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The 10 Best Skate Decks for Street Skating In 2022

Updated Feb 17, 2022The Best Skate Decks for Street Skating

Every rider has a list of preferences when choosing their deck because every rider has a different style, terrain preference, and way of riding. Standard skateboards with almost symmetrical popsicle stick-shaped decks are the ideal for street skating. Smaller wheels (50-54mm) and thinner decks (8.0″ – 8.5″) are also preferred by street skaters because they make it simpler to ollie, flip tricks, and switch.

We came up with the Best Skate Decks for Street Skating based on pop, durability, weight, size, shape, and of course price. Keep on reading our Guide to find our picks of the finest skateboarding decks.

The Best Skate Decks for Street Skating 2022 – Factors Considered


Who doesn’t like a substantial and long-lasting pop?


Can it handle a huge gap and make it past a few weeks of skating?


The lighter the better when it doesn’t sacrifice durability. We looked at how it was constructed for this.


Available in different sizes?


We gave preference to an even nose and tail.

Although these decks are great for any terrain, our main focus was choosing a deck for actual street terrain (flat ground tech tricks, rails, ledges, etc.), as opposed to street skatepark terrain where some other decks may be slightly better for quarterpipes, airs, etc. That being said, here are our top choices of skate decks for street for 2022:


1. Bamboo Skateboards Graphc

Bamboo Skateboards Graphc Deck


It’s hard to beat the Bamboo Skateboards Graphc Deck prospect for an overall street experience. The skate board has excellent pop and an even longer tail and nose for switch riding. These not only are durable but maintain pop longer than many other deck brands. Made with bamboo which makes it lighter and stronger so that it’s harder to break. Bamboo absorbs shock better so that it doesn’t break whether you’re jumping down a huge stair set, hitting a handrail, or flying around on a halfpipe.

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2. Moose Blank

Moose Blank deck

The Moose Blank Skate deck is a very close second to the Graphc. A very comparable deck to the Graphc, although a slight advantage with its durability as it uses the latest materials, 7-Ply Canadian Maple, but we found a very slight disadvantage with the pop in comparison to the Bamboo Skateboards Graphc. The weight is also quite light giving it an extra lift off the pop.

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3. Chocolate Skateboards Stevie Perez

Chocolate Skateboards Stevie Perez Carnivale Skateboard Deck

If you’re looking to maximize height and pop, the Stevie Perez is your deck. With a slightly lighter make than the above two boards with comparable pop, it’s great for ground tech tricks. The only downside is because of the even lighter materials it would be hard to make it last as long as the Graphc or Moose Blank.

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4. CCS Blank and Graphic

CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck

Then there’s the CCS Blank and Graphic Skateboard Deck, which is hailed as the best street skateboard setup. This one has all of the excellent features you could imagine. You name it: durability, stability, flexibility, and design.

This deck’s durability is excellent. It is unquestionably made to last. In short, CSS blanks are a good choice for both beginners and experienced skaters, providing everything from stability to style to toughness. You can easily grind on rails and cruise rapidly with these board blanks.

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5.Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

This is another skateboard deck from one of the most well-known companies on the market. The  blank version of the Moose Blank BK1775-DBL Skateboard Deck. Its light-weight but powerful composition is one of its outstanding features. It’s a 7-ply Canadian maple wood plank that’s been bonded together with industrial strength glue.

It comes in a variety of sizes and colors, ranging from 7.0″ to 8.75″. It’s perfect for kids who are just learning to skate. Streets, parkways, alleyways, and wood ramps are all good places to skate. Furthermore, I appreciated how this board was free of blemishes and molded into a sturdy deck.

It’s a colored blank board deck that you can customize according to your tastes. Despite the fact that the brand is recognized for producing some of the top skate decks for street skating on the market, this board is provided at a low price.

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6. Real Skateboards Doves Renewal

Real Skateboards Doves Renewal

Real Skateboards has released another board, the Renewal Doves. The key distinction with this deck is that it is substantially less expensive than many others.

The lower price is due to the fact that some of the wood for this deck is recycled, which is a good bonus for those who are environmentally conscious. Real does not specify how much of each deck is constructed of new wood versus recycled wood, but the fact that this deck can save you money while also potentially saving a tree is pretty cool.

In terms of performance, these decks feature the same classic shape that has helped Real become one of the most popular board companies in the last decade. Some skateboarders claim that this deck loses pop and durability sooner than other Real products, which is likely due to the mix of materials, while others claim they can’t tell the difference. There are other elements at play when it comes to breaking skateboards, and one incident does not imply that everyone will have the same experience.

If you’re on a budget, break boards frequently, or want to support Real’s environmental initiatives, the Renewal series from Real is definitely worth checking out.

