WSD Snowboard Kids 2022 – [Review & Buying Guide]

Updated Feb 17, 2022

WSD Snowboard Junior Snowboard Boreas Wood core Steel Edges

WSD Snowboard Junior Snowboard Boreas Wood core Steel Edges


Coming across a good snowboard designed purposely for children is often a difficult task. In this review, we shall introduce you to one of the best kids’ snowboard money can buy – the WSD Snowboard Kids 2022.

Boreas Wood Core – Steel Edges – Brand New

The WSD Snowboard for kids is a fantastic board that allows kids to enjoy the slopes while at the same time perfecting their snowboarding skills – two important things that are made possible by the outstanding features the WSD comes with such as an extruded base that runs fast and is easy to maintain, the performance-enhancing 360 degrees steel edges, a forgiving flex that makes learning on it very easy, and a flat top flat profile that promotes stability.

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The sole purpose of the review below is to reveal to you more details about the key features of this board. And in doing that, we shall also be devoting some time to looking at the pros and cons of the board as well as the answers to the questions customers most frequently ask about the board.

Kids Snowboard WSD 2022 Snowboard Specs

WSD Snowboard Specifications

Sizes:125cm and 132cm
Top sheet:Designed in Italy
Mounting pattern:4×4 Hole Pattern
Flex:Medium Flex
Core:Tip-to-tail wood core
Rider ability level:Beginner to intermediate
Type of rocker:Flat Top with Easy Rider
Gender:Boys/girls (Kids’)

High-Quality Materials

Despite being a board for kids, the WSD is made of very high-quality materials, which give it the ability to take a good beating on the slopes while giving the rider a super smooth ride on various terrains.

Tip-to-Tail Wood Core Construction

The tip-to-tail wood core, which contributes significantly to the lightness of the WSD Snowboard, is another major reason why it is loved by many kids in the United States and outside. Some of the other significant benefits of this wood core feature include a better feel, flex, pop, and enhanced strength.

Flat Top Flat Profile

The WSD’s flat top flat profile is yet another impressive feature that separates it from many of its competitors. This profile allows the rider to enjoy constant edge contact and impressive stability on all terrains.

360 Degree Steel Edges

These edges are widely regarded as the strongest edges available. Aside from their immense strength, these steel edges, which run from the tip of the board all the way to its tail, are also noted for their ability to enhance the rider’s performance by biting into the snow to provide good control and stability.

Extruded Base

The extruded base of the WSD comes with many benefits, including the fact that it is easy to maintain and easy to repair in the event the need to do so arises. Furthermore, this base doesn’t need to be waxed regularly for it to run well.


  • It comes in very hard-to-find sizes for kids (100cm and 110cm).
  • The quality of the board is good and it is also light in weight thanks to its wood core.
  • The board is easy to control and really fun to ride.
  • The board comes at a reasonable price.
  • It is flexible and forgiving, thereby making it hard for the beginner to catch an edge on.
  • Being forgiving, this board is easy to learn tricks on and maneuver at slow speeds.
  • The board is designed to make shredding in all terrains easier and more fun.
  • Extruded base is fast and easy to maintain and repair.
  • The nicely designed top sheet is from Italy.


  • Despite the extruded base of the board is perfect for beginners, it is worth noting that boards with extruded bases can sometimes be prone to warping.
  • The board doesn’t come with bindings.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of this board?

A. This board is proudly manufactured by The Face Company.

Q. How forgiving is the flex of the board?

A. It is pretty forgiving, which is one of the biggest reasons it makes a great entry-level snowboard. Its forgiving nature helps massively in building confidence in the novice rider.

Q. How easy is it to turn at slow speeds with WSD Snowboard?

A. Turning at slow speeds is easy with the WSD simply because it is a very forgiving board.

Q. Is this board good to learn tricks on?

A. Yes. With this board’s forgiving nature, kids are going to find it easy to learn tricks.

Q. Can you easily catch an edge with this board?

A. Thanks to the upturned edges of the board, it is difficult to catch an edge and fall.

Q. How stable is the WSD Snowboard on snow?

A. The WSD is very stable on snow thanks to the flat top flat profile which enhances stability when the board is in motion.

Q. Does the WSD Snowboard come with bindings?

A. No, it doesn’t.

Q. How easy is it to link turns with this kids’ snowboard?

A. The WSD Snowboard makes linking turns easier than most kids’ snowboards on the market. And this helps the beginner rider build a lot of confidence.

Q. How smoothly does this board ride?

A. It rides way more smoothly than several other similar boards.


Final Verdict

As can be deduced from the review above, the WSD Snowboard is built for no one but kids, and as such it comes with all the features the average child would need in a board to enhance his or her snowboarding skills and have the fun of his or her life while doing that.

All in all, we think that despite the board not being a well-known brand, the outstanding features accompanying it make it more ideal for kids than several other famous brands of kids’ snowboards on the market.

When you add the fantastic attributes of the WSD Snowboard to the fact that it comes at a relatively friendly price, it becomes very easy to understand why this board is widely demanded. But should you get this board for your young ones?

Looking at the key attributes of the board and the cool Italian artwork on its surface, we think getting this board for your kid wouldn’t be a bad idea at all! What do you think?

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