Volkl Kenja Women’s Skis Review 2022

Updated Jan 7, 2022

Volkl Kenja 2022 review

Volkl Kenja 2022 review

In the world of women’s skis, the Volkl Kenja 2022 is a force to reckon with. There are absolutely no two ways about it. This ski, which is designed purposely for an aggressive female skier, provides, among other things, the stability, edge hold, power, floatation, and grip needed to enjoy a comfortable ride and boost performance.

The Volkl Kenja Women’s Skis review prepared for you below will aid you in getting a better understanding of all that this ski has to offer you whenever you hit the slopes with it.

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Read below our in-depth review of  Volkl Kenja Women’s Skis.

Volkl Kenja 2022 Women’s Skis Specifications


Ability Level:Intermediate – Advanced – Expert
Profile:  Rocker/Camber/Rocker
Turning RadiusMedium
Bindings:No bindings included
Type of Construction:Sidewall
Material of Core: Multiple layer woodcore
Available Sizes:149cm, 156cm, 163cm
Tip/Waist/Tail Widths:129/88/111 (@149cm, @156cm and @163cm
Turning Radius by Length:20m (@149cm), 22m (@156cm), 25 (@163cm)


Size (cm)149156163
Tip Width (mm)129129129
Waist Width (mm)888888
Tail Width (mm)111111111
Turning Radius (m)202225
Indiv. Ski Weight (g)1550

88mm Waist

The Kenja’s 88mm waist allows it to move easily and quickly when engaging in frontside carves. Also, this waist width helps in boosting the ski’s performance off the groomers by contributing significantly to its ability to stay afloat.

Tapered and Rockered Tips and Tail

The moderately tapered tips and tails of this ski allow you to ride smoothly through powder or bumps by keeping the tail in the snow and preventing the tip from easily diving into the snow as you ski. The rocker in the ski’s tip and tail, on the other hand, greatly aids in the ski’s maneuverability as well as its playfulness. Finally, the camber underfoot of the Kenja exists primarily for two important reasons, namely to enhance the ski’s edge hold and increase its ability to rebound easily.

Multiple Layer Wood Core

The Kenja is engineered with a multiple-layer wood core made up of poplar and beech woods (Sensorwood). In addition to being very durable and adding to the overall strength of the ski, this core contributes massively to the ski’s consistent flex.

Full Titanial Layers

The Kenja’s full titanial layers coupled with its multi-layer wood core give it stability and outstanding edge hold in any snow conditions. The titanium is also responsible for the remarkable power that the Kenja is noted for.



  • The Kenja is a solid and well-crafted ski.
  • The rockered tip and tail of the Kenja make it pretty maneuverable and playful.
  • It is very stable at high speeds.
  • It is a fun ski that handles turns very well.
  • It excels on the groomers as well as off the groomers.


  • It comes without bindings.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of this ski?

A. This ski is the product of the German-based sports equipment manufacturer, Völkl. The company has been in business since 1923.

Q. What skill range is the ski perfect for?

A. This ski is suitable for aggressive skiers – skiers whose ability levels range from advanced to expert. However, despite not being a ski designed for a slow skier, it turns out that the Kenja is much easier to ski than others in its category.

Q. Does the Volkl Kenja Women’s Skis come with bindings?

A. No. You’d have to purchase your bindings.

Q. What makes this version of Kenja different from the older versions (2020 and 2021)?

A. A number of things separate this new version from the older versions. For example, the 2016 version comes with a narrower waist of 87mm and a flat tail, whereas this new version has a 88mm waist and features a tail rocker. Also, this new model is more versatile and performs better on moguls, in trees, and on firm groomers.

Q. How stable are the Volkl Kenja Women’s Skis at high speeds?

A. It provides outstanding stability and minimal chatter at high speeds, which is why it is greatly admired by free-riders who can’t seem to get enough speed.

Q. How well does the Kenja handle turn?

A. Thanks to the Kenja’s rockered tip and tail, its handles turn very well.

Q. How does the Volkl Kenja Women’s Skis perform in soft snow?

A. It has no problem excelling in soft snow thanks to attributes such as its 88mm waist and its rockered tip and tail along with a cambered underfoot.

Q. How playful is the Kenja?

A. The Kenja is more playful and maneuverable than other skis of its caliber. The playfulness and maneuverability are largely due to the Freeski tip and tail rocker features.

Q. How fun is this ski?

A. The Kenja is nothing short of a fun ski.

Q. What’s the width of the ski’s waist?

A. 88mm.

Q. How does this ski perform on uneven snow?

A. The ski is designed not to slow you down on uneven snow.

Q. Does the Kenja hold an edge very well?

A. Yes. Thanks to such things as the cambered underfoot and sidewall that runs the ski’s entire length, it offers a fantastic edge hold.

Q. What bindings would you say are very compatible with the Volkl Kenja Women’s Skis?

A. Some of the bindings that work very well with this ski include the following: the Salomon STH WTR 13, the Marker Griffon, and the Tyrolia Attack 13.

Q. Is the Kenja warrantied?

A. Yes. The manufacturers, Völkl, support it with a 1-year warranty.

Final Verdict

The interesting thing about the Kenja is that it is designed in such a manner that the harder you push it, the more it excels. It is indeed a fun ski to ride for a skier who loves speed, which is why we think if you are an aggressive female skier who is looking for a pair of skis that would offer you the versatility and power that you need to thoroughly enjoy that adventure that you are looking for on the mountain, then the Volkl Kenja is worth considering.

Furthermore, unlike many other similar skis, this one feels perfectly at home both on and off the groomers, thereby allowing you to enjoy skiing across a variety of terrains.

And what’s more, each pair of Völkl ski that you buy comes with a 1-year warranty to give you some peace of mind during your adventures on the slopes.

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Volkl Kenja Women’s Skis Video Presentation

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