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The Best Snowboards for Kids in 2021- [Review & Guide]

Rossignol Scan AmpTek Snowboard package

The list below features three of the top contenders of the best snowboards for kids you can find online and each has different features and will be useful to different aged riders at varying levels. Some varieties of hyper economic snowboards for kids feature little more than a plastic board and notches for feet, and though these are fun to use, for this review we stuck to more conventional “learn to snowboard” type snowboards, which are close to or are in fact, “real” snowboards.

The Best Snowboards for Kids 2021 – Factors considered


The price range for one of the aforementioned “economical first snowboard”, will be around $20 but for this review, you will get a very good representation of the availability and pricing of a good starter snowboard for the avid beginner, that also has quality and rider form in mind. For around $150 you can have the complete set up of equipment necessary to have a good time snowboarding, and you can also most likely find it for cheaper than that elsewhere online, however, given the price of these products below and the quality they offer in return, we consider them to be superior.


Snowboards are multi-season use hand me down bowl items that stick with families sometimes four years relaxing and maintenance of your snowboard is easily done and with the boards, in this particular review you shouldn’t have to do that for a few seasons anyway they’re extremely durable and meant to shred the slopes for a few seasons.


The materials used to make snowboards or fiberglass resin’s plastics aluminum and would all pancaked into one stiff or flexible board. These materials lend to the durability of the snowboards and help to decrease friction. These boards are not exceptions to that principle and neither is the equipment that comes with it. The materials in snowboarding are made to withstand a lot of wear and tear and a few seasons.


These snowboards for kids are durable and high quality in the way that they are made and they also look nice at the end of the day. As far as construction goes the boards below should fancy even the toughest critic. The boots and bindings included with some of the picks below are also pretty durable and great additions to a new border’s equipment setup.

Additional Features

Some of the snowboards for kids below have the option for extra equipment like boots and bindings and these are important for more experienced kids the first choice on the list, for example, comes with pre-attached universal bindings and will fit a lot of boots, so it’s not much of an issue if you are on a budget or have multiple kids!

Some other things to consider while buying snowboards are other expenses associated with snowboarding like snow clothing a helmet possibly and of course sadly the costs of the ski resort itself, for this reason, the boards below are economical, but still have a lot to offer in the form of features.

Top Pick: Rossignol Scan AmpTek Militia 4 Kids Complete Snowboard Package

Rossignol Scan AmpTek Snowboard package review

The Rossignol Scan complete kit is a good example of what you might find in the low price range kit category in snowboards for kids. For about 200 bucks you get 5th Element Stealth Snowboard Bindings, to attach yourself to the board, Millennium 3 Militia 4 Snowboard boots, which will fit flawlessly, for an easy, comfortable ride. And of course, the board itself, Rossignol Scan AmpTek Snowboard, is a durable and inexpensive example of a snowboard that is great for kids or beginners!

There are lower-priced packages available, but for the quality, amount of components, and construction, it is a good fit for this list and your snowboarder!

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Fun Pick: Lucky Bums Kids Plastic Snowboard review

Lucky Bums Kids Plastic Snowboard review

As far as snowboards for kids go, the Lucky Bums Kids Plastic Snowboard wooden board is a great way to get kids into the feel of snowboarding. With included bindings and super durable plastic construction, the board can take a beating and will help kids learn to wield a more powerful (More expensive.) board. For 45 bucks, the quality is not compromised and you have a fully functioning, radically stylish board at your feet that you can jump in and out of without needing o purchase those fancy boots.

Overall, this is a good example of a perfect board for the beginning rider and one whose construction and price are equal.

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Third Pick: Burton After School Special Snowboard Package

burton snowboard for kids

The third pic on this list is not the third in our hearts because it is certainly a great starter board for kids and one that will last a long time. With a name like Burton backing it up, you can trust that this board is meant to carve the hills Slopes for more than a few seasons. Also for this reason you will most certainly be able to follow up with burton should you experience any issues. Included bindings will make using the board a breeze and kids will have a little bit more stability with the added width of the board.

Overall this is a great starter pick and a great piece of equipment that could even be in a family for generations due to its construction and quality.

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Thanks for reading our guide on the best snowboard for kids and Good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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