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The Best Wakeboarding Vests in 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Updated Feb 17, 2022Hyperlite Arsenal Wakeboard Vest

A great wakeboarding vest can make all the difference when you get up on the board. With so many wakeboarding vests on the market, it can seem too confusing to find the right one. With the help of our list, you should be able to choose one vest that will work well for you every time you wakeboard.

So, what seems to make one wakeboarding vest better than another? First on the qualifying list is material. The type of material on a wakeboard vest can either hinder or help the rider, and each material has its’ pros and cons. The next vital characteristic is the type of fit the vest has. Each vest can be cut and formed in a different way, which makes the vests perform in various ways.

The final way to measure the usefulness of a wakeboarding vest is to look for any special features that other vests might not be manufactured with. Certain vests come with special designs or patterns that aren’t in other types of vests.

These specific extra features can make a huge difference when riding. If you take all these characteristics and base your purchase on which vests have the best traits, then you will have a wakeboarding vest that is reliable, durable, and will last a long time.

Overall Pick: The Hyperlite Arsenal Vest

Hyperlite Arsenal Wakeboard Vest review

This is the vest of all vests. If you take wakeboarding very seriously, and you want to have only the best when it comes to wakeboarding, then you need the Hyperlite Arsenal vest. It is made out of Neoprene, but the vest material can stretch in four different directions. That means, it won’t get caught out of place, and you will have the perfect amount of range of motion to do all the tricks you ever need.

A zipper that runs up to the collar fastens the vest snuggly to fit most body sizes. This zipper creates a snug fit that won’t ride up, and get in the way when you get moving. This particular vest is cut so that the vest will fit better than usual.

A 3-dimensional cut is how the superior fit is achieved. The Hyperlite Arsenal has all the best traits you want in a wakeboarding vest, and not scooping this vest up would be doing yourself a disservice.

Because this vest combines comfort, durability and performance altogether, there is no reason you should pass up on our winner. Get it for about $140 on Amazon.

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Runner-Up: Body Glove Vapor Pullover Vest

body glove pullover wake boarding vest

As you could have already guessed, this vest is designed fairly differently than the previous one. For starters, the vest is in a pullover form, rather than the zipper that is so commonly used. The Body Glove Vapor comes in a standard black color with red shoulders, and decals all over.

While this vest is made from Neoprene, just like the Hyperlite, it is also combined with a Vapor stretch outer shell. The Vapor outer shell allows the vest to stretch more effectively, thus giving the vest an overall better fit than other designs. Everything about this product is made with a lightweight mentality in mind.

Only the lightest materials are put into the making of it, and the vest sports a super-light stretch interior that is made so that it will fit better and maintain its lightweight once water meets the material. One thing that makes this vest extremely different than the previous one is that it is cut anatomically.

This means it is cut so that it naturally fits over the human body as snugly as possible. Perhaps the greatest aspect of this product is that it is made with light foam, which is cut into separate panels so that it can stretch and fit into your form.

No matter what level of wakeboarder you are, this vest could make your time on the lake much more fun. Although the lightweight traits steal the spotlight, the vests’ overall hardiness and strong build are huge reasons why this vest is a great seller.

If you don’t like the Hyperlite for some reason, there won’t be a big drop-off to the Body Glove Vapor Vest. Get it for about $150 on Amazon.

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Value Pick: Hyperlite Indy Wakeboard Vest

hyperlite indy wakeboarding

Since a wakeboarding vest can cost a good bit of money, we thought we would put a value vest on the list so you don’t have to pay that big price tag if you don’t want to. With that said, there is no skimping on the product when it comes to our value pick.

This vest is still one of the best products out there, it is just cheaper than most of the other options on the market. The Hyperlite Indy vest is also made from Neoprene, but it is unlike the other vests on this list.

For starters, the Hyperlite Indy combines a zipper with two buckles for a secure fit. While the previous vests have been all about performance and a lightweight, this Indy wakeboarding vest prides itself in being extremely comfortable and safe.

Unlike most wakeboarding vests, the Coast Guard approves this one as a personal floatation device. Even if that doesn’t play a part in your decision, it is good to know that the vest can be used in a life-threatening situation if necessary.

This vest is made with segmented panels, similar to the other vests on the list. The separated panels allow for more comfort and range of motion.

With all these great characteristics on display, it will be hard to pass up a vest that is such a great value for how well the product is made. Get it for only about $60 on Amazon.

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