right board if you don’t consider the size. And to get a snowboard that fits you perfectly, you should consider how much you weigh as well as the length and width of the snowboard.


Snowboard sizing width length

Length of Board

The length of the snowboard that is best for you will largely depend on two things – your weight and the manner of riding you want to undertake. Back in the day, riders were advised that to pick the ideal snowboard length, all they needed to do was to stand their preferred snowboard on its tail and stand next to it. If the nose of the board reached either their chin or nose, voilà! They had gotten the perfect fit!

However, that alone doesn’t automatically mean you have gotten the appropriate board length. To get the most suitable length, you should also use your weight and think about the nature of riding you shall be doing.

For example, fast and aggressive riders prefer to use longer boards since they are more stable, whereas shorter boards are the preferred choice for riders who are going to be doing a lot of freestyle snowboarding since they are easier to maneuver.

About weight and the length of the board a rider chooses, generally if one is a heavy rider and they go for a board that is too short, they are going to experience issues with controlling the board, especially when they are riding at higher speeds.

Here is a more generic Snowboard Size Chart to start:

Snowboard Size Chart

Rider Height (in)Rider Height (cm)Rider Weight (lb)Snowboard Size (cm)
4'10" 147 110 - 120 128 - 136
5' 152 115-130 133 - 141
5'2" 158 125-135 139 - 147
5'4" 163 135-145 144 -152
5'6" 168 140-155 149 -157
5'8" 173 150-165 154 -162
5'10" 178 160-175 159 -167
6' 183 170-185 160+
6'2" 188 180-195 160+
6'4" 193 190-205 160+


Width of Board

The width of the snowboard you go in for also plays a very important role regarding how joyful or fun your riding experience ends up being.

It is widely recommended that if you are a rider who has large feet, your ideal board should be wider. Who has large feet? A man who has a U.S. boot size of 11 or higher is considered to have large feet and needs to consider getting himself a wider board.

On the other hand, a woman with a boot size of 10+ should also consider getting a wider board because she is also considered to have large feet.

Ensuring that you get a board that is wide enough to accommodate your feet perfectly is important because they prevent your toes and heels from overhanging the edges of the snowboard and interfering with the smoothness of your ride.

Oftentimes if the rider’s feet excessively overhang the edges of the board, the feet can easily hit snow and cause the rider to fall when making hard turns. Having said this, you should take note of the fact that a little bit of toes and heels overhanging is okay since it helps during turns. What is not okay is excessive overhanging.

On the other hand, if a rider goes for a snowboard that is too wide for their feet, this can prevent them from getting good edge control – a situation that can negatively affect their performance.

NOTE: Thankfully, these days, most brands of snowboards make things easier for their customers by preparing size charts for their boards. Customers can easily use these size charts to help them get the appropriate snowboard size.

Here is a more generic Snowboard Width & Boot Size Chart to start:

Snowboard Width & Boot Size Chart

Boot Size (US Men’s)5.0 – 7.57.0 – 9.58.5 – 10.59.5 – 11.510.5+
Boot Size (US Women’s)Up to 6.06.0 – 8.58.0 – 10.510+
Board Waist Width (mm)225-235236-245246-250251-254255-259260+
Snowboard WidthNarrow / Women’sRegularMid-Wide to Wide


Snowboard Profile

Another important thing you should look out for in a board is its profile. Roughly there are three major types of snowboard profile, namely rocker, camber, and flat.

We hope the information below will assist you in choosing a profile that best suits your riding style and the conditions/terrains you intend to ride on.



snowboard rocker shape

Camber is considered to be the most traditional profile for a board. Any cambered board would come with a slight upward curve in its middle and have more edge contact with the snow when the board is weighted (when the rider steps on it with both feet).

These boards come with better edge hold and provide a lot of pop and power, thereby making them ideal for experienced riders who crave for speed. Cambered boards are also favored by experienced park riders. These boards don’t float very well in soft powder.


Rocker (Reverse Camber)

snowboard camber shape

Rocker, which is also known as a reverse-camber, is basically an upturned/upside-down camber or the opposite of a camber. It, therefore, comes with a downward curvature and has less edge contact with the snow when it is weighted.

As a result of their shape, rockered boards float excellently and perform brilliantly in powder.

They are also good for jibbing. Many experienced riders prefer cambered boards to rockered ones. However, this doesn’t mean that if you are an experienced rider, you can’t make these boards work for you.



snowboard flat shape

As the name suggests, a board with a Flat profile is flat from around its tip all the way to its tail region when unweighted. This board has no camber and can therefore be said to be neutral.

The advantages of a flat board include the fact that it enhances floatation and allows for quick and easy turns.


