New Wildcat Jr Waxless Cross Country Backyard Ski Set 95cm 2022 Review

Updated Feb 17, 2022

New Wildcat 95cm Jr Waxless Cross Country Backyard Ski Set Review

If you aim to make sure that your little ones thoroughly enjoy cross country skiing this winter, one of the best things you can do for them is getting them a pair of good skis designed purposely for kids and which comes with features that not only improve learning but also keep your kids safe and happy on the slopes. In today’s post, we shall introduce you to the New Wildcat 95cm Jr Waxless Cross Country Backyard Ski Set from Whitewoods.

This ski set comes complete with a fantastic pair of kids’ Nylon molded 95cm skis that are built for fun and confidence development, Kinder bindings that securely and comfortably hold their boots, and the performance-enhancing Wild Cat poles that are made of aluminum and feature durable plastic baskets.

All these things come together to make this ski set one of the most impressive cross country starter sets for kids who are between the ages of 4 and 8.

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If you would like to get to know more about the New Wildcat 95cm Cross Country Ski Set so that you can make a well-informed decision regarding whether to purchase this product for your kid(s) or not, then go through the detailed review we have put together for you below.

New Wildcat 95cm Jr Waxless Cross Country Backyard Ski Set Specifications

Waxless Base

One of the most useful attributes of a cross country ski is that it comes engineered with a waxable base. And being a pair of good cross country skis, these skis feature good waxable bases. These bases, which are noted for not relying on kick wax to give them traction, are designed purely to enhance the skier’s grip on various snow conditions while boosting performance – features which are very useful in kids’ skis.

Aluminum Poles

The set comes complete with a fantastic pair of aluminum poles that suit the heights of children aged 4 – 8. These adjustable poles are designed to help improve your little one’s skiing in a variety of ways. For example, with these moderately light poles, kids can easily keep themselves steady and boost their confidence on the slopes.

Pre-Mounted Bindings Compatible with Regular Snow Boots

One of the biggest highlights of this ski set is that it comes with pre-mounted bindings that will strap securely, comfortably, and safely over your child’s boots. And the best part is that with these bindings, your child wouldn’t need to wear any special pair of ski boots to use them. They can wear their regular snow boots with these universal bindings and enjoy the excitement cross country skiing has to offer.

Durable Construction

The bindings and skis are made of very high-quality material, which automatically makes them very durable and less likely to break on your kid(s). In addition to ensuring that the bindings and skis survive all manners of abuse, the durable construction also greatly enhances their performance.


  • The skis are durable.
  • They come with good aluminum poles with baskets and durable bindings that securely hold boots.
  • They are great starter skis for kids.
  • They ski very well and give kids a ton of fun.
  • Your kids can enjoy these skis wearing their regular snow boots.
  • Putting them on is very easy.
  • The price is of the ski set is good considering all the great components and attributes the set comes with.


  • Some customers have complained of the boot fasteners of the skis being cheaply made.
  • Being made of aluminum, the poles that this ski set comes with are prone to easy bending or snapping.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How wide are these skis?

A. The width of these skis at the tail is 2 5/8″, the width at the tip is 3″ and the width at the middle of the ski is 2 3/8″.

Q. What is the length of the skis?

A. 95cm in length, which is ideal for youngsters aged 4-8.

Q. How maneuverable are these skis?

A. They are very easy to maneuver, which makes them very ideal for kids who are just learning how to ski.

Q. My kid is 10 years old. Would these skis fit him/her?

A. These skis are designed for kids between the ages of 4 and 8. That said, depending on how smallish your 10-year-old is, he/she could probably use these skis.

Q. Do these skis come with bindings?

A. Yes. They are pre-mounted.

Q. What materials are these poles made out of?

A. These poles are made of aluminum and come with plastic baskets.

Q. Can an adult use these skis?

A. No. These skis are for kids only.

Q. One of the binding straps is missing. Can I get a replacement to purchase?

A. Yes, you can.

Q. Can my little one wear his/her regular boots to use these skis?

A. Yes, they can. Your kid doesn’t need to wear any special boots with these skis; they can wear their normal snow boots to use these skis comfortably and safely.

Q. What is the largest boot size that the bindings of the ski can fit?

A. The skis can fit up to a size 4 foot (junior size).

Final Verdict

Our overall impression regarding this ski set is a positive one. That is why we think if you want to enhance your kid’s skiing experience this winter, then get him/her the New Wildcat 95cm Jr Waxless Cross Country Backyard Ski Set that comes pre-mounted with excellent bindings and aluminum poles is worth considering.

Based on the cool attributes accompanying this ski set, it comes to us as no surprise why many parents who have purchased it claim it offers their little ones everything they need to have a wonderful skiing experience.

As for us, we think that this set, which is designed purely for fun and building confidence in kids, would not only help your kid enjoy the excitement that comes with cross country skiing, but it would also help in improving their skiing.

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