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The Best Skateboard Trucks for Street Skating in 2021 Review

Updated Jun 23, 2021best skateboard trucks, skateboard trucks

Every serious street skater likely is loyal to a certain truck brand, but for those that are still undecided hopefully we can help you narrow down your choices on the best skatebard trucks. When selecting our top choices, we were aiming to find the truck that combined the following attributes in the best possible way. Keep on reading to find the best skateboard trucks for street skating available today.

The Best Skateboard Trucks for Street Skating 2021-Factors Considered

Smooth Grinding

A solid feel on rails and ledges.


Doesn’t snap, and last for years.


Turns well depending on adjustments.


Lighter the better as long as the strength isn’t sacrificed.



The Decision

Based on these key traits we came up with our top three picks:

Our Overall Pick: Independent Stage 11’s

independent stage 11, independent classic trucks

These Indy’s skateboard trucks are as good as they get. They are made of a strong 4140 Chromoly steel that are great for grinding on, and sit on light, yet durable 356 T6 aluminum hanger and baseplates. Whether you like them tighter for stability or looser for turning, they can seamlessly perform well either way with a simple turn of the tool.

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Runner Up: Gullwing Sidewinder II

Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard-Skateboard Trucks

For some exaggerated, easy turning, the Gullwing Sidewinders are definitely the trucks for you. he Sidewinders feature a ‘double kingpin’ setup which allows the truck to steer far more than regular trucks, tightening the turning radius and also giving back double the rebound you put in to your carves and pumps.

What this means is you can generate momentum through turning/pumping, and will be able to carve the tightest lines known to any skateboarder.

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Another Very Close Runner Up: Paris V3 Skateboard Trucks

Paris V3 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks

The Paris V3 Skateboard Trucks are some of the most popular skateboard trucks out there and for good reason. They are durable, can turn well, and have a smooth grind. With a basic look and reliable feel, there’s no going wrong with these strong, versatile and lightweight trucks.

The baseplate’s 50° angle and the hanger’s open bushing seat combine to offer a fluid transition between deep, diving turns.

Down to a molecular level, the Paris V3 trucks are stronger than any other cast longboard truck on the market.


– Proprietary Alloy-Forming Process
– Genuine T6 Heat Treatment
– Stronger Redesigned Hanger
– SCM440 Alloy Steel Axles
– Lighter Reinforced Baseplate
– Redesigned SCM435 Alloy Steel Kingpins
– Redesigned Conical Bushing Shape
– Paris 90a Urethane Bushing Formula
– 96a Hand Poured Urethane Pivot Cups
– Matches Ride Height of Paris 43° Baseplates
– 50° Baseplate Marker Symbols
– 6-hole Mounting Pattern
– Multiple Colorways

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Value for money pick: Trouble Trucks Skateboard Truck Hollow Light

Trouble Trucks Skateboard Truck Hollow Light

The Trouble Trucks Skateboard Truck Hollow Light feature hollow aircraft grade kingpins. These trucks are light, strong with quick response made from a trusted company as Trouble Skateboards has been a manufacturer & distributor of high performance trucks, grip tape, decks and accessories since 1996.

High performance design ultra low kingpin height for maximum grind clearance. Improved no hang-up yoke for grind tricks.

They come in 4 available sizes: 149mm-8.5″, 156mm-8.75″, 134mm-8.0″, 139mm-8.25″.

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Regardless of which of the best skateboard trucks for street skating you choose, you’ll be in good shape.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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