Other Profiles

Aside from the three major profiles above, there are other types of profiles on the market that employ the use of a combination of two or more of the three main types of snowboard profiles.

Here are some of the most common profiles that are produced when snowboard manufacturers combine Camber, Flat and Rocker profiles:

  • Rocker/Camber/Rocker: This profile comes with several advantages, including a better edge hold during hard carving on hard snow thanks to its underfoot which is cambered.
    Also, its tip and tail that are both rockered allow for better floatation in powder. Owing to the attributes that come with this profile, it is often incorporated in freeride boards for powder or soft snow.
    snowboard rocker camber rocker shape
  • Camber/Rocker/Camber: This profile comes with two cambered areas that become flattened by the weight of the rider to produce, among other things, powerful carving areas right between the feet of the rider.
    Another big attribute of this profile is that it is quite poppy at its tip and tail.
    snowboard camber rocker camber shape
  • Rocker/Flat/Rocker: Boards engineered with this profile come with elements of a flat board as well as a rockered board.
    By their design, they are “poppier” and have more edge hold on hard snow than a fully rockered board while at the same time maintaining the Flat profile’s easy turnability.
    snowboard rocker flat rocker shape



The flex of the Snowboard

The flex of a board is basically how flexible the board is. Generally, a snowboard flexes in two major ways, namely longitudinal flex and torsional flex.

A longitudinal flex is one that occurs along the length of the board (from its nose to its tail), whereas a torsional flex takes place across the width of the board (from one edge to another).

Snowboard Flex

Soft Flex

A board with a soft flex is one that is forgiving and quite easy to turn. Their forgiving turnability and maneuverability make them ideal for the following groups of people:

  • Beginner riders
  • Park riders
  • Riders who don’t weigh too much

Stiff Flex

A board with a stiffer flex gives riders enhanced edge-hold and stability during high-speed rides. Stiffer flexing boards are good for the following groups:

  • Riders who perform high speed turns
  • Free-riders


Sidecut Radius

In the simplest terms, a sidecut radius can be defined as the curve of the edges of a snowboard.

snowboard sidecut radius

  • Deeper sidecut: Boards with deeper sidecuts have narrower waists, thereby making them easier to turn. These boards are therefore ideal for beginner riders.
  • Shallow sidecut: A board that features a shallow sidecut is good for more experienced riders who love riding at high speeds. These boards float very well in soft snow because they come with wider waists.


The base of the Snowboard

Snowboards generally have two types of bases, namely the extruded base and the sintered base, both of which are made from polyethylene (also known as P-Tex).

snowboard bases

  • Extruded base: These bases are cheaper to make and easier to maintain and repair. They don’t need to be waxed very often and are not as fast as the sintered base. They are often found in beginner snowboards.
  • Sintered base: These bases are often found in high-end snowboards and boards for more advanced riders. Sintered bases hold wax better than extruded bases. They are also faster, more durable, and lighter than extruded bases. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, these bases cost more than their extruded counterparts.


Women’s Snowboard

Gone are the days when women had to face great difficulties getting snowboards designed purposely for them! These days because more and more women are venturing into the snowboarding world, an increasing number of companies are manufacturing women-specific boards, which is a good thing for every woman rider out there.

Here are some of the most common characteristics of women’s snowboards:

  • Width is often narrower since women tend to have smaller feet than men
  • Flex is softer
  • Camber is lesser
  • Thinner profile

It is worth noting that women can ride men’s snowboards if it fits them well. As a matter of fact, many tall women actually use men’s boards since they often find it difficult to get women’s boards that are compatible with their heights and strength.

So while some women can easily ride men’s boards, it is very rare for men to comfortably ride women-specific boards.

Check out Womens Snowboards


Kids’ Snowboards

If you want your kid to love snowboarding and rapidly enhance his or her skills in the sport, then you must get him or her a board designed specifically for kids. Also, in doing that, ensure that whatever board you get him or her is one that fits him or her well.

Some parents make the big mistake of purchasing oversized or adult boards for their kids because they know the kids would grow quickly. But this is a wrong move. Using a wrong-sized snowboard not only reduces the fun your kids are supposed to get from snowboarding, but it also drastically makes it more difficult for them to learn.

Snowboards that are designed for kids tend to be softer than snowboards designed for adults. The flexible and forgiving nature of kids-specific boards makes the learning process faster and more fun for kids.

Kids’ Snowboard Size Chart

Rider Weight (lbs)Length (cm)
30-60< 100 cm
40-75100-109 cm
50-85110-119 cm
60-110120-129 cm
70-125130-139 cm
80+140-149 cm

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