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The Best Windsurf Boards for Beginners in 2022 [Review and Buying Guide]

Updated Feb 17, 2022

Best Windsurf Boards for Beginners

Choosing the right windsurf boards for beginners can truly make or break your riding experience based on what your motivations are. Unlike a snowboard or wakeboard that can be adapted to pretty much any terrain without an enormous disadvantage, windsurf boards are usually built to meet one riding objective or the other.

Therefore, this list is based on riders who are quite entry-level, and primarily looking to ride in in-land waters, as opposed to focusing solely on getting to more advanced rough waters and tricks.

At the same time, we did not simply choose big pieces of foam you can buy from a shop for $200, we only considered high-quality boards from reputable companies that the rider can grow their skills with. We included some new inflatable windsurfing boards, as they are multifunctional and can be used for a wide array of sports, so if you are a beginner you can try an inflatable windsurfing board first before trying solely windsurfing.

The Best Windsurf Boards for Beginners in 2022 – Factors Considered

The primary attributes we considered for the review of the best windsurf boards for beginners were the following:


Preferably looking for 70cm or more board width. Windsurf out of all water sports is known for being one of the toughest balance challenges and that will be effectively made easier with a board this wide.


Looking for availability above 160L.


Looking for a retractable daggerboard for stability when non-planing, and versatility when planing.

Deck Grip

Looking for a solid grip and comfort.


We were looking at premium brands, although the price was considered for the value that they have over lesser-known brands as well as with each other. You can buy a windsurfing board for under $950 but it will only help you if you are a beginner.

If you spend more than $1200 you will get a quality windsurfing board that will last and serve you at any level. If you are not really in love with the sport, don’t spend more to get a professional board.


We understand that if someone is going to spend over $1000 on something, it better last long. Although most board damage occurs during transportation anyways.

Anything Else

Fin box, core material, easy carrying, accessories, etc.


After considering boards from about 10 different brands, we selected our top 6 choices. Each of these five boards is awesome for entry-level riding, won’t hold the rider back from advancing their skills, and all have their advantages and disadvantages over each other.


The Best Windsurf boards for beginners

The Best Windsurf boards for beginners in 2022


1. Our Overall Pick: BIC Sport Techno One Design 293 One Design Windsurfing Board

BIC Sport Techno One Design DTT One Design Windsurfing Board

The BIC Sport Techno One Design board is our overall number 1 spot and for good reason. Starting with the basics, it has a perfect 79cm width that gives the rider extra stability and the ability to add a larger sail for higher speeds. At the same time, the board is slimmer than other models, so it doesn’t feel as if the wider board will sacrifice any responsiveness or controllability.

The Techno 293 OD is ideal for learning and leisure funboarding. The shape of the board is as all-around as it can get, so a beginner rider will be able to progress into planing, carving, etc. The daggerboard provides directional stability and makes sailing upwind a breeze.

It comes complete with Footstraps, Integrated 60 cm Daggerboard, and 46 FF Deep Tuttle fin.

Overall, if you’re an entry-level rider that wants a board that will take them up to the advanced level, the BIC Sport Techno One Design Windsurfing board will not disappoint.

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2. ZRAY W1 & W2 Windsurf Inflatable Paddle Board

Zray W2 Windsurf Inflatable Paddle Board

Zray W2 Windsurf Inflatable Paddle Board

Zray may not be well-established in the business yet, but its concise lineup has attracted some of the most devoted fan communities an inflatable stand paddleboard brand could ever have. The thing Zray excels at is variety.

This is a brand that has focused on diversifying its line of inflatable paddle boards, no matter how short, to ensure that it meets the needs of the majority of paddlers out there. As a result, Zray has it all figured out, from touring to straight-up fishing boards.

The new Zray windsurf iSUP is a fantastic example of Zray’s branching nature. Because windsurfing is not very friendly to iSUPs, this is arguably a one-of-a-kind inflatable board.

The paddleboard includes a premium heavy-duty backpack and hand pump to cut inflation time in half.

The extra-wide design creates an incredibly stable platform ideal for lakes, Inflatable stand-up paddleboard added weight capacity, yoga, touring, just relaxing in the sun. It’s an ideal windsurfing paddleboard for beginners with a soft, stable, and anti-slip top deck.

Every board kit comes packed with a collapsible lightweight aluminum paddle, manual pump, stability fin, coil safety leash, among other accessories.

Best paddling maneuverability:

The paddleboard is outfitted with triple bottom panel fins, steering and handling are easy offering exceptional surf control. This travel-friendly, unique SUP is preferred by those who have a knack for adventure. Take it with you on surfing excursions or keep it in your car for those times you want to explore.

As it’s made of the highest quality military grade material and its max load is up to 330lbs, you no need to worry about scratches or damage if you are a beginner.

This inflatable stand-up paddleboard is an all-around multifunctional board, for fishing, surfing, or carrying kids and pets together in both fresh and saltwater. It also offers a 1-year warranty.

With the small size and fairly lightweight, it is easy to control and will perform excellently on small waves. Therefore, it is a very nice one for beginners.


The board is made from PVC and it is dent-proof and scratch-resistant. The Z-Ray board comes with instructions, a repair kit, a pump, paddle, sail, and a backpack that makes it easy to transport.

Key Features:

  • Patented drop-stitched construction and 500 denier PVC.
  • 9 stainless steel D-rings.
  • Double fins.
  • Secure valve.
  • Soft fabric handle.
  • Elastic bungee.
  • EVA carpet.
  • Includes board, sail and frame set, high capacity hand inflation pump, an adjustable SUP paddle, and a backpack.
  • A rubber mat.



