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Hyperlite Marek Wakeboard Review

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Whether it is the Bio or the Nova, there’s no going wrong with either of the Hyperlite Marek boards. They have the speed, the pop, the durability, amongst other awesome features. The only real downside that we could find is the price.

Beginning with the durability, the Marek is made from layered fibers around a Nova or Biolite 3 foam core that will last for years. This is as opposed to woven fiberglass that can delaminate and show wear and tear much earlier in their lifespans. The foam core in the Nova model is, you guessed it, made from Nova foam, giving it a slight weight advantage over the Biolite 3 core, although both models are 15% lighter than their original models without sacrificing durability or stability.

The continuous rocker is a rather unique feature, which provides for an awesome pop off the wake, complemented nicely by the dual chamber which breaks up the landing on the way down. The dual chamber also allows the boarder to ride higher on the wake, giving an additional speed and pop advantage. Lastly, both of the models have the Strata Track Mounting System allowing the rider to choose virtually any position within 13 inches on the board.

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