EMSCO Group – Supra Hero Snowboard 2022 Review

Updated Feb 17, 2022EMSCO Group – Supra Hero Snowboard review

For entry-level snowboarders aged 5 to 15 who are expressing great interest in this snow sport, the Supra Hero Snowboard from Emsco Group is one of the best snowboards available to help them progress through to their desired levels.

Great for Beginners – For Kids Ages 5-15 – Solid Core Construction

What makes this snowboard a great choice for kids practicing their basics are the excellent beginner-friendly features it comes with. These features not only enhance the comfort of the young learner but also greatly assist them effectively through the beginning stages until they are ready to take their snowboarding adventure to the more challenging and interesting terrains of the big mountain. The fun part is that kids can paint it as it comes with included markers and stickers.

EMSCO Group – Supra Hero Snowboard-2

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Finding a good beginner snowboard with all the features needed by a beginner isn’t the easiest of tasks, and that’s why this board is considered by many to be a solid choice for any child learning snowboarding. Our in-depth review below will reveal more about the Supra Hero Snowboard, so keep on reading.

EMSCO Group – Supra Hero Snowboard Specs


Riding Level:Beginner
Size:107cm wide
Gender:Male and Female
Bindings:Step-in bindings
Material:Solid polypropylene
Board is best used for:  Descending small hills
Maximum user weight:  95 lbs.
Construction:Single wall construction

EMSCO Group – Supra Hero Snowboard-size

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of the Supra Hero is one of the biggest reasons why it is great for young beginner snowboarders. This design not only suits kids very well but also greatly enhances their comfort during use and makes the learning process easier and more fun.

Quality Construction

Since a snowboard undergoes all manners of abuse on the slopes, all good boards are built to take a good beating, and that is what the manufacturers had in mind when designing the Supra Hero. Coming with polypropylene construction, this board can withstand more abuse than several other similar boards.

Adjustable Step-in Bindings

EMSCO Group - Supra Hero Snowboard -bindings


We cannot talk about the good things that come with the Supra Hero board without mentioning its step-in bindings that can be easily adjusted to fit kids of all ages. Besides making it more comfortable to use the board, this feature also greatly enhances the safety of your kids since it ensures that as they descend the slopes, their feet are always attached to the board.


  • Board has a solid core construction and comes with nice workmanship.
  • It is great for kids learning snowboarding since it makes learning basic snowboarding techniques easier.
  • The ergonomic design of the board enhances the rider’s comfort and performance.
  • It has in-step bindings that are easily adjustable to fit youngsters of all ages and enhance their safety on the slopes.
  • Board has a stylish design on it that makes it look super cool and trendy.
  • Board comes at a very affordable price.


  • The plastic used in making the board is unfortunately cheap.
  • The board would have been better if it were made more durable. Some users have complained of the bindings breaking shortly after minimal use.


EMSCO Group – Supra Hero Snowboard – Available Colours


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of this snowboard?

A. The Supra Hero snowboard is manufactured by EG (Emsco Group) – one of America’s leading manufacturers of winter products such as snowboards, sleds, etc. Emsco Group has been in business since 1861.

Q. What groups of ages are this board suitable for?

A. It is suitable for children aged between 5 and 15.

Q. Where is this board manufactured?

A. The Supra Hero, just like all Emsco Group’s other products, is manufactured at the company’s manufacturing facilities in Girard, Pennsylvania, United States.

Q. How much weight can this board hold?

A. It can hold a youngster’s weight that is up to about 95lbs.

Q. Does my kid have to get a special pair of snowboard boots to use this board or can he/she just use a regular pair of snow boots?

A. You don’t need special snowboard boots to use this board. Regular snow boots would do just fine.

Q. Can a left-footed rider use this board?

A. Yes, they can. The straps can easily be adjusted to fit both left and right-footed riders.

Q. How flexible is this board?

A. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being very flexible and 10 being very firm, the board can be rated 5.

Q. What material is the board made of?

A. Plastic.

Q. Some say 12 and others say 15. What is the maximum age to use the Supra Hero board?

A. Despite the manufacturers placing the maximum age at 15, when it comes to snowboard sizing, it is often better to use the weight of the rider instead of their age. And being a 110cm board, the maximum weight it can carry is somewhere between 85 and 95lbs.

Q. How does the Supra Hero perform at high speeds?

A. Being a beginner board for kids and having a flex that is medium-to-soft, it doesn’t offer good stability at high speeds.

Q. How easy is it to maneuver the board?

A. Maneuvering this board is a breeze.

Q. What’s the stance of this board?

A. Being a kids’ beginner board, it has a centered stance. A stance that is centered makes it easier for the rider to keep his/her balance on the board since he/she is centered on the board.

Q. Where is the best place to practice with this board?

A. Your kids can practice with the Supra Hero in places such as your backyard and smaller hills with low slopes.

Final Verdict

If your young ones have not progressed to the point where they can hit the major mountains with their boards, you can give them a chance to not only master snowboarding but also enjoy it with Emsco’s Supra Hero Snowboard.

While snowboarding can be an exciting experience, as a beginner of the sport, you need to get through some basics before stepping out to try harder moves on the more complicated terrains. And doing that would require a snowboard that comes with the right particulars to help make learning faster and easier.

Though there are many of such boards available on the market, considering the Supra Hero for your kid(s) isn’t a bad idea at all because it comes with all the important features needed for a beginner to easily practice basic snowboarding techniques such as simple moves, tricks, how to stay in control when riding downhill, and others.

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