K2 iKonic 84Ti Skis with MXC 12 Bindings 2021 Review

K2 2020 Ikonic 84Ti Skis w/MXC 12 TCX LT Bindings review

Among the most popular All-Mountain skis on the market designed for rippers who love the groomers is the redesigned 2021 K2 iKonic 84Ti ski from K2 Sports that comes accompanied by the widely sought-after MXC 12 Bindings and a host of amazing features and specs.

In the 2021 K2 iKonic 84Ti 177cm Skis w/ MXC 12 Bindings review below, we will delve into this ski’s outstanding features, strengths, effectiveness, and other pros that make it one of the top choices for unapologetically aggressive skiers.

Furthermore, we’ll explore some of the disincentives that come with owning this ski as well as the answers to the questions skiers most frequently ask about this ski.

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We trust that after reading this very insightful review, you’ll be in a better position to decide for yourself whether or not the iKonic 84Ti is what you need for that piste adventure and thrill on your mind.

K2 iKonic 84Ti ski Specifications


Ability Level:Advanced – Expert
Rocker Type:All-Terrain Rocker
Type of Construction:Sidewall
Core Construction:Konic-technology/aspen/paulownia/metal-laminate
Available Sizes:163cm, 170cm, 177cm, and 184cm
Tip/Waist/Tail Widths:133/84/112 (@177cm)
Turning Radius by Length:17.5m (@177cm)


K2 Konic Technology

The K2 Konic technology incorporated into this ski is one of the outstanding things that separate it from many of its competitors. What’s so special about the Konic technology? This revolutionary technology makes the ski more stable and improves its edge holding ability by adding more metal to its construction.

Also, this technology moves heavy materials from the ski center towards its edge to greatly enhance performance. This increases the iKonic 84Ti’s precision as well as its energy transmission ability while still having a fantastic sweet spot.

All-Terrain Rocker

Featuring an All-Terrain tip rocker profile, the iKonic 84Ti has a slight rise at its tip. This profile makes this ski versatile and much easier to keep under control in all types of snow conditions.

Metal Laminate Construction

The ski is engineered with sheets of Titanal aluminum which are placed on top of the core and beneath it. This gives the iKonic a good dampening ability so that you can enjoy vibration-free rides. Furthermore, the sheets of titanal also make the ski feel more accurate and precise during rides.

K2 TwinTech Sidewalls

Another greatly admired feature this ski comes with is the TwinTech sidewalls that offer the skier several benefits, most notably enhancing the ski’s edge holding ability when riding on groomers. Coming with a slight taper, this construction also reduces the ski’s likelihood of chipping.

Marker 12 TCX Bindings

Our review of the IKonic 84Ti ski wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the outstanding Marker 12 TCX bindings that it comes with. These bindings come with several features to enhance your performance such as a triple pivot toe piece which is an outstanding shock absorber.

Another appealing feature of the Marker 12 TCX worth mentioning is its twin-cam heel that makes the bindings very easy to step in.



  • Comes with the famous Marker 12 TCX bindings that enhance performance and are easy to step in.
  • Is stable and holds a good edge when skiing at high speeds.
  • Excels on the groomers.
  • Has great torsional stiffness.
  • Reduces swing weight.
  • Holds an edge very well on various conditions.
  • Is still pretty forgiving despite being a carving ski.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The top sheet of the ski is prone to scratching and chipping easily.
  • It doesn’t perform well in powder.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of this ski?

A. It is a product of K2 Sports LLC, an American company famed for being the pioneers of fiberglass ski technology. K2 Sports was founded in 1962.

Q. Are the Marker 12 TCX bindings manufactured by the same company that manufactured the ski?

A. The Marker 12 TCX bindings are manufactured by one of the most renowned ski bindings manufacturers in the world, Marker. The company, which was founded in Germany in 1952, was later acquired by K2 Sports group.

Q. What are the differences between this model and the older ones?

A. The key differences between this 2021 version of the iKonic and the previous versions include a shape that has been updated to ski better and the fact that this version uses more metal than the previous ones, thereby making it stiffer and better for high speeds. Another prominent difference between this version and the older ones is the fact that this one is designed to offer the skier more control.

Q. Is this ski good for a beginner skier?

A. The K2 iKonic 84Ti is designed for advanced to expert skiers who love to ski aggressively. If you are a beginner skier, this ski wouldn’t be suitable for you.

Q. Is the ski light?

A. Despite not being the lightest pair of skis on the market, the iKonic 84Ti is engineered with the revolutionary K2 Konic technology that is designed to make the ski light while enhancing its performance.

Q. Does the ski hold an edge well?

A. Yes. It has an impressive edge holding ability in various conditions from hard ice to slop.

Q. How does this ski handle bumps?

A. It skis smoothly and fast in the bumps.

Q. Is this a good carving ski?

A. Yes.

Q. How does the iKonic 84Ti handle the high speed?

A. This ski excels at high speed because that is what it is designed for. Thanks to the titanal metal sheet layers it comes with, it would provide you stable and vibration-free rides as you charge down the slopes.

Q. Many skis battle with the problem of swing weight. Does this ski also have challenges with that?

A. Not really. The state-of-the-art Konic technology of the iKonic  84Ti redistributes heavier materials to the edge of the ski, and in so doing greatly reduces swing weight for a more enjoyable ride.

Q. Can this ski be used in different snow conditions?

A. Yes. The iKonic 84Ti can be used in a variety of snow conditions.

Q. How well does the K2 iKonic 84Ti carve turns?

A. It carves turns well.

Q. Is it poppy?

A. It has a substantial amount of pop to it.

Q. Does this ski come with bindings?

A. Yes. The iKonic 84Ti comes complete with the Marker M3 12 TCX Bindings.

Q. Is this ski durable?

A. It is more durable than most of its counterparts out there. The TwinTech sidewall construction of the ski is one of the key reasons it is very durable.

Q. Does the iKonic 84ti come with a warranty?

A. Yes, it does. K2 Sports supports it with a 1-year warranty.


Final Verdict

The iKonic 84Ti review above shows us a myriad of remarkable features that make this ski one of the best skis for ripping groomers. The ski’s excellent torsional stiffness gives you a stronger grip on firm snow while its generous waist width that measures 84mm gives you the extra stability needed for charging down smoothly through a variety of snow conditions.

And what’s more, even though this ski is a high-performance all-mountain carving ski, it still has a slight amount of forgiveness so that you don’t get punished for every single mistake you make. The icing on the cake is the world-renowned Marker 12 TCX bindings it comes with, which in itself is also loaded with performance-enhancing features.

All in all, the iKonic 84Ti left us impressed with its stability, versatility, and power to rip groomers like nobody’s business. If you are an aggressive skier who craves for speed, then you just might want to try out this ski and experience a whole new level of skiing because it has been sedulously crafted for rippers like you!

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2020 K2 iKonic 84Ti Skis with MXC 12 Bindings Video Presentation

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