The Best Snowskate Board

Updated Dec 29, 2017
The Best Snowskate Board

Though snowskate boards used to represent the first, binder-less, snowboard to hit the market back in the 90’s, also called “Snurf”, snowskating has etched its very own path into today’s market and is an explosive trend for this upcoming winter season! So if you are looking for the best snowskate board, keep reading to find our suggestions and make your choice.

Snowskate boards are identical to skateboards when it comes to safety and the use of common sense when skating is always important. Here are the deciding factors in our choice and the picks.

What to look for in the Best Snowskate Boards


The price of a snowskate board is a little higher than one might expect, however when you pay a higher price in the beginning, you are certainly going to get a better quality product and when it comes to snowskate boards, durability is something that you will find and it is a necessity due to the conditions in which you’ll be using your snow skate board.


The durability of these boards is similar to that of a well-made skateboard deck, also the plastic on the bottoms of these snowskate boards is very thick and will resist destruction even after grinding on numerous rails and non-snowy surfaces.


Snowskates are just like regular skateboards when it comes to their materials and construction. These boards are made of plastic, wood and then a layer of grip tape and maybe a decal as well. Overall, the materials used are mostly designed to resist water or they are sealed so that water cannot permeate the layers of laminated wood.


Snowskate boards are a little bit heavier than your average snowboard, but usually the weight is very similar so that it does not compromise your abilities and therefore it is smaller than a snowboard by far. A good balance is key for versatility and speed.


The construction of a snowskate board is very heavy duty. This is so you can shred through snow, ice, water, sleet, and slush and still have your board come back the next winter for more. Over all, the construction is very impressive when it comes to snow skateboard models from a variety of different companies.

Additional Features

Some snowskate boards do not include grip tape and the ones in this review due and the snow skate boards in this review also are chosen for their durability, price and quality as well as reviews online left by other customers.


Overall Pick: Ambition Team 2018 Snowskate Board

Our first pick in this best snow skate review is the Ambition Team 2018 Snow Skate board measuring at 8.5” x 32.5”. This is a standard size Snowskate and from a very awesome new and upcoming company that is sure to wow this winter.

Ambition Snowskate boards are hand made in Quebec, Canada. Crafted from seven-ply Canadian maple, these boards are designed to provide superior stiffness for the added friction applied to the bottom, while going over snow.

Overall, the Ambition, team series Snowskate board is an awesome choice for the beginning SnowSkater interested in learning more about the sport, or the veteran who has been skating over snow for years.

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Runner Up: FORTRUS SnowSkate KINGDOM Snowskate Snowboard

snowskate fortrus

The Kingdom snowskate by Fortrus is a great board for the beginning skater because of the insanely awesome price. Not only is this because the price is drastically lower than the other models but you’re not losing quality because of that, and the very size of the board makes it a great tagalong item as well.

Still, overall, this board is a high-quality, low-cost option for even veteran snow skaters and a competing runner up in this review.

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Third pick: Fortrus Sonic Snow Skate Snowboard


Another excellent choice is Fortrus Sonic Snow Skate Snowboard, measuring at 35″. This is a plastic polymer snow skate, which means its lighter than wooden snowskates and has an asymmetrical dual kick shape to not get stuck in the snow. It has the grooves at the bottom which enable the rider to have more stability on the snowskate and easier sliding, and a printed grippy black rubber upper from EVA foam to avoid slipping.

Overall, the Fortrus Sonic SnowSkate board is an awesome choice for a beginner in Snowskating, interested in learning more about the sport, as it comes at a very reasonable price.

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Fourth Pick: Premier Kingslayer Snowskate

The Premier Kingslayer Snowskate is another awesome snowskate board, made from 7ply wood construction and measuring at 37 inches. The deck of this board is  9 1//4 inches with new side wall reinforcement sublimated P-tex base. It has a center channel for solid rail performance and promises to provide endless fun on any snowy obstacle you choose to ride it, in your backyard or the mountain. Plus, you get one year warranty from Premier.

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Fifth Pick: Slopedeck Snowskate (2018 Pro model)

If you are a rider who wants to carve tight turns in all snow conditions, then the best snowskate board for you is Slopedeck Snowskate (2018 Pro model). Its revolutionary Morphteck base is a patent-pending unique spec that promises just that.

This board is handmade in Canada, has leash holes on tip and tail and is a concave skate deck with grippy EVA topsheet to avoid slipping from it when you do your tricks. It also has closed cell dual-density foam shock absorption and feels more like a skateboard than a standard snowskate. Is price is higher than the other models in this list, but totally worth’s it.

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Overall when it comes to the resort terrain park or the skate park in the winter or even just behind your local grocery store, snowskates are a great alternative to skateboarding in the winter or snowboarding if you’re far away from any mountains.

Getting around campus in the wintertime will be a breeze with these wheel-less, storable boards. Expect to see more about snowskating as time goes on, due to the sudden rise in popularity that it is currently experiencing. And don’t forget to ride with the right shoes.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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