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The Best Wakeboarding Handle and Rope 2021 [Review and Guide]

Updated Oct 25, 2021The Best Wakeboarding Handle and Rope - apex wakeboard rope

To handle the forces involved, riders look for tow ropes made of super-strong materials that are also light and buoyant. The amount of rope-handle combinations are vast, and finding which one is the best can be quite a challenge. Different materials, lengths, and customizability suited to a variety of different riders are available in today’s market. Keep on reading to find the best Wakeboarding Handle and Rope you can have to hit the waves!

A good way to determine if a rope works for you is to try a high-quality low-cost model, like the ones listed below. Only after some first-hand experience can one start to develop a preference. For the choices here, we have looked into a few common features of ropes that will directly affect performance and effectiveness.

The Best Wakeboarding Handle and Rope Guide – Factors Considered


As far as wakeboarding ropes go these days, we’re not just talking about some nylon cord. There is a multitude of different varieties of space-age materials that go into these new ropes that give them extreme strength and a better feel. Some ropes boast stronger than steel strength and ergonomic handles. Certain materials like Spectra, Dyneema, and other sorts of composite carbon fiber and plastic will provide lighter weights and flotation without compromising on strength.

Affordable Price

Now the price of wakeboard ropes and handles will vary but the most economical option after some research is to buy them together, nonetheless, they can be purchased separately. Be prepared to spend anywhere from $30 to $140 on a beginning rope and handle. Some professional handles can be much more expensive but the ropes chosen for this list, feature a combination of affordability for those new to wakeboarding, and higher quality, for those who have been doing it for a while.

Other Factors

When looking into wakeboard handles and ropes one important feature we looked for was the length of the rope. Depending on the size of the boat, the experience of the rider, and also the type of board, the length of the rope plays a big role in the ease of the ride. The length of the rope corresponds to an increase in price, however with some careful searching, one can find ropes of greater length, for a better price. Another interesting feature is the ability to make a rope smaller or larger.

Our Decision

The list of wakeboarding handles and rope are chosen below demonstrate high-quality construction, a length that is suitable for most sports, and also a price that is not going to break the bank. These ropes are available online and also come included with both the rope and the handle. The prices of the ropes are in descending order and represent an average one might spend when first getting into wakeboarding, however, the quality is as consistent as possible.

The Best Wakeboarding Handle and Rope 2021

1: Obcursco Wakeboard Rope – 70ft

 Obcursco Wakeboard Rope, Water Sport Line with EVA Handle. Ideal for Water ski, Wakeboard, Kneeboard

The Obcursco Wakeboard Rope and Handle is our top choice, as it’s perfect not only for wakeboarding but also for waterskiing, kneeboarding, and more. Its handle is made of 15 Inch double-density EVA Cover to provide a superior grip for optimum performance. The 6 Inch TPR covered aluminum handle provides extra leverage and pull for spins and inverted tricks. For abrasion and wear resistance, the PVC bridle is enclosed in flexible vinyl.

A professional 16-strand 30-filament rope can withstand a maximum tensile force of 2200 pounds, making this extremely durable. The rope floats in case you detach from it so you don’t need to search for it underwater. It’s a safe choice for a good and sturdy wakeboard line.



Material: Poly E
Length: Approx. 70 feet
Handle Length: Approx. 15 inch

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2: Straight Line Apex Suede with Dyneema Wakeboard Rope – 65ft

apex wakeboard rope

The Apex Ultra suede wakeboard rope by Straight Line is a 65-foot, high-quality 4mm Dyneema rope with a high-quality quilted EVA Padded handle. At just about a hundred bucks, it is a looker that will get the job done. It is a popular rope with even more experienced riders and the leader doesn’t stretch giving users a very predictable pull. The 29-millimeter handle is boxed and dipped in PVC to give it more durability. Incredibly tough and can take the force that this rope will translate.

The color and buoyancy of the rope will make finding it after a wipe-out a breeze. Overall, for the price, this rope is one of the top choices for beginners and pros alike. It’s one of the highest quality ropes for this price.

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3: Airhead Bling Spectra Wakeboard Rope – 75′

airhead wakeboard rope

Next up on the list is the AIRHEAD Spectra wakeboard rope. Made of Spectra, a different material than our first choice, this rope is similar in that it does not provide any stretch, giving it a very quick, crisp response. With a 2000lb break strength, this wakeboarding rope floats and resists tangling and kinking. It is longer than the first choice. The handle has an aluminum core so it’s light, but still incredibly durable. This rope also includes 4 takeoff sections, which allow for rope shortening.

The attachment loops for taking off length can make watersports, in general, more challenging. The less rope between you and the boat the more responsive one’s movements become. Overall this is a good choice, one that is just as good, if not an almost better option than the first choice, if only because of the price and the quality.

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4: RAVE Sports Elite Wakeboard/Kneeboard Rope

RAVE Sports Elite Wakeboard/Kneeboard Rope

One of the Best Ropes for Wakeboarding and Kneeboarding is the RAVE Sports Elite Wakeboard/Kneeboard Rope with a 15″ aluminum handle with an EVA raised diamond grip for expanding into new tricks. It’s a very strong rope and handle with 1800 lb. (680 kg) tensile strength that will last for a long time without breaking.

The RAVE Sports Elite Wakeboard/Kneeboard Rope features 75′ mainline with 3 removable 10′ sections (45′, 55′, 65′). It’s sturdy and it floats, which makes it a great fit for a beginner.


  • 75′ (22.86M), 3 section Mainline
  • 15″ (30cm) raised diamond grip EVA handle
  • 5/16″ Polypropylene
  • 1800 lb. (680 Kg) tensile strength
  • Rope wrap

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5: Airhead AHWR-1 Wakeboard Rope

wakeboard rope

The airhead 8HWR1100 wakeboard rope is a great option for those looking for economy and durability. Also from a trusted name, Airhead, this rope will be sure to meet your standards when it comes to wakeboarding. It is a low-stretch rope that provides professional wakeboarding results at almost half the price of the leading quality rope.

This wakeboarding handle and rope also include four take-off sections and includes a rope bag for storage as well. The handle is a vinyl encased aluminum tube and also has foam floats to keep it above the water when you go too hard. What landed this rope as the third pick is its high quality, which will provide a similar experience to even more expensive ropes, at a much lower price.

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When it comes to wakeboarding, the handles and ropes one uses will have a big impact, though there are the best handles and ropes here that will get the job done with style. There are many more to choose from and the quality and features of ropes will continue to vary into the foreseeable future. Hoped we helped you to find the Best Wakeboarding Handle and Rope you need to kick off your wake sports activities.

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