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The Best Men’s Snowboard Bindings in 2022 [Review and Buying Guide]

Updated Oct 25, 2021
Best Snowboard Bindings for Men

Recent production has brought some great binding technology, design, and style to the industry. Everything from easier adjustments to comfort to optimizing the board flex, companies gave it their all this year to make the best snowboard bindings.

Our selection was based on a variety of attributes listed below, but primarily we were looking for the best all-around bindings for everything from park to bombing down runs. While some snowboard bindings have their advantages and disadvantages over each other, much like everything else in life, we feel any of our selected top five are an outstanding choice for any level rider.

The following were our main considerations.

The Best Men’s Snowboard Bindings Buying Guide 2022 – Factors considered

The Construction

Was it overall well-built and seamless with top-tier materials? We checked thoroughly for high-quality material used in the construction of the bindings.

The Straps

Comfort, adjustability, strength, durability.


Feel, adjustability, flex.

Ease of Release and Entrance

Will you be able to keep up with your skier friends?


-Softer: terrain/more room for error
-Medium – all-mountain
-Stiffer – riding fast and precision turning


Strong baseplate materials, optimize board flex, durability, shock absorption.


Worth the $$$’s?

Additional Features

Compatibility, ease of adjustability, etc.

The Decision

After narrowing down a multitude of options, brands, and U.S. availability, our top choices can be found below.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

The Best Men’s Snowboard Bindings 2022

1: Burton Cartel EST

burton cartel est, burton cartel bindings 2014

The Burton Cartels don’t let down at any attribute. Beginning with the EST baseplate, it is constructed out of a combination of nylon and fiberglass that truly reduce the weight and give the rider a more natural board flex, and at the same time provides an awesome shock absorption cushion for going big with its AutoCANT sensoryBED padding.

The Hi-backs have a great adjustable forward lean option that is tool-free, giving the rider the option of cranking it forward or back on the fly.

The ankle strap is known as their asymmetrical REACT strap and is made of a very comfortable enduro padding that doesn’t sacrifice any responsiveness. The toe strap is a Gettagrip toe cap strap with a toe window, and it along with the ankle strap can be easily adjusted to however the rider prefers. Both have Smooth Glide buckles that are sure to be reliable and powerful for several seasons of shredding.

Of course, as most of the other Burton bindings, they are compatible with the channel mounting system further adding adjustability to the list of positives. Unfortunately, this also brings the only real downside to these, which is that they are exclusively compatible with the channel system, limiting board options to only Burtons with that technology.

Overall these bindings are engineered a bit stiffer than the others on the list, but with the number of adjustability options, any rider type or skill level can appreciate the Burton Cartels.

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2: Union Force

union force 2014 binding, union force bindings

The Union Forces are another all-around great binding to consider for all-mountain riding. They have a mid-flex feel, are light, comfortable, and very responsive. The multizone force highback gives the bindings an amazing heel side control and responsiveness, in addition to the 3D aluminum heel cups that reduce weight and increase strength.

It can be easily shifted forward while on the go by a simple unlock slide and re-lock process as opposed to the use of a tool.

The straps are a 3D direct connect strap system that distributes the weight in a nice even manner, with easily adjustable positions. All the hardware is made from very strong steel ensuring a resistant and long-lasting construction.

If you wanted to compare the Burton Cartels above, where they have an advantage in the compatibility and cost, but they fall slightly short on the shock absorption as well as overall adjustability. Other than that, they will provide any rider with an awesome all-mountain ride.

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3: Burton Genesis EST

burton genesis 2014, burton genesis bindings

Coming in a price slightly higher than the other options, these are some of Burton’s best. They have a mid-stiffness feel, with a Hammock highback that gives a very responsive heel control, made of a combination of its rubber hammock material and a truly durable spine.

Unlike the Cartels, the compatibility is with pretty much any board, with a hidden trap door for easy mounting. Just like the highback, the ankle strap uses Hammock technology to remove weight without sacrificing hold or comfort. The toe strap additionally is a lightweight, EVA with a strong grip.

The Genesis EST’s are a great choice for the more intermediate to advanced riders looking for a long-lasting and responsive binding.

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4: Union Contact Pro

union contract pro bindings, union contact pro

The Union Contact Pros are quite similar to Force’s, with a few differences. They have contact pro highbacks as opposed to the multizone force highbacks, as well as a contact pro base that gives some extra shock absorption. Our personal choice was the Force over the Contact mainly for comfort and cost reasons.

Although if you’re looking to go big, the Contact Pros may be a better choice for you. Either way, they are a very high-quality binding that won’t disappoint.

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5: Rome 390 Boss

rome 390 boss bindings, rome bindings

The Rome Boss’s are a medium flex, durable, responsive, and comfortable binding made for all-mountain riders. Starting with the baseplate, the V-rod baseplate gives the board a great natural board flex, while the sub-base V-pad absorbs shock like no other.

The straps include the Contour Boss ankle strap that has a very comfortable feel that naturally supports the boot and the Conform Strip toe strap that gives a solid grip on the toe.

The 390 Asym highback is easily adjustable and has a canted shape inside for all-around great riding.

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There are many great choices out there but these were ours, and the runner-ups were very all very close in quality and price.


Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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