The Best Kneeboards for Beginners in 2019 [Review & Guide]

best kneeboard, driftsun kneeboard

Kneeboarding overall is a great water sport for beginners. Since you are on your knees, it is much easier to find your balance and less dangerous when you fall, and trust us. You will fall. If it’s your first time on a board, the last thing you want to be thinking about is the quality of your board, so we’ve done the research and taken care of that concern for you. We came up with what we believe to be the best kneeboards for beginners.

Of course, there were several factors to consider and many features to be ironed over before our final decisions were made. Ultimately, being in the best position to learn how to balance and learn the proper techniques are the key be spending more time riding on the water than falling into the water. The process we used to get to our list and results were determined by the construction method used to make the board and what it was made out of.

The next factors we surfed through were the shape of the board, the “rocker” on the board, whether it had fins, or lock straps and whether or not value, quality and popularity of the board were all excellent.

The final step was to take all of that information and select the best kneeboards for beginners by determining which of them were better considering the following attributes.

The Best Kneeboards for Beginners – Review & Guide

Affordable Price

Our target price was at a max of roughly $160 to as low as under $120. Ultimately, the boards we selected aren’t that varied in price, so the price isn’t truly the most important issue when it comes to buying a beginner a kneeboard. Our choices were ultimately selected on the other features rather than on the price.

The Board’s Shape

Kneeboard are primarily made from two different materials: fiberglass and plastic. Our advice as a kneeboarding rookie is to stick with plastic in the beginning. Fiberglass boards are more stiff with sharper edges which allows the board to more easily perform tricks.

These boards are also more durable, so a more experience rider is more appropriate for them. Plastic boards are softer. They are more buoyant and they have wider edges which make them easier to control. You’ll thank us for that later.

Other Features Included in the Board

For a kneeboard, this includes the “rocker” which is the bend of the board from tip to tail. The quality of the rocker will give the new rider necessary help in the transition up and off the boat wake as well as helping the kneeboard spoon into the water for softer landings.

Some more advanced kneeboards can feature a double lock strap to allow the rider to hold more tightly with two hands instead of one, however; these should not be used on plastic boards, so this is a non factor.

We have also taken notice for retractable fins for the beginning as your getting your balance on the board and getting used to the waves.

Our Decision

This one was rough, but when the final decision was made, it was the Driftsun Kneeboard that was our favorite for a beginning rider. The runner-up was the O’Brien Radica Kneeboard which is just as good of a kneeboard and a great second option. Our value pick was the Full Throttle Power Platform Kneeboard which would be another good choice to learn with, but it just feel spot of our first two choices. All the kneeboards on our list are of high quality and perfect choices for beginners. Here is our list with the best kneeboards for beginners.


Overall Pick: Driftsun Kneeboard

best kneeboard, driftsun kneeboard

At the sale price of around $120, the Driftsun Kneeboard is an absolute steal if you’re interested in learning to kneeboard over the summer. It is so well suited for beginning kneeboarders and also highly usable for those same riders as they become more advanced that you’ll be able to create great memories on the board and consider it the kneeboard that keeps on giving.

Having 3/4″ EVA foam padding makes it extremely durable for new riders. The padding is more comfortable for longer rides because of the contoured shape. A strong padded strap holds the board in place providing stability and comfort for the rider. A key feature for us is the pull hook that is integrated at the front of the kneeboard which allows for easy takeoffs, especially for beginners.

The deciding factor was the ease of being able to get onto the board. This is known to be an issue for many new riders and can discourage many of them from not giving kneeboarding a true chance. We thought that it was the easier board with the better combination of features to allow new riders to learn to kneeboard and then continue doing so with this board.

The beveled edge is very useful for fast cuts and riding low in the water for better balance. This will also allow more advanced riders to see great value in this board to do many tricks, spins, jumps and even flips.

With the excellent combination of all these features along with the ease for new kneeboarders, this is the perfect board at an extremely affordable price of around $120 to learn to kneeboard with and continue using until you can become a much more advanced rider with the Driftsun Kneeboard.

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Runner Up: O’Brien Radica Kneeboard

obrien radica beginner kneeboard

The O’Brien Radica Kneeboard was a close runner-up. This board has found the way to use the thrills of water sports to it’s full potential by creating this kneeboard. A board of ultimate performance. It is equipped with it’s 3/4″ EVA Pad, an integrated hook, a variable beveled edge along with quad molded finds and an adjustable strap. At the same price of around $120 as our winner, it is just as affordable while being just as thrilling.

The board was greatly inspired by water skiing which puts it a little lower to maximize the stability and edge to edge transitions you’ll be craving once you learn how to ride the board. This is arguably the more excited board on our list. If you’re a beginner looking for something more fun and furious than this is a great pick.

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A Third Runner Up: Full Throttle Power Platform Kneeboard Trip

full throttle power platform beginner kneeboard

The Full Throttle Power Platform Kneeboard was everything a beginner needs to be able to ride. It is equipped with twin tip design and also step-down rail for a consistent ride. A continuous rocker for easy surfing and easy tricks with a soft landing.

It is also molded in channels for maximum control. It also has a much larger orthotic pad than the other options for a comfortable ride if that is your forte. There is a single locking strap as well which combines to make this yet another great kneeboard for a beginner just trying to keep their hair from getting wet surfing on the waves.

The downside is the increase in price from the other board. At a sale price of around $150, this kneeboard is a tad bit more expensive, but an extra $20 isn’t something you’re going to be concerned with once you’ve got this quality board under your knees.

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Fourth Pick: Hydroslide 2103 Revolution Kneeboard

Hydroslide 2103 Revolution Kneeboard

The Hydroslide 2103 Revolution Kneeboard is a perfect choice for beginners as it allows to get up the first time, every time thanks to its patented Hydrohook. This Kneeboard also has patented thin profile design which gives the best looks and the best performance and classic spoon shape that gives a smooth, easy ride, without sacrificing any pop off the wake.

Expert riders can try any trick or maneuver with superb control with EVA pad with deep knee wells and 3″ padded belt. This is one more great kneeboard for a beginner on a reasonable price.

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Fifth Pick: SereneLife Thunder Wave Kneeboard

SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard with Hook

The SereneLife Thunder Wave Kneeboard is a perfect choice for beginners and an all around board not only for kneeboarding but also for waterboarding, kneeling boogie boarding and knee surfing when at the lake, at the beach or out on a rushing river. Thunder Wave knee board is specially designed with a “hook” to hold the tow rope handle while you’re getting started. Made out of corrosion-proof and marine-grade materials, the boogie surf board is strong enough to be used by the pros and beginners alike!

This board has a floating and stable platform base, comfortable form-fitting knee slots for all ages and weighs a little under 9 lbs which will keep you from getting bogged down.  Built with an adjustable strap, making it the ideal water board for boat activities.

The twin tip design ensures that you have a smooth ride every time. The 3” padded strap and the comfort molded flex pad ensures that you stay comfortable providing soft landings and a secure fit. This is another great kneeboard for beginners on a reasonable price.

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Thank you for reading and good luck with your choice. Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.


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