  • Zray W1 : 10′ long x 32″ wide x 6″ thick
  • Zray W2: 10’6″ long x 32″ wide x 6″ thick
MaterialMilitary-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction weight
Weight limit
  • Zray W1: 264lbs
  • Zray W2:  320lbs
Number of D-rings
  • 4 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 4 Stainless steel D-rings around the pad for kayak seat attachment
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachments recommended
Recommended PSI15 PSI
Fins2 large fins
  • Zray W1: 255L
  • Zray W2: 270L
Carry handles1 carry handle
Warranty1 year warranty


Product dimensions: 320x81x15cm


  • Exceptionally portable and stable.
  • Lightweight and space-saving; rigid and long-lasting.
  • It can support riders weighing up to 264 pounds.
  • It includes a sail, a pump, a paddle, a board, and even a bag.
  • It is scratch and dent resistant, and it comes with instructions and a repair kit.


  • Must always be pumped before use;
  • Puncture-prone.


>>> See Specifications & Read Customer Reviews on Amazon! <<<






3:AQUA MARINA BLADE Inflatable SUP Windsurfing Board

AQUA MARINA BLADE Inflatable SUP Windsurfing Board

AQUA MARINA BLADE Inflatable SUP Windsurfing Board

Another great option if you are a beginner in windsurfing is the Aqua Marina Blade, a versatile Windsurfing SUP. Its ideally suited as a board for learning windsurfing and riding in light-wind conditions, which makes it the perfect windsurfing board for beginners. With paddle turns into a friendly, easy, and universal SUP board.

An additional central dagger fin increases the stability of the board and facilitates upwind riding. It’s light, compact, strong, and can be used by any level of riders who would like to hold the winds in arms.

Perfect for people weighing up to 264lbs.

You can get the Blade to windsurf paddleboard with a dedicated Aqua Marina windsurfing rig with an area of 3m2 or 5m2. The rig, like the board, fits in a small bag, thanks to which the set is easily transferred.

In the box, you get a zipped backpack, double-action pump liquid air v1, dagger fin, slide-in center fin, safety leash, and a 3.0m² or a 5.0m² sail.

Of course, any windsurfing rig can be used with this board.

Key Features

  • A board with the possibility of mounting a windsurfing rig
  • Equipped with two fins – rear and central – both in the Slide-In system
  • Deck covered with EVA foam
  • 3 foot straps
  • The trunk on the tail of the board
  • D-Ring on the tail
  • Double-layer structure
  • 2 sizes of windsail available. 3m² and 5m²


  • Size: 320cm x 84cm x 12cm
  • Thickness: 15cm
  • Weight: 10.8kg
  • Volume: 280L
  • Optimal inside pressure: 15 psi
  • Max Air Pressure: 18psi
  • Max Load: 264lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year

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4: TAHE Beach 225 D Tough-TEC Windsurf Board


TAHE Beach 225 D Tough-TEC Windsurf Board

Beginner and intermediate windsurfers of all sizes will like the Beach 225D sailboard. The shape is wider for maximum stability for beginners, but as the wind increases, it offers great performance and maneuverability for intermediates. The padded deck provides both comfort and a non-slip surface and considering that it costs less than $1000, makes it a great choice.

The Beach’s integrated retractable daggerboard is simple to operate and provides excellent upwind performance in any condition. The Beach comes with a deep Tuttle FIN as standard and is suitable for sail sizes ranging from 2.5 to 6.5 square meters (sailing rig sold separately).

The Beach 185D is ideal for sailors of any size. For the simple transfer to and from the water, the Beach 225D board includes carrying handles molded into the deck and linked to the stern.

Furthermore, the Beach 225D is made of TOUGH-TEC polyethylene, which is a proprietary, extremely durable material that will last for years in even the harshest conditions.

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5: JP-AUSTRALIA Windsurf Board Explorer


JP-AUSTRALIA Windsurf Board Explorer

Another great choice is the JP-AUSTRALIA Windsurf Board Explorer, and for under $1250, comes at a great value. This windsurfing board has a solid width of 70cm and a length of 270cm giving it some extra stability and speed in the water. It has  ASA SANDWICH Technology with a full EVA deck, giving a comfortable grip as well as a retractable dagger.

The carrying handles at the front, side, and rear help to carry the board in and out of the water and are very useful for handling it in the water during the learning sessions.

The Explorers combine the stability a beginner needs with the sporty planing feel an advanced rider wants to enjoy.

This board is very adaptive to different riding styles as some of the most experienced riders will tell you that finding a board this stable is nearly impossible.

It is much more of a family, casual riding board than the other two, with a few fewer features, but it will last the rider a long time and is sure to be worth the cost.

Include Product

Fin: Freeride 38 (PB) + daggerboard
Footstraps: Ergoform x 4 positions: 2 + 1 in the center + 2 upwind straps on 3 position inserts

Technical Data

Length270 cm
Width70 cm
Board weight25.1 LBS
Volume145 L

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6: Kona One 220L


kona windsurf boards, kona one windsurf board

The Kona One is the big daddy of the group. Coming in at a volume of 220, a length of 350cm, and a width of 70cm, this board is respected just as much by advanced as beginners. Considered a race class board, which may sound intimidating, it is also perfect for beginners as it is extremely stable and maneuverable, giving it a fun and fast ride.

Additionally, like the others, it comes dagger system equipped as well as optimal foot comfort from the EVA soft foam deck. The only real downside for the beginner is the price as it is kind of expensive.

Fin Box:Power Box, 46cm
Dagger System:Yes, Flush 65
Sail Range:2-10
Recommended Use:Entry Level, Flat Water, Wave, All Around, Freeride
Manufacturer Warranty:1 Year

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Kona One
The Best Windsurf Boards for Beginners in 2022 [Review and Buying Guide] - windsurf boards for beginners
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