Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2022 Review

Updated Oct 25, 2021Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men's Complete Snowboard Package 2020 Review

If you are in the market looking for an outstanding all-mountain snowboard package to take care of you on the slopes and provide you with everything you need to enhance your snowboarding experience, one of the great snowboard sets you can give a try is the Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2022 New.

The person or entity that assembled the components of this snowboard package did riders a great favor by coupling Camp Seven’s new and improved Drifter Snowboard with System’s highly acclaimed APX Snowboard Boots and Bindings.

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The Drifter, featuring a new technologically advanced interior and highly-supportive CRCX camber profile, can serve as either an all-mountain or freestyle board, and now the smooth ride it facilitates has been magnified by the comfort and security you’ve come to expect from System’s APX snowboarding products. Somehow, we feel that with this set in your possession, that entire frosty mountain would easily become your plaything!

Camp Seven Drifter CRCX Snowboard Review

Camp Seven Drifter CRCX Snowboard Review

The Camp Seven Drifter Snowboard, which is undoubtedly this package’s biggest selling point, is one of the most solid all-mountain boards in its category. Designed and upgraded purely to enhance your performance regardless of where you are on the mountain, the Drifter comes with the following outstanding features:

  • Camber-Rocker-Camber CRCX Profile: The Drifter features a camber-rocker-camber profile – a feature that endears it to many a snowboarder around the world. This outstanding feature is what makes the board experience no issues floating in powder. Another notable benefit of this feature is the fact that it promotes smooth rides by preventing edge catches.
  • DD2 with Bash X Construction: Camp Seven engineered the Drifter with the extremely lightweight dual-density DD2 Core with Bash X technology to enhance its durability and give it an excellent edge hold.
  • Biax and Triax Laminates: The board comes with a combination of triaxial and biax fiberglass laminates whose primary roles include ensuring that you enjoy stable rides as well as ensuring that the board has the flex needed to be playful and fun on any terrain.

In addition to the above, other appealing features that deserve mention include the Rockwell 48 steel edges that further enhance the board’s strength, the UV protected gloss that protects the board and keeps it looking new all the time, an extruded base that makes the Drifter slide faster, and last but not least the directional twin outline that allows you to smoothly ride switch whenever and wherever you want to.

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Camp Seven Drifter CRCX Snowboard Specs


Riding Level:Beginner to advanced
Shape:Directional Twin
Profile:Camber-Rocker-Camber Profile
Laminates:Biax and Triaxial Fiberglass
Construction:DD2 Core with Bash X
Base:Extruded Base
Top Sheet:Full UV Protected
Inserts:12-Pack Inserts
Edges:Completely Wrapped Rockwell 48 Steel Edges
Sizes:153 cm, 156 cm, 158 cm, 159 cm, 163 cm

System APX Snowboard Boots Review

Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men's Complete Snowboard Package 2022 Review - Camp Seven Drifter

In addition to having a fantastic fit, the System APX Boots are designed to last. The overall strength of these boots lies in their traditional construction, with the focus being on ease of use and general wearability.

For instance, the System implemented conventional lacing mechanics with a metal hook that allow you to tighten or loosen certain areas, just like you do with your favorite pair of kicks, and the System APX will give you that same sense of security and flexibility, with the whole deal being sealed by a smooth flex and the famous Thermofit heat-moldable liner that takes your comfort to a whole new level.

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System APX Bindings Review

Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men's Complete Snowboard Package 2022 Review - Camp Seven Drifter

The APX Bindings are among the latest innovations from System. In making these bindings, System didn’t compromise on quality at all, which is why the bindings are renowned for their durability.

Aside from their quality, other appealing features accompanying these bindings include EVA base pads and gel-based straps that increase fit and comfort.

The APX Bindings also possess a rear-entry system, making it simpler for the user to attach or detach them. The bindings are so rich with very useful features that when you’re wearing them along with the APX boots, the company’s goal is accomplished in providing you with a secure, pleasurable fit to cruise down those slopes.

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  • The Drifter is a solid and highly durable all-mountain board.
  • The board floats very well in powder and prevents you from catching an edge.
  • The twin design of the board makes it an excellent board for regular or switch riding.
  • The APX Bindings are light, durable, and very stylish.
  • APX boots are very comfortable, durable, and performance-enhancing.
  • Entire package comes with a three-year warranty.


  • While it is fantastic for a starter, it isn’t the best for a more advanced shredder.
  • The boots could have been made more durable.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are all the components of the package manufactured by the same company or by different companies?

A. The Drifter Snowboard is manufactured by Camp Seven whereas the APX Boots and the APX Bindings are manufactured by System.

Q. Is a snowboard sleeve bag included in this package?

A. No. You can check out here for snowboard bags.

Q. Is this board good for beginners?

A. Yes. It is an excellent starter board.

Q. Which part of the board is its top?

A. The part with the American flag design is the Drifter’s top.

Q. What riding style is the Drifter best for?

A. Being a great all-mountain board, the Drifter is can perform very well anywhere you find yourself on a mountain – from groomed runs to backcountry to even park laps.

Q. Is the Drifter a true twin board?

A. It is a directional twin that has a nose and tail that are similar to each other.

Q. Can I use the Drifter to ride the switch?

A. Being a directional twin board, the Drifter is perfect for riding a switch.

Q. How good is the Drifter for buttering and carving?

A. The board butter and carves excellently.

Q. How does the Drifter handle high-speed turns?

A. The cambered tail and tip of the board enhance its effective edge, thereby allowing the rider to make high-speed turns without any issues.

Q. How good is the Drifter for ollies and jumps?

A. The nose and tail of the Drifter come with cambered sections that create the explosive pop you need for jumping and ollieing.

Q. How does the Drifter perform in powder?

A. You never need to worry about riding in powder since the camber-rocker-camber profile of the Drifter enables it to float excellently in powder.

Q. Can you catch an edge with this board?

A. No. In addition to increasing the board’s ability to float in powder, the camber-rocker-camber profile of the board also saves you from catching an edge.

Q. How stable is the Drifter at high speeds?

A. The Drifter will remain stable regardless of the speed you are going. Its outstanding stability is mainly due to the Triax and biax fiberglass laminates it is engineered with.

Q. Does the Drifter come backed with a warranty?

A. Yes, it does. The Drifter and the two other items in the package (the APX men’s boots and bindings) come with a 3-year warranty.

Final Verdict

Indeed, the Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2022 New offers riders little to complain about.

Thanks to this package, you can now have the best of both worlds – the quality and reliability of the Camp Seven Drifter with the comfort and stability of the APX Boots and APX Bindings – right in one affordable package.

If you choose this snowboard package, don’t forget to get a proper bag to put your gear in, we suggest the Grayne Premium Padded Snowboard Bag but you can check out here for more options.

Furthermore, the whole setup is pleasing to the eyes and comes with a three-year warranty. All in all, the components of this impressive package offer specs that are hard to find in many more expensive snowboard packages!

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