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The Best Wakeskating Shoes

best wakeskating shoe, Quiksilver Amphibian Shoe

When it comes to wakeskating, there’s nothing better than having a good pair shoes that you can get wet. These shoes are specifically made to keep from fall apart the next day, these shoes are perfect for any water sport but are designed specifically for wakeskating.

The materials used in these shoes are usually composite and mesh material and maybe some small amounts of suede or cotton, but these shoes are really meant to repel water and dry out quickly without building up any mold or mildew like other shoes might after a day in the water.


These Wwke shoes are not similar to the average shoe in many of the categories you often take into account when shopping, price is one thing these shoes do have in common with normal shoes. These shoes were chosen because they are averagely priced for shoes that, really, do more.


The shoes below are made of quality synthetic materials that will make their durability far greater than that of the normal shoe. They are designed specifically to create a quick drying flexible shoe that will be good for many outings and will fit comfortably.


The materials in the shoes, as mentioned above, are mostly synthetic and they are made to withstand coming into repeated contact with water. Therefore, having these materials will help propel mold, fungus and other bad things that are associated with water, mud and rain and other awesome terrains.


The shoes chosen for this review are also awesome because they are lighter than your average shoe and when it comes to wake boarding especially, you want there not to be so much of a barrier between you and the board so you don’t lose balance and you have a better feel. For this reason these shoes are perfect travel companions and can pack extremely light.


Most of the shoes below are based off normal style shoes. They are easy to take on and off and also lightweight, durable and comfortable as well. You will find them conforming to your feet and breaking in faster than the average shoe might. All of the shoes in this review are great for getting a grip and will aid in walking around on precarious surfaces like boats or the top of a wakeskate going over the water.

Additional Features

The additional features that we looked for when choosing the top three shoes was the style and the positive reviews online. The shoes below demonstrate proficiency in these categories in our opinion and in others’ as well. One great thing about online shopping is that manufactures often times will answer customers questions for other customers to then view this is a great way to learn about the product that you’re trying to purchase and we have taken into account the manufacturers question and answer columns with the shoes as well.

Overall Pick: Quiksilver Men’s Amphibian Shoe

best wakeskating shoe, Quiksilver Amphibian Shoe

The Quiksilver amphibian shoes for men feature a one piece breathable upper tongue made of engineered and water resistant mesh as well as a mesh liner on the inside for comfort and breathability. The shoes are 74% polyester and 25% synthetic so they’re definitely not going to collect water after a crazy day at the beach or during you next excursion into any sort of wet environment, The shoes can handle a variety of environments and also a variety of other issues like bacteria fungus mold and mildew Nash shoes are also very comfortable because the contour to your foot in a way that allows for the use of your shoes without socks.

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Runner Up: Adidas Outdoor Unisex Climacool Boat Lace Water Shoe

wakeskate shoe, adidas Outdoor Climacool Boat Lace Water Shoe

These Adidas outdoor unisex Boat lace water shoes for $34.99, are an awesome example of a perfect wakeskate and boat shoe. The shoe is more fragile than our third pick and the manufacturer suggests not walking on too harsh of terrain, however when it comes to the soft edges of a boat or a wakeskate these shoes are second to none. Coming in a variety of different sizes and colors many people can use the shoes as they’re unisex as well. Overall these are a really awesome option for the diehard wake boarder yachtsmen or just as anybody looking for a good water shoe.

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A Third Runner Up: kKrows Liquid Krow Water Sport Shoes

kKrows Liquid Krow Water Sport Shoes

These shoes are a little bit different from the two above in that they feature a different design and offer more of a skate shoe feel, however they are definitely specifically designed for water sport usage. Holes in the bottom allow water to escape at an increased rate and also for better drying. These shoes are an awesome hybrid between a water and skate shoe. They are sure to give you an edge in both the skate park and on the wake board as well. For $62 it’s not a bad deal especially considering that, of the three shoes, these are most likely the most durable as well they will be a little bit heavier but for skating this is an awesome feature because it will give the rider increased balance because of the shoes’ wider surface area. Overall, it is a solid third pick.

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Wakeskate shoes are an awesome way to get wet in have fun but also keep your feet protected and get a little bit of grip between you and whatever surface you’re going through. Whether you go for a heavier shoe or a lighter shoe, the choices in this review will give you a bit of both of those spectrums to cater to the exact activity you are looking to walk through. These shoes should last longer, repel water, fit comfortably and get you to where you need to go in style too.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.



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