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The Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding & Snowboarding 2022 [Guide & Review]

Updated Feb 17, 2022the best wrist guards

As far as padding for skating or snowboarding is concerned, an effectively used wrist guard is an indispensable piece to add to your equipment repertoire. It will certainly make falling and hurting your wrist a thing of the past. With a wrist guard in place, there is very little friction applied to the bottom of your palm when you fall due to the plastic shell that is included with each of the pads in this review. They are all designed to be comfortable and low profile, which makes them great for skiing or even non-sports applications. Keep on reading to find the best wrist guards reviewed and our Buying Guide.

This review will look at the durability of the materials and construction as well as the price of each pad to determine whether or not the pad is worthy of being on your list as well as ours.

The Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding & Snowboarding – Guide & Review


The pricing of wrist guards is, as some would put it, much cheaper than the cost of wrist surgery in the event of a nasty spill. The pads in this review were chosen because they were the highest quality and the price just so happened to coincide nicely.

They are not expensive as far as pads go generally. There isn’t a ton to these pads so they are low profile but also very effective at protecting the wearer.


These pads are super durable and are designed to take more than a few falls they are made well and can last a long time if taken care of. They will maintain their shape as well over long periods. Don’t let the price fool you these are very durable pads that will last.


High Density but lightweight EVA and other plastics are put into these wrist guards making them strong and sleek. These are perfect for applications where one might want to wear snowboarding or ski gloves.

These are made of mesh, and though they may not provide much in the form of heat retention, you may not sweat as much, if you are wearing them under your gloves, while snowboarding or skiing.


These wrist guards are made of very durable materials. And the cohesion of the pieces one can find in these pads makes them super protective and comfortable too.

Additional Features

The number of straps for each of the selections in the list below is three. This way there is proper coverage and feel throughout the three choices. The pads in this review, are chosen also because they are low profile, and that way one can wear them.

When it comes to padding in general, one does not have to skimp on the details mentioned above to find a good pad and often one can.


First pick: Triple 8 Saver Series Wrist-savers

triple 8 wrist guards

The Triple 8 wrist pad is very well-designed and also it comes from a trusted brand. It fits very close to the skin because of a mesh material base and also has plastic splints commonly found in wrist guards, which give support in the event of a fall. Also, shock-absorbing foam is included as well and this increases the protection even further.

It is the perfect wrist guard for skating but it can also be used for snowboarding and skiing too! A plastic cup causes the friction you might feel in your very wrist during a fall on concrete for example, to then be more evenly distributed to less fragile areas of the body.

Wrist guards like this can give you more confidence to try that big more or just a better, level and sense of protection. Overall this pad tops the list because of these features and a super awesome price of just over 17 dollars. This is also an example of a very sleek pad that can fit under gloves and with other equipment.

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Runner Up: Pro-Tec Street Gear Skate and Bike Wrist Guards

pro-tec wrist guards

These ergonomically superb, Pro-Tec street gear skate and bike wrist guards are also perfect for snowboarding. They are just as capable, protection-wise, as the first choice in this review and also capable of taking high impacts.

Lycra and ballistic nylon make up the foundation of these beasts and like the first choice, they have a breathable mesh liner as well. The straps are the reason this is the second choice as they are very heavy-duty and will keep them on your hands even in the event of the craziest of wipeouts.

They are really good wrist guards for the price and they are not going to disappoint you.

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Third Pick: 187 Killer Skateboard Wrist Guards

187 wrist guards

The third choice on the list of best writs guards is the 187 killer Wristguard pack. These guards are an awesome tool in the skater’s bag and can easily replace the two above as an equally performing pad.

The price is somewhat higher, but you will certainly get a quality product out of these wrist guards. The stitching is reinforced and there is a high impact-resistant plastic splint where impacts occur the most.

Overall this is an awesome pad that will protect your wrist in the event of a fall and is entirely as good as the first to picks on the list. This is another pad you are not going to be disappointed in.

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Fourth Pick: Soared Skating Skateboard Skiing Snowboard Impact Wrist Guard Protective Gear Gloves

Soared Skating Skateboard Skiing Snowboard Impact Wrist Guard Protective Gear Gloves

The fourth choice on the list of best writs guards is the Soared Impact Wrist Guard Protective Gear Gloves you can use when Skating, Skateboarding, Skiing, and Snowboard. These guards are perfect for beginners and can save your wrists. They’re a little flexible, but still solid enough to keep your wrists from bending too far. The straps are long enough to wrap onto the Velcro while wearing gloves.

The ergonomic flexible impact-resistant ABS plastic bones shell with hole support points design provides strong protection to the hand palm, the back of hands, and the wrist from hurt and injury.

These wrist guards are not only suitable for skating and snowboarding but skiing, roller sports, and other outdoor sports too.

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Fifth Pick: CTHOPER Impact Wrist Guard Protective Gear

CTHOPER Impact Wrist Guard Protective Gear Wrist Brace Wrist Support for Skating Skateboard Skiing Snowboard Motocross Multi

The fifth choice on the list of the best writs guards is the CTHOPER Impact Wrist Guard Protective Gear. These wrist guards are perfect for skating, skateboarding, skiing, snowboard, roller sports, and other sports that may hurt your wrist, palm, and hands. One of the best features of these wrist guards is the unique hollow design that makes them breathable and comfortable to wear.

They have two adjustable nylon straps on the palm and wrist for better fit and provide the best wrist support while maintaining a full range of movement of the thumb and fingers.

These are another set of pads you are not going to be disappointed with.

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Wrist guards are a great way to keep your wrists in action well into your forties and beyond, hopefully, these pads perform better than you do when they see combat. Wrist guards just enable people to do more skating and or boarding in the long run. They can easily save you from a broken wrist. Bikers can dawn them, firefighters, soldiers, anybody needing extra protection. Maybe even for someone who has already had a bad injury, Wrist Guards are amazing to anybody who has ever needed to employ their features before.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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