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7. Baker Brand Logo Black

Baker Brand Logo Black

Baker Skateboards are nearly associated with skateboarding on the street. Andrew Reynods and Erik Ellington, two of the best street skaters of the last 20 years, are examples of the top-tier talent this brand has attracted and fostered.

Baker continues to raise the bar in the realm of street skateboarding and is one of the most popular brands.

For a long time, their decks have been basically untouched in terms of design. They’ve been designed to be flatter than other decks. When setting up for various flip moves, its mellow concave gives riders more mobility and control.

These decks, however, are also suitable for skating in parks. They have enough concave to slice around softer transitions without difficulty. There’s a reason why the classic Baker deck style has endured for so long. The reason for this is that it works.

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8. Santa Cruz Transcend Stack VX

Santa Cruz Skateboards Deck Transcend Stack VX

Allow me to introduce you to the longest-running firm in the game, if you thought Powell Peralta had some great staying power in the skateboard industry. Santa Cruz started creating skate decks in 1973, and the company has expanded alongside the sport. However, just because they are the oldest skateboard brand does not imply they are set in their ways.

The Santa Cruz Transcend Stack VX is a superb illustration of the company’s efforts to keep pushing forward and create amazing products. This deck is comprised of standard maple, with two plies of their patented “Quad X Technology” material added for reinforcement.

These decks are both lighter and stronger than traditional all-maple decks. Santa Cruz also claims that these decks retain their pop for a longer period of time than other decks making them perfect skateboard decks for street skating.

If you’re the kind that goes through skate decks like tissues during allergy season, the Santa Cruz “VX” series could be worth a look. The only way to know if these boards are as good as they are advertised is to test one out for yourself.

Even better, they’re only slightly more expensive than standard decks, so if it turns out to last longer, you’ve made a good decision!

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9. Powell-Peralta Biss

Powell-Peralta Skateboard Deck Biss

One of the stronger, thinner, and lighter skateboard decks from Powell Peralta, the Biss Deck gives you the feeling you can do more than can be done on a 7-ply deck. It combines a perfect balance of pop while maintaining its hold and durability.

You flip faster and do tricks more easily with this superior-performing skate deck. Plus, it doesn’t break that easily, meaning it lasts longer than average 7-ply decks. The reason it’s lower on our list is only its price as it’s more expensive than other decks on this list.

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10. Stereo Skateboards Arrow Blue

Stereo Skateboards Arrow Skateboard Deck

Stereo Skateboards Arrow deck is one of the most durable on the list of the best skateboard decks for street, made of professional quality 7 Ply Canadian hard-rock maple with long-lasting pop. This skate deck is suitable for every skill level from beginner to pro. Defects are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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The Best Skate Decks for Street Skating Buying Guide 2022

Best Skate Decks for Street Skating Buying Guide

When you go to a skate shop or even a website for the first time to buy a skateboard, the large number of options can be overwhelming. This guide is for you if no one else is available to assist you

In fact, if you know what to look for, finding the perfect deck is simple. Keep on reading  so the next time you go shopping for a skate deck, you’ll know exactly what you’re searching for based on your needs.

When picking a skateboard deck, the two most important factors are your morphology and the type of skating you intend to do.

Skateboard Deck Construction

A typical skateboard deck is made up of seven plies of maple wood that are bonded together and pressed into a popsicle shape. It has a distinct nose and tail to help the skateboard lift easily, as well as a more or less defined concave to aid trick performance. The graphic will be placed on the back of the deck, while grip tape will be applied to the top.

Canadian Maple

The vast majority of decks on this list will be made of Canadian maple wood, which is the industry standard. If the seller simply says “maple,” the deck is almost certainly constructed in China, and the wood is likely to be significantly softer and of lower quality.

This is more frequent in lower-cost blank decks, but most pro brands and higher-end blanks are usually made entirely of Canadian maple.

In my perspective, the difference between Canadian and Chinese maple decks is little, and if you have a limited budget or go through decks rapidly, a cheaper Chinese deck may be the better alternative for you.


Bamboo is now being used to make skate decks by some of the most up-and-coming skateboard brands. It is said to be lighter and stronger than Canadian maple.

It is worth looking into if you’re looking to try something new and want the lightest deck available.

Carbon Fiber

In the last decade, there is an increase in the number of skateboard decks manufactured entirely or partially of carbon fiber or other metal materials rather than wood.

These decks often last longer than traditional wooden decks and are less prone to chipping and breaking than conventional wood decks. The disadvantage of these materials is that they tend to feel “stiffer” than standard wooden decks, making them heavier and more difficult to do tricks on for skilled skaters.

