The Best Wakeskate Boards in 2020

Updated Jun 19, 2020The Best Wakeskate Boards in 2020 Ronix Naked Technology - Potbelly Cruiser Wakeskate board

Wakeskates are one of the newest board line products out in the water sport world. The board is made to replicate the feeling of gripping your feet onto a skateboard, but also provide the feel of a quality wakeboard, by the wider board design. Keep on reading to find in this review the best wakeskate boards available.

Similar to wakeboards they come custom with fins to help with traction and control, also the ridges on the edges of the board that give you the carve-ability of a wakeboard. These boards are sure fun, and a versed challenge for anyone who has ridden on land and water.

The Best Wakeskate Boards Factors Considered


When searching for a new piece of gear you’re not too informed on asking yourself, “am I getting ripped off with this price?” well as this article will go to show the standard pricing from low to high end for the best board for your dollr.

On the low end of the quality scale you’ve got your board’s usually priced around $70-$80, these wakeskates are usually made from a cheaper wood material, or carbonate filler wood, cheap more flimsy synthetic materials, and the board will generally break before the season is over.

On the high end of the price range wakeskate boards can rise to $500+ for the top of the line product, made with the highest quality maple or wood material, engineered to perform at a professional level and boost any wake skaters performance to the next level.


The life of your wakeskate usually depends on the quality of materials put into the product and the level of craftsmanship that went into the assembly. Not all boards you look at on the market are going to serve you well, in fact some brands will market their board as being high quality and long lasting, but as many advertisements go to show, you have to do your research before you believe everything up front.

The endurance of a high quality board is mostly determined by the engineering that goes into the board, and the materials that make up each and every component of the wakeskate.


Generally there are two main board materials; the wood deck, which is used to make Flat decks, Concave decks and Bi-Levels. Composite is the other main type, a lightweight material that adds good buoyancy. They both have a different feel in the water. each material is used by different companies to provide a different ride, for tricks or just comfortably riding the waves, and are for different weighted riders.

The fins on the board can be made from a few different materials, such as plastic, aluminum, and fiberglass, each material having its own unique quality which brings the strength and weight of the fin into its own class, which is important due to wake skating really having a hard hitting impact that can damage the fin, from attempting certain tricks.

Because they are hand molded or machined, aluminum or they can be much narrower and still stronger than plastic. Some boards may have a nylon or plastic strap for carrying purposes attached to the side of the board; usually higher quality boards lack this feature.


The average weight of your wakeskate board usually depends on the amount of wood used in the base-level of the board, and if the board is bi-level for more strength and better control in the water, and when doing tricks, depending on the design of the board.

Most wakeskate boards will weigh around 6lbs-10lbs on average. Some wake skaters prefer a heavier board, because it allows for more stability and control when doing flip tricks, (such as the Ronix Zariel a 14+ pounder, or the Byerly Blend which does weighs in at about 12lbs).


Incredibly dense polyurethane foam is injected into a mold and heated to form the core. The core is then wrapped with fiberglass, carbon/graphite or a combination of these, and the surfaces are saturated with an epoxy resin.Layers of either carbon/graphite or thick, high-density fiberglass mat are added to provide stiffness to different areas of the board.

Many companies offer different products, some with wood and some without, usually your cheaper wakeskate has all synthetic materials, which may lead to the board’s lifespan being reduced. Both top and bottom layers are applied, made of either PBT or Acrylan, and this is then added to a mold in a heated press to bond the layers together and provide the boards unique shape.

Some Manufactures use layers of ABC plastic of Laminated wood, which definitely produced a higher quality product. ABC plastic tops, or sometimes referred to as PBT tops produce brighter, more colorful graphics, and resist scratches and dents better than other materials.

Additional Features

Deck Surface and Grip Tape vs. Foam, Fins Decks with concave have a similar concave shape as your favorite skateboard deck which helps give you more control and pop while doing flip tricks. Entry-level wake skates usually do not come with this feature.

Overall Pick: Ronix Naked Technology – Potbelly Cruiser

The Best Wakeskate Boards in 2020 Ronix Naked Technology - Potbelly Cruiser Wakeskate board

This is our top choice of the best wakeskate boards. We chose the Ronix Naked Technology – Potbelly Cruiser as the best overall wakeskate. This heavy weight, professional grade Broomstick is composed of eco-friendly laminated cedar, which provides an excellent ride, that will last longer than major competitors. This board is designed for professionals, by professionals to be a excellent all around performance wakeskate board.

This board may be the highest in price range  at Amazon, but the Ronix has been a lead supplier in wakeskate boards since the board first surfaced in the water sport world. It provides an excellent feel for people who are used to skateboards.

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Runner Up: Ronix Boomstick Bi Level Wakeskate

Ronix Boomstick Bi Level Wakeskate

This wake skate is a little lower on the price spectrum and, without sacrificing to much quality. It is great for both behind the boat and at the cable, designed with the wakeskater in mind and designed by Reed Hansen. Made with excellent quality skatey, eco-friendly, super saucy wood with a smooth concave, making it easier to always land on the bolts and highly durable synthetics, this board coming in 14lbs in weight guarantees a stable, yet manoeuvrable ride for an affordable price.

Its bi-level shape creates a more consistent, quicker swing weight than a traditional single level skate, yet still has the stability for somebody just taking the drop. With a lively Paulonia bottom deck and a stiffer Mapple top deck and hybrid rocker offering the most grip to the wake so you can lift higher and sit deeper in the water. This wakeskate is for for beginners and advanced intermediate riders.

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The Second Runner Up: Liquid Force Focus Wakeskate

Liquid Force Focus Wakeskate

This wakeskate is the third on our review of the best wakeskate boards because it still serves as a high quality beginner wakeskate for an average price. This board is composed entirely of higher quality material, 9-Ply wood construction, bevelled edges and progressive 3-Stage rocker profile that allows the rider to grip the board underfoot and enjoy hours of endless fun.

Its EVA deck traction pad still ensures a suitable ride for any and all wakeskaters. Available in 42″ and 44″ length. This deck surface provides comfort with or without shoes.

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The Third Runner Up: Ronix Rove Karver

Ronix Rove Karver Wakeboard

This new wakeboard (2019) from Ronix has a EVA Top Deck, a continuous blended rocker and Karver removable fins that let you strip off everything from the deck and even throw some fins on it, making it another one of the best wakeskate boards available.

Ronix has stripped everything off this skate to give you more surface area and deeper fins than any of their other ones. You will get the stability of your favorite longboard to give you an effortless cutback. This wakeskate is better for intermediate and advanced riders, so if you are a newbie you may need some time to learn it, but that’s no reason not to give it a try.

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The Fourth Runner Up: Ronix Electric Collective Wakeskate

Ronix Electric Collective Wakeskate

Another selection from Ronix, the Electric Collective Wakeskate made with a smooth and explosive lift, has a hybrid rocker and a Paulownia bottom deck along with maple top deck made for Advanced intermediate and expert riders.

This skate is built similar to the Boomstick and is made with a concave/kicktail for skaters that are looking for stability and board control. The Electric Collective from Ronix is just that electrifying.

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Thanks for reading about our picks for the best wakeskate boards on the market and good luck!

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