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The Best Wakeboarding Helmets 2022 [Review & Buying Guide]

Updated Feb 17, 2022

The Best Wakeboarding Helmets

The Best Wakeboarding Helmets


Wakeboarding may seem like a very safe sport considering the worst thing that could happen is you fall into a large body of water, but like any sport, injuries do happen. The two most common for Wakeboarding are ruptured eardrums and concussions. You may never actually need one, but safety is important, and avoiding those two injuries can be very easy if you wakeboard wearing a helmet.

Just in case, we wanted to make a shortlist of the best wakeboard helmets on the market for safety’s sake. The Wakeboard helmets that made our list first had to answer a couple of basic questions we had. The first was how was it designed to withstand multiple, low and high impact hits, and the second question was whether or not the helmet had full, or side cut designs. A full-cut helmet will cover your head and ears in a single shell, whereas half-cut or side-cut helmets omit the ear covering. Full-cut helmets will not only protect your head, but they can also protect you from a ruptured eardrum should you fall. The full-cut helmet made the most sense to us for safety, so we created a list of three quality wakeboard helmets.

We researched and looked over most of the details to create this list and there were many factors that we considered. Ultimately, we made our decisions based on the protective materials the helmet was made of, the obvious price of the helmet, and other factors such as removable ear flaps, how easily the helmet is adjusted, the look, or even the brand of the helmet.

The Best Wakeboarding Helmets 2022 – Factors considered

After going through all that, we made our decisions for the best wakeboard helmet on the market-based in the following categories:


Wakeboard helmets are made of a variety of protective materials. The most common are soft, EVA foam, or brock foam. EVA and brock foam can withstand multiple, low-impact crashes, making them for wakeboarding. A crucial factor for the foam that we thought over is the comfort of the helmet as well as the safety of the outer shell. The material is an extremely important element of our research for the best wakeboard helmet we could find.

Affordable Price

Price is usually a big factor and for our research, we wanted to keep our target price to have some range. We wanted to supply some more expensive options, some different and affordable options, and some cheaper options to give your wallet the ultimate decision. Our wakeboard helmet selections range from a max of $90 to a low price of $20. Of course, price is always a factor and truly depends on your wallet and selection.

Other Factors

Other contributing factors that we researched were accessories like “Head Lock” fit systems, or adjustable straps. Some helmets featured a chin strap or the option for removable ear flaps to give the helmet some freedom. A crucial factor that we also considered was the look of the helmet. Safety is of course important, but we’ve made sure that along with comfort, the helmet will indeed look good on your head as your wakeboard over the water. What’s the use of wearing a helmet that doesn’t look good?

Our Decision

Ultimately, we feel we’ve selected three quality helmets that offer a range in price, are built for impact and comfort while also having accessories to make each helmet unique and a valid option for you. In the end, our decision for the best wakeboard helmets on the market can be found below.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

1: Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet

protec ace wake boarding helmet

We selected this helmet because not only will it be perfect for wakeboarding, but you can use it for any active sport that requires a helmet. The Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet has a Full Surround Interior Fit System for maximum safety and protection while having an EVA liner of dual-density which is waterproof. It was a high-density ABS injection molded shell for durability and ultra-light protection that is made of plastic which makes it very light. The “Rear Head Lock” ensures supreme comfort and fit adjustment by cupping the back of your head. Those factors make the Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet the most comfortable and safe helmet on our list.

The helmet also has removable cupping ear guards with water channels and padding around the ears to prevent riders from harming their eardrums when they hit the water at any high speed. The helmet is best known for its 16 open vent holes for optimum ventilation and drainage. The helmet is also available in many colors and it looks great!

At about $55 for a helmet that can be used for any active sport along with its other features and the fact that the helmet comes with a certified one-year warranty makes this our choice for the best wakeboard helmet on the market.

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2: Triple Eight Gotham Water Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Water Helmet

The choice for our value pick started on the price. For about $50, you can have the Triple Eight Gotham Water Helmet. The price can range even up to $60, so if you can get it for less, we recommend that you do. This helmet was created after many years of inquiries from customers for a specific wakeboard helmet and this is the result.

It offers the same high-density ABS outer shell with the dual-density closed-cell EVA foam liner for matched comfort and safety with our first two options. This helmet however has a Quick-Dry Anti Bacterial lining that doesn’t absorb water and provides extra comfort. The Triple Eight also has an adjustable neoprene padded chin strap and it meets the water sports certified safety standard. Honestly, this could be a better selection on your head than our other options. At the very least, it will do the job as well as any other wakeboard helmet.

