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The Best Skateboard Trucks for Street

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Every serious street skater likely is loyal to a certain truck brand, but for those that are still undecided hopefully we can help you narrow down your choices. When selecting our top three choices, we were aiming to find the truck that combined the following attributes in the best possible way.

Smooth Grinding

A solid feel on rails and ledges.


Doesn’t snap, and last for years.


Turns well depending on adjustments.


Lighter the better as long as the strength isn’t sacrificed.



The Decision

Based on these key traits we came up with our top three picks:

Our Overall Pick: Independent Stage 11’s

independent stage 11, independent classic trucks

These Indy’s are as good as they get. They are made of a strong 4140 Chromoly steel that are great for grinding on, and sit on light, yet durable 356 T6 aluminum baseplates. Whether you like them tighter for stability or looser for turning, they can seamlessly perform well either way with a simple turn of the tool.

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Runner Up: Thunder Hollow Lights

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These Thunders are great for grinding, are very responsive, and just as durable as any others. With a lightweight feel, they are medium in height, minimizing wheel bite, and made of a strong long-lasting steel.

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Another Very Close Runner Up: Venture Super Lights

venture super light trucks, venture skateboard trucks

The Venture Super Lights are some of the most popular out there and for good reason. They are durable, can turn well, and have a smooth grind. With a basic look and reliable feel, there’s no going wrong with these strong, versatile and lightweight trucks.

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Regardless of which of the three you choose, you’ll be in good shape. Feel free to drop a comment below with your thoughts.

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