Camp Seven Valdez Snowboard Summit Bindings & APX Boots Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2022 Review

Updated Feb 17, 2022Camp Seven 2018 Valdez Snowboard Summit Bindings & APX Boots Men's Complete Snowboard Package Review

The Camp SevenValdez 2022 is an ultra-sturdy yet light snowboard that has joined forces with Summit Bindings and System’s APX snowboard boots to create a package that can enhance the comfort and performance of the average male rider. This trio can give you dominance as you glide across all manners of terrains.

Such outstanding features such as the Valdez’s dual-density (DD2) core with Edgelock technology, a full CRCX rocker, and the APX’s Thermofit liners, and you’re equipped to tackle bumps and cuts, packed snow and powder with superiority and comfort on your snowboarding adventures.

The Camp Seven Valdez 2022 collection also comes with a three-year warranty, but due to the toughness and attractiveness of the set, the warranty is the one feature you likely won’t take advantage of.

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Camp Seven Valdez Snowboard 2022

Camp Seven Valdez CRC 2018 Snowboard Review

The Camp Seven Valdez 2022 snowboard is a combination of elegance and power. The center utilizes a CRCX Full rocker, which makes it great for gliding over powder, and it cambers slightly on the tip and tail to facilitate better control.

The dual-density (DD2) core is made of poplar and features Edgelock. This combination makes the Valdez an envy of similar boards out there.

Again this snowboard performs well on powder but is designed to be used on all terrains. The Valdez also features fully-wrapped, steel edges that rate 48 on the Rockwell scale.

This snowboard offers a safe ride to novices yet can be enjoyed by experienced riders alike.

Other outstanding features accompanying the Valdez include its UV-protected gloss for enhanced durability and its 12-pack inserts that give the rider lots of options to set up different stance widths.

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Camp Seven Valdez Snowboard 2022 CRC – Specs

Profile :CRCX
Construction :
DD2 With Edgelock
Outline :Directional Twin
Laminates :Biaxial and Triaxial Fiberglass
Edges :Fully Wrapped Rockwell 48
Top Sheet :UV Protected Gloss
Base :Extruded
Inserts :2×4 12 Pack
Warranty :3 Years


Camp Seven Summit Bindings

Camp Seven Summit Bindings Review

These bestselling bindings from Camp Seven are widely known for being very light without sacrificing any of the durability and safety we’ve come to expect from the brand.

There are various other features besides the weight that contribute to these bindings’ overall performance, wearability, and comfort. Some of these features include the following: state-of-the-art contoured straps, structurally precise footbed, adjustable toe ramps, and EVA base pads whose primary functions include ensuring that the rider rides in total comfort even in the most challenging terrains.

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System APX Snowboard Boots

Camp Seven Valdez Snowboard Summit Bindings & APX Boots Men's Complete Snowboard Package 2022 Review - camp seven valdez

System went for a conventional, proven design with the APX Snowboard Boots.  For instance, they use a customary lacing system reinforced by metal hooks that allow wearers to tighten different sections at varying degrees of firmness for a better fit.

The designers employed the use of Thermofit heat moldable liners, whose primary role is to ensure a customizable fit so that the user can enjoy an even higher degree of comfort and safety.

Other appealing features accompanying these boots include the following: inbuilt flex panels that make riding easy and super fun, waterproofing to keep your feet warm and dry all the time, and articulating cuffs that allow for a very smooth flex.

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  • The Valdez is very durable and can take a whole lot of beating.
  • The UV-protected gloss covering the board not only enhances its quality but also keeps it looking new all the time.
  • The Valdez allows you to enjoy lots of stance options thanks to its 12 pack inserts.
  • It is easy putting the board together.
  • The board is nice and light.
  • The boots are of high quality and very comfortable.
  • The snowboard bindings are considered one of the lightest and yet most durable in the industry.
  • The board comes with a highly advanced “Extrue” base that is easy to maintain and slides faster.
  • Based on the outstanding features accompanying these products, the price is reasonably good.
  • The package is covered by a 3-year warranty.


  • Some customers have experienced minor issues with the bindings coming loose during use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are all the items in this package manufactured by the same company?

A. No. The Camp Seven Valdez Snowboard 2022 and the bindings are manufactured by Camp Seven, which is one of the most notable brands in the snowboarding industry. The boots, on the other hand, are manufactured by System.

Q. Does the package come with the snowboard, boots, and bindings?

A. Yes, it does. It comes with Camp Seven Valdez Snowboard 2022, boots, and bindings.

Q. Does the board come waxed?

A. Yes.

Q. Is this a true twin snowboard?

A. While the Camp Seven Valdez might look like a true twin, it is actually being a directional twin.

Q. Does the Valdez come with a protected gloss as many good snowboards do?

A. Yes. The Camp Seven Valdez is designed with a UV-protected top sheet that enhances its durability and maintains its structural integrity.

Q. I am 5’7”. What snowboard length would fit me very well?

A. When it comes to snowboard sizing, a rider’s height isn’t important. The rider’s foot size and weight are two of the most important things to consider in snowboard sizing. Normally, the more weight a person has, the longer the person’s snowboard length would be. The manufacturers have provided the following information on sizing to help you get a good fit:

  • The 153 cm snowboard length is good for a rider whose weight falls between 100 and 180 pounds and has a foot size between 6 and 11.
  • The 156 cm snowboard length is best suited for a rider whose weight is between 110 and 180 pounds and has a foot size ranging from 7-12.
  • The 158 cm snowboard length is more ideal for riders weighing between 120 and 200 pounds and whose shoe sizes fall range from 8-13.
  • The 163 cm snowboard length is suitable for a rider who weighs between 170 and over 230 pounds and whose foot size ranges from 9-14.


Final Verdict

Camp Seven Valdez Snowboard Summit Bindings & APX Boots Men's Complete Snowboard Package 2022 Review - camp seven valdez

Camp Seven and System, two very famous names in the snowboarding world, have teamed up to provide consumers with the ‘complete package’, and this is a package that would likely not leave you disappointed.

A comfortable fit and an impressive performance might have you using this package until perhaps these guys come together again to offer a similar deal, and it doesn’t hurt that the entire set is visually stunning and easy to manage in terms of gearing up.

If you choose this snowboard package, don’t forget to get a proper bag to put your gear in, we suggest the Grayne Premium Padded Snowboard Bag but you can check out here for more options.

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We hope the 2022 System MTN and APX Complete Men’s Snowboard Package review above has equipped you with the necessary information you need to decide for yourself whether this package is what you need for an exciting adventure on the slopes.

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