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The Best Metal BMX Pegs

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Before getting into our pick of The Shadow Conspiracy Little One Pegs, there is a great debate in the BMX street world going on whether steel or plastic pegs are better, and in this recommendation, we focused on just steel instead of comparing them to each other. It depends on the rider’s style and motives.

If you want to be able to grind aluminum, marble and be allowed to do it in any park guaranteed, you don’t need to read any further and feel free to guy buy some plastic pegs, there is nothing wrong with them other than durability. On the other hand, if you want to get down and dirty on concrete ledges and want a durable long-lasting steel peg, continue reading.

We were looking for a steel peg that grinds smooth, feels light, and durable as can be when grinding. Additionally, any bonus in looks, as well as pricing were considered… although the price wasn’t a main factor in the decision this time. The pegs we ended up choosing were the Shadow Conspiracy Little One Pegs, followed very closely by the Odyssey GI Pegs.



The Shadow Conspiracy Little One Pegs

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It truly is hard to find something wrong with these. They grind as smooth as any other peg, feel light, and are light at only 6 ounces, come in a variety of awesome-looking colors, are durable and strong, and have anti-rotation pins that are awesome for rough ledges. There is nothing much else to say about them, except the choice should be an easy one.

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Runner Up: The Odyssey Joystick Pegs

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These were very much a close second. With a very similar build to the Little One Pegs, they are by all means also an awesome choice. They come in the same sizes and are made out of the same 4140 heat-treated Chromoly a the Little One Pegs, the same size and fit the same axles. The only difference is it is slightly heavier by just .4 oz, a little rougher on the outside right when you put them on. They are also a bit more expensive than the Little Ones which can be a game-changer for some when the products are so similar.

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We are certain you’ll be happy with either one. They’ll last you a long time, grind (especially on metal) very smooth and quick, and are overall completely dependable and fun.


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