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Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard Review 2020

Updated Jun 24, 2020Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard review

This year, the Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard series is the perfect combination of novice and aggressive to be one of most versatile and one of the best wakeboards on the market for all riders. Whether you are a beginner, or the most advanced rider, you will get the value you want from the Trip. If you’re a beginner, it’s the perfect wakeboard to learn with because it starts you out at a steady pace and let’s you develop your skills.

When you become more advanced, this wakeboard will be able to adapt and evolve along with you. For advanced riders, this wakeboard will have no trouble keeping up with you right from the beginning making it the perfect wakeboard, no matter your experience level.

As you develop to be a more aggressive rider, or buy the Liquid Force Trip to be aggressive, you’ll be able to experience more complex features of the board. The Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard is has a smooth and nicely predictable shape for learning, or exploring what you can do on the water. It also includes a variable edge rail, rounded near the center and sharpened near the tail, so the rider is given complete awareness of the boards movements. No matter your experience level, you’re going to be learning some new tricks.

The Trip also gives you the option to ride with, or without the center fin. The edge channel on both sides gives the wakeboard highly positive tracking with minimal drag to keep you surfing rather than under the surface. The wakeboard’s rocker is continuous, smooth, yet fluid and it’s predictable carves along with it’s high arching launch off is going to give a thrilling ride to experience new tricks of the trade, or your first time actually being able to stand on a wakeboard. Either way, you’ll be satisified with the Liquid Force Trip’s performance.

The core material in the wakeboard is wood along with a guaranteed one year warranty makes the Trip made of the right stuff and was made to last for as long as you can handle the waves. The size of the Trip series range from 130 to 146 to fit all that want to give this wakeboard a chance.

If you’re willing to give it a chance, this wakeboard would cost you roughly $230 to no more than $270. IF you’re looking for Super Trip Wakeboards, the price will escalate to range from $300 to $500, but you’d except that kind of range if that’s what you’re truly looking to ride.

If you have reservations about the original price range then consider that this Trip series celebrates the art style of artist Drew Brofree. Not only that, but this series and the features it incorporates has made the Liquid Force Trip one of Melissa Marquardt’s favorite pro wakeboards.

As a beginner, this is a wakeboard you’ll learn to love and appreciate the more you learn how to use it. As an advanced rider, this is a wakeboard that will not only keep up with you, teach you new things, but become the only wakeboard for you. The Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard series is the perfect combination of aggression and novice riding to make it one of the best and most versatile wakeboards on the market today without question.

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