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3: Tontron Adult Whitewater Helmet

The Best Wakeboarding Helmets 2022 [Review & Buying Guide] - best wakeboarding helmets

The Tontron Adult Whitewater Helmet is another great choice, with an ABS outer shell for impact protection and quick dry soft EVA absorption liner. This helmet is not only for the wakeboarder that wants to protect his ears as the ear protection pads can be easily removed. The helmet has an 11 air-vents system for breathing, so you can sweat less and feel comfortable wearing it.

The helmet meets CE EN 1385 water sports safety standards. It’s available in 14 different color options, so you don’t have an excuse that you can’t find one to match your wakeboard or other water sports gear. The helmet has a great fit and feels robust without being too bulky. You can adjust the tightness with an adjustable back of the head dial. You will feel safer and more relaxed while wearing it on the water.

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5: Triple Eight Gotham Water Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Water Helmet for Wakeboarding and Waterskiing


You’ll need the greatest wakeboarding helmet for optimum performance, and the Triple Eight Gotham Water Helmet is one to consider. It doesn’t obstruct your movements while you’re wearing it because it effectively drains the water, preventing any discomfort, such as stink.

The helmet’s durability is another feature that makes it a top choice. The outer shell is made of high-quality, high-density ABS, which is great at preventing impact damage. Aside from that, the interior half has an EVA foam layer that keeps the head tight. Even when wet, the silky fabric on its three-layer foam makes it more comfortable.

The removable Velcro on this helmet is a big hit with users. It makes cleaning wakeboards even easier, ensuring appropriate sanitization and preventing germ development.

The shell has a style that allows you to add earflaps to protect your ears from water. You will, however, have to purchase these items separately. Nonetheless, because of its small weight, this helmet will not disappoint when it comes to doing tricks.

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6: NP Surf Watersports wakeboard helmet

NP Surf watersports wakeboard helmet


The NP Surf watersports wakeboard helmet, which comes in three sizes and a lovely light green color, is a great choice. This alternative was praised by riders for its low price and high quality since it was designed to fulfill the safety standards required while remaining lightweight enough to not be a burden.

This alternative may serve you well once you’re in the water and won’t make you feel uncomfortable while wearing it because it’s constructed of high-quality soft foam on the inside and an ABS exterior shell. There are also replaceable ear guards supplied, and the chin straps allow it to be adjusted to fit any head.

Air ventilation is also essential for those who enjoy watersports because of wearing the helmet for a long time. This alternative has air vents that allow for a lot of air circulation, so the rider doesn’t get too overheated while out in the sun. It is suitable for all forms of water sports, and if you require a high-quality helmet that will protect you and give you comfort, this is the helmet for you.

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7: Liquid Force Fooshee Comp Helmet

liquid force fooshee wake

The Liquid Force Helmet Fooshee Comp is a steal at less than $50. Liquid Force’s Fooshee Comp helmet is for the wakeboarder that always has his head in the clouds so just in case he hits one, he’ll be wearing Fooshee Comp. The helmet matches the Pro-Tec in material and looks fully. This helmet has high-density ABS outer shell and a dual-density foam liner for the best protection against water impact. In terms of safety and comfort, this was a very close second behind our first choice with the edge going to the Pro-Tec because of its accessories and the Full Fit System.

It has a tremendous value for that price and features sweat saver terry cloth liner which makes it one of the best fitting liners available, if not the best. It also features removable ear flaps as well which makes it adjustable and free to fit your head as you please. This is a valuable helmet that would more than serve your action sports needs for about $50.

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8: Triple Eight Sweatsaver Halo Water Helmet

Triple Eight Sweatsaver Halo Water Helmet



The Sweatsaver Halo Water Helmet by Triple Eight is another one of our top options of wakeboarding helmets among these amazing brands because of its outstanding durability and air ventilation.

This helmet provides maximum comfort for users, especially during wakeboarding. And because it has 15 vents, which allows for plenty of airflows. Whether it’s a hot day or you’re too damp inside, these vents assist in removing moisture and allowing your head to breathe easier.

From the exterior shell to the inside section, the helmet’s durability is unquestionable. The ABS plastic protects the head from harm, while the EVA foam liner protects it from hydraulic impacts. This liner is also waterproof, so it doesn’t feel heavy when you’re wearing it.

Aside from these benefits, the helmet’s detachable ear covers make it popular. It’s practical, especially when performing tricks.

Although there are many options on the market, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you should pick this helmet before considering other brands.

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