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The Best Wakeboard Rack For Your Boat

wakeboard racks

When it comes to wakeboarding racks, there are a few options available for different needs, as far as economy and quality are concerned however; the racks in this review are superb! Wakeboard racks help keep the wakeboards in place and when you’re trying to walk around a cluttered boat having these racks makes organization worries a thing of the past. Also when you start to purchase more expensive boards and other fun ride-ables, it’s nice to have a safe place to keep them from being damaged by violent boat jostling.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a wake boarding rack is the price of the rack itself though it doesn’t always correlate to better quality might yield more features and possibly better construction.

So let’s imagine, you decide to embark upon a day trip and suddenly there is a dog, a cooler, two kids, your wife, your wife’s friend and her boyfriend, and they get on your boat and you have to supply them with wakeboards and entertainment. Can you even walk with this much clutter? One item I know your boat needs at this point is a tower rack to keep the boards suspended over the side of the boat or anywhere that opens up space for what seems like a Noah’s Ark reenactment.

Wakeboard racks can be made of variety of materials and also can include features like bungee cords, for fastening the board to the rack itself, clamps to fasten the rack on to your boat, also there are a number of UV resistant paint and marine finishes. Also rubber that will provide your merchandise with added protection these have all been taken into account when the research was done for this review.

The racks posted below in this review have been chosen because of the quality, affordability and also because of the features that they offer overall it is a good offering of racks for the first time or what he experienced rider looking for more storage.

Overall Pick: Origin OWT-WWIB Wakeboard Rack

wakeboard racks

The origin wakeboard tower is a high-quality but relatively inexpensive wake boarding, skim boarding, surfboard rack which is super easy to install very adjustable it is polished and will keep everything organized and neat on your boat or wherever you want to mount it. Overall this is a very adaptable and capable tower mount system for any level of boarder.

The origin wakeboard rack is suitable for any angle of tower two from horizontal to vertical there’s also a bungee cord which allows for easier board mounting and it fits one and three quarters 1 7/8 2 inches 2 ¼ inches 2 ½ inches and two and three eights inches sizes.

The OWT- WWIB is UV resistant, made of light-weight, but strong aluminum, and measuring at 7.5 pounds it won’t add any unnecessary weight to your boat. For 99.99, it is a killer deal and the use you will get out of it will be worth the money you spend.

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Runner Up: Kneeboard Wakeboard Combo Tower Rack by Krypt Towers

runnerup wakeboard rack

Next up on the list is the kneeboard wakeboard combo tower rack by Krypt towers for 119.99. This rack is suitable for even crazier ventures because it also allows for the inclusion of kite boards and the all too popular standup paddleboard.

One of the issues that many old and fading wakeboard racks have is that they scratch the boards when you use them; this tower is great because its polished aluminum will not scratch your board. Made with cast aircraft grade aluminum and polished to a mirror shine the racks also have Rubber bumper inserts to really protect your board as well as bungee straps to actually affix the board to the rack, so that when your boat gets up to speed your boards and other merchandise don’t go flying into the water without you attached to them.

The clamp that attaches the board rack will rotate nearly 360° to make adjustment a really awesome experience and this rack should fit all horizontal and vertical tubes and it will probably adjust to nearly any angle in between.

The kneeboard opening is 4 inches in the wakeboard opening is 1 3/8 inches. Holding two boards it is definitely an awesome choice for the beginning to experienced wake boarder or boating and diseased and will make organization on your boat really easy.

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Value Pick: The Double Board Rack


Board wakeboard Rack wall mount (for two) wakeboards for 39.95 is a something anybody looking to mount a wakeboard inside a home or on any flat surface (maybe even on a boat) if you can figure out a way to do so, for the price it is an awesome deal.

The company does a flame polished surface with an included no scratches on your board guarantee. Also the rack itself it is made in Germany where the acrylic glass of premium quality and ultra clear look were cut via laser technology that goes hand in hand with precision it works for a variety of boards and other merchandise and can greatly organize not just your space but also a boat with the right mounting hardware.

This acrylic wall mount is a single piece and does not require any assembly or gluing come as it is also a flame has been used to and in any sharp edges and therefore it will not be able to tell you like some cheaper copies might.

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As far as wakeboarding racks go there are not many out there that don’t offer similar features however these three have unique traits that will make your next wakeboard outing a spectacular event with clutter free operation and Killer style on the water here wake boarding skills might not be affected drastically by a wake boarding rack but who knows what can happen when you have a clean work environment.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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