Carbon fiber decks are also more expensive, but if you have a habit of breaking decks, the extra expense may be worth it. Some manufacturers additionally provide warranties against carbon fiber skate decks breaking under normal conditions.

Although we are seeing a lot of new stuff crop out on the market these days. Carbon plies, bamboo skateboard, 9-ply deck, the innovation is here, giving you a deck that lasts longer, doesn’t break and doesn’t lose its pop.

Skateboard Deck Size

When purchasing a skateboard deck, this is undoubtedly one of, if not the most critical factor to consider. While there is no one-size deck that is ideal for every rider, the size of your deck can have a significant impact on your ability to do tricks and ride comfortably on your board.


The length of a traditional pro skateboard deck is usually between 30″ and 33″. This is because the skate deck is robust and sturdy at this size while remaining lightweight and maneuverable.


The wheelbase is the distance between the front and rear wheels, and it is normally between 13″ and 15″ in length. A longer distance between the wheels makes the board more stable, but it also means the board will weigh more and it will be more difficult to accomplish stunts that require the board to fly.


A skateboard deck’s width is usually between 7″ and 9″. The majority of skateboarders use skateboards in the 8″ to 8.5″ size range. Street skaters prefer somewhat narrower boards because they are lighter and simpler to flip, whereas vert and park skaters choose wider boards for better stability. Because of the extra stability, taller and heavier riders prefer to ride wider boards.

Skateboard Deck Shape

When purchasing a skateboard deck, the shape of the deck is also important to consider. A skate deck, in general, has a nose and a tail. This simply refers to the front and back parts, respectively.

Double Kicktail

A double kicktail, or “popsicle” shape, is found on most modern skateboard decks. This simply indicates that the deck’s nose and tail slope upwards and are higher above the ground than the deck’s main section. This is because it makes tricks like ollies and kickflips simpler to execute because greater force and leverage can be applied while popping off the ground.

Single Kicktail

Skateboard decks with a single kicktail or no kicktail are also available. While this is good for riding, it makes even the most basic tricks considerably more difficult.

Skateboard decks can also be found in unusual and artistic shapes, such as a traditional surfboard or even a person’s head. Rather than doing challenging stunts, these decks are typically used for cruising. Different brands have different deck forms, which are typically undetectable to the untrained eye.

Skateboard Deck Concave

The concave of a skateboard deck is a feature that most beginners would overlook. The curve of the deck’s riding surface, as well as how much the nose and tail dip and rise, is known as concave. When looking at a skateboard deck from the side, concave will be most visible.

Concaves are used in slightly different ways by different brands and manufacturers. Professional riders have their own signature concave styles that they’ve refined over years of riding a variety of decks.

DEEP: Skaters that ride big ramps and transitions prefer a steeper and more prominent degree of concave on their skateboard deck. When carving around a bowl or transitioning steeply, this makes it easier for the rider to sense where their feet are on their board.

MEDIUM / MELLOW: Street skaters prefer decks with a medium or slight concave because it allows them to better place their feet for the wide range of flip tricks they do.

If you’re not sure, starting with the recommendations or a board with moderate concavity is a decent place to start.

As seen from the front or rear at eye level, these are some common concave shapes of a board deck.


Skateboard Deck Concacve

Skateboard Deck Pop

The term “pop” refers to the responsiveness of a new skateboard deck. The nose and tail edges of a new skateboard are accurate, and the grip tape grabs your feet firmly, allowing you to pop an ollie higher and with less effort than an older deck. Bamboo is used to make the most pop in skateboard decks.

Best Skate Decks for Streets Buying Guide

Skateboard Deck Types


Modern or New School Decks: Decks that are modern or new school are by far the most common. It has a symmetrical form that lends adaptability to the skateboard, allowing it to be used for any skill, trick, or function. It is suitable for users of all skill levels.

Old School Decks: Originally a larger and more sturdy form of deck, which has narrowed through time. The hole patterns for the trucks were also altered to enable stunts performed on the deck’s nose. Best for bowl skaters who want to carve and go fast rather than ollie.

Freestyle: In the early 1980s, symmetrical and square-shaped decks were used to conduct a distinct type of skateboarding that involved flatland flips.

The modern decks were created by combining the freestyle and old school deck styles.

Longboards: A longer length of deck that is best for going fast. Longboarding culture is distinct from skating culture, despite the fact that they are sometimes mistaken.


when choosing the best skateboard deck for street skating, you should always make sure you have the right one, especially if you are a beginner. Check the board’s maximum weight capacity and width to ensure that it is safe and sturdy for you.

Make sure it’s light enough to carry around even when it’s not in use. The information provided above is for readers who are still undecided about which deck to use. The list consists of the best skateboard decks for streets for your reference.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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