Burton Feelgood Flying V Women’s Snowboard 2022 Review

Updated Feb 17, 2022

Burton Feelgood Flying V Women’s Snowboard 2022 review

The Burton Feelgood Flying V Women’s Snowboard has made a name for itself as one of the most useful snowboards for women snowboarders whose ability levels range from intermediate to expert.

Manufactured by Burton, the most prominent brand in the snowboarding world, the Feelgood Flying V is equipped with arguably all the vital features that a woman rider could ever hope for in a board.

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To help you get a better idea about what lies in store for you if you purchase this board, we have created a Burton Feelgood Flying V Womens’ Snowboard review that you can read below.

Burton Feelgood Flying V Women’s Snowboard Specs


Sizes:140, 144, 149, 152, 155
Bend:Flying V
Terrain:All mountain
Flex:Twin Flex
Base:Sintered WFO
Fiberglass:60° Carbon Highlights
Mounting:The Channel®
Core:FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ 700G Core with Dualzone™ EGD™
Riding Level:Intermediate to Expert

Directional Shape

The directional shape of this board, which gives it a nose that is a little bit longer than the tail, comes with a host of benefits such as gathering more pop in the tail and enhancing the board’s ability to float in snow. This shape also gives the rider good control as they cruise through any snow condition or terrain.

Flying V

Flying V™ is a unique combination of both rocker (all around the board) and camber (beneath the rider’s feet). The rocker enhances floatation and allows for a more playful ride. The camber, on the other hand, makes the board more poppy while at the same time allowing for more powerful turns and better edge-control. Simply put, this feature essentially gives the rider the advantages of both camber and rocker snowboards.

Channel® Mounting System

Many boards on the market often leave riders with very limited control of their stance and board since they are engineered to be compatible with only a limited number of bindings. Thankfully, the Feelgood isn’t like that since it incorporates the renowned Channel® mounting system that can be used with virtually all major bindings you can find on the market (including those from Burton).

Frostbite Edges

Another major highlight of the Feelgood board is the Frostbite Edges that it proudly features. These Frostbite Edges are designed in such a manner that they extend a little under the bindings you choose to use with the board. In doing this, these edges give you a good edge-hold when riding on icy surfaces. These edges give you power when you need power, and they can be playful whenever power is not needed.

Squeezebox High

The Squeezebox High core profile of the board, which has carbon fleece integrated into it, enhances both pop and energy while making the board more controllable and lively. Additionally, it plays an instrumental role in reducing the board’s weight.

Outstanding Core

The Feelgood has an enviable core, which is engineered with the strong yet lightweight FSC™ Certified Super Fly II 700G Core and the Dual-zone EGD. The former exists to reduce the weight of the board and provide more pop and strength. The latter, on the other hand, further enhances the strength of the board and allows for a steady and stable edge-hold.

Burton Feelgood Flying V Women’s Snowboard – Boards Size Chart

Board Size140144149152155
Weight Range80-120 lbs. / 36-54 kg100-150 lbs. / 45-68 kg120-180 lbs. / 54-82 kg150-200 lbs.+ / 68-91 kg+150-200 lbs.+ / 68-91 kg+
Running Length1010mm1050mm1095mm1125mm1150mm
Waist Width236mm240mm241mm243mm245mm
Sidecut Depth18.8mm19.6mm20.4mm21.0mm21.4mm
Sidecut Radius6.8m7.1m7.4m7.6m7.7m
Stance Width480mm505mm530mm530mm530mm
Nose Width273.6mm279.1mm281.8mm284.9mm287.8mm
Tail Width273.6mm279.1mm281.8mm284.9mm287.8mm
Effective Edge1052mm1092mm1137mm1170mm1195mm
Stance Location-12.5-12.5-12.5-12.5-12.5
Binding SizesMM/LM/LM/LL


  • The board’s twin flex promotes a balanced ride.
  • Allows for catch-free, predictable, and forgiving rides.
  • It comes with very cool graphics.
  • It is very durable.
  • Offers plenty of floatation in soft snow.
  • Burton supports this board with a 3-year warranty.


  • It has an excellent edge holding ability in soft snow, but on harder snow, that ability diminishes.
  • It doesn’t handle high speeds very well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the Burton Feelgood Flying V?

A. This outstanding board is the product of Burton Snowboards – a company that is widely regarded as the biggest name in the snowboard industry. Burton has its headquarters in Burlington, Vermont, United States, and has been in business since the late 1970s.

Q. Where is this board manufactured?

A. It is manufactured in China.

Q. How does this board perform in variable conditions?

A. It performs well, and this is because of a host of its attributes, most notably its directional shaping.

Q. How good is Feelgood’s edge holding ability in soft snow and hard snow?

A. From soft to a little bit harder snow, the Feelgood performs excellently in terms of its ability to hold an edge. However, on hard snow or ice, the edge holding ability reduces.

Q. How does the Burton Feelgood Flying V perform about carving and turn initiation?

A. Not too many boards can turn as easily as the Feelgood. The board can turn so easily thanks mainly to its soft shape coupled with the hybrid rocker it comes with.

Q. Does this board have issues with swing weight?

A., Unlike some other boards that are often plagued with issues of swing weight that hinder smooth mobility, Feelgood has been engineered with Pro-Tip™ that drastically mitigates problems with swing weight to facilitate easy and smooth mobility.

Q. How does Feelgood perform in uneven terrain?

A. It performs very well when riding on bumps.

Q. Does this board perform well when riding the switch?

A. Yes, it does. Thanks to the rocker that the Feelgood is engineered with, not too many boards can ride switch as brilliantly as this board does.

Q. How does the Burton Feelgood Flying V handle the speed?

A. If you are riding in good conditions, the board handles speed impressively by staying stable throughout the ride. However, in less than favorable conditions, both the tip and tail of the board tend to bounce quite annoyingly when riding at high speeds.

Q. Is this a great pipe board?

A. We don’t consider the Feelgood a great pipe board since it lacks a good edge hold on ice. If you are going to be doing a lot of riding on icy pipe walls, then you should look for a different board.

Q. Is this board good for jibbing?

A. While it is not the best board for jibbing, it performs jibs better than several of its counterparts.

Q. How well does this board ollie?

A. The board is quite springy and hits jump pretty well thanks to the combination of the rocker and camber that it comes with.

Q. Does the Burton Feelgood Flying V come with a warranty?

A. Yes. Burton covers this board with a three-year warranty.


Final Verdict

What’s our overall opinion on the Burton Feelgood Flying V snowboard for women? Having thoroughly analyzed all the major features of this women-specific board, we can safely conclude that it is one of the most fun and performance-enhancing women’s snowboards that you can get on the market.

This high-end board is suitable for a wide variety of ability levels, from beginners to experts. Whether you love to ride in the park, on piste, or off-piste, the Feelgood can take care of your needs much better than most of its competitors out there. You can find bindings for this board here and boots.

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