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The Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers 2022 – [Review and Buying Guide]

The Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers

The Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Updated Feb 17, 2022

The addition of wakeboard tower speakers adds so much to the atmosphere of the entire wakeboarding experience even when you are not in the water. The best quality wakeboard tower speakers are the difference between an ordinary day on the water with your boat and transforming your boat rides into a music-filled, open-air adventure. Let’s be honest, average speakers do not stand a chance against the roaring sound of the winds and the boat’s engine. They’ll make your songs sound like noise that is if there is any audible sound at all.

We don’t want you to be spending your boat days cursing the average speaker, or wishing you had quality audio to beat the waves or engine sounds. To make sure neither of these scenarios ends up becoming true, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a shortlist of the best wakeboard speakers to make your boating experience the best it can be. It took some time, research, and much debate, but we’ve made our choices for the best wakeboard speakers on the market today.

Our process needed some time, a lot of research, and much debate to get to our final list. Overall, our decisions were made on the following factors.

The Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers 2022 – Factors considered

Sound Quality

Without question, the last complaint you should have about a speaker is the sound quality. We’ve done our research and no matter which wakeboard tower speakers you choose for your boat from this list, you’ll have no complaints about the sound quality of the speakers. Since buying these speakers is about overcoming the sound of the waves and engine, our priority in creating this list was to give the best quality sound while selecting a durable and reliable set of speakers.

Affordable Price

Of course, naming an affordable price is determined by your willingness to spend, but our research showed us that you don’t have to break the bank to get the quality speakers you need. We wanted our speaker selections to range from being a little pricey, yet having the total package and highest quality to being very affordable with an equal quality to match and also finding the best value for your dollar and your boat’s sound system. By the numbers, our speakers range from $120 to a mere $90. Overall, we feel confident that for your dollar, you’ll be satisfied with any decision you make from our selections.

Other Factors We Considered

A wakeboard tower speaker isn’t just about sound quality and price. There are other factors we considered such as look. While a speaker may be the right price and sound perfectly, it just may not necessarily fit with the look of your boat. The size of the speaker is also another factor to consider because if it’s too heavy, too big, or even too small then that’s like paddling across the water instead of gliding. We also really looked into setting up the wakeboard tower speakers since that can be an issue after your purchase and other features like wattage were something we considered as well.

Our Decision

After debating all those features and factors, our favorite wakeboard tower speakers are the Rockford Fosgate M282B-WAKE M2 Wakeboard 8-Inch Tower Speaker as our first and best choice. But several other Wakeboard Speakers ranked close enough and some value picks as best money for value. Keep on reading to find more details on the best wakeboard tower speakers that made our list.

1: Rockford Fosgate M2WL-8HB Color Optix Multicolor LED Lighted Wake Tower Cans & Horn Speakers

Rockford Fosgate M2WL-8HB Color Optix Multicolor LED Lighted 8" 2-Way Marine Wake Tower Cans & Horn Speakers 300 Watts RMS / 1200 Watts PeakThis is our first choice of the best wakeboard tower speakers because it comes from a well-respected brand in audio systems, the Rockford Fosgate M2WL-8HB  is a pair of black 8″ 2-way marine speakers in wake tower cans that produce loud, clear, accurate sound and have ultra-bright wide-angle RGB LEDs that provide rich, reliable illumination for your fresh or salt-water adventure!

The Rockford Fosgate Color Optix Controller and RF Connect App (PMX-RGB available separately) connect with the M2 8″ 4-ohm speakers with an integrated 1″ horn tweeter and a power handling of 300 Watts RMS / 1200 Watts Max, allowing you to build your color patterns, allowing you to choose from 30 different color scrolling options or choose any fixed color from the color wheel.

On wake tower bar diameters ranging from 1.5″ to 3″ – can be placed utilizing a direct mount or a clamp mount method that allows for 360-degree rotation. Optional stainless steel and black sport grille inserts are also available.

They’re genuinely purpose-built for marine applications, thanks to their Element Ready design and IPX6 designation, which protects them from UV, water, corrosion, and dust.

The M2WL-8HB is available in black as a pair with stainless steel or black sport grille choices. With their ultra-bright, wide-angle LED lights, they not only give rich, consistent illumination, but their sonic performance will astound you even more. The built-in loaded horn, which is meant to project music to the skier or wakeboarder, provides exceptional clarity and distance.

These 8″ speakers have a power handling of 300 Watts RMS / 1200 Watts peak and deliver outstanding low and midrange frequency reproduction, as well as a 1″ integrated horn tweeter for crystal clear and very loud highs. The M2 series, which is designed to cope with the most powerful amplifiers, provides great power handling and output for the loudest radiant rocking ride on land or water.

These speakers might be the more expensive on our list but will deliver the best sound experience than any other wakeboard speakers on the market today.

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2: BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker System BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker System - 400 Watts

When considering your options, waterproof speakers are essential for wakeboarders, and the Boss Audio 400W wakeboard tower speakers are a pair of UV-protected, marine-rated speakers that you will undoubtedly enjoy. The speakers have been treated with a unique coating to withstand the hot, humid, and salty conditions in which they will be used.

These speakers’ cones are composed of polyurethane. This material is soft and supple while also being tough and long-lasting. The surround is made of rubber, which is highly resistant to the environment, and the voice coil is made of aluminum. Under any condition, this material performs admirably.

These 4-inch full-range speakers with tweeters are simple to install and will have you and your guests jamming to the tunes without disturbing your neighbors. All of the essential components have been specifically treated and sealed to provide the corrosion resistance that is required in a humid and salty environment.


  • Full Range 400 Watt 4″ 2-way Speakers
  • Power Handling (peak): 200 Watts x 2
  • Weatherproof
  • Quick Fit Terminal Design
  • Dimensions: 7.1” x 5.4” x 7.1”
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms. Frequency Response: 130Hz – 20KHz. Sensitivity: 94 dB @ 1 W/1 m
  • Cone: Poly Injection. Surround Rubber. Tweeter: 1” Mylar Dome
  • Voice Coil: High Temperature.
  • Basket Structure: Plastic

Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.4 x 7.1 inches
Item Weight: 6 pounds
Frequency: 130 Hz to 20 kHz
Color: Black

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3: Pyle Dual Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Pyle Dual Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers


Another choice of the best wakeboard tower speakers is Pyle Dual Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers because these speakers are waterproof and ideal for rainy locations. They continue to bang regardless of the weather. They’ve been meticulously constructed with the highest-quality materials in mind for water sports and designed to be used on your boat or by the poolside.

With Pyle speakers, you may consider yourself a great host by providing good music to your guests while out on the water or doing some other outdoor activities. In any case, you’ll have a blast outside with these speakers.

These speakers’ resin coating and water resistance help to avoid rust while you’re listening to music. When mounted, these lovely white speakers have a sleek, attractive, and tidy appearance. It is not alone after mounting. The perforated grille adds another degree of protection against other harmful factors.

These powerful tower speakers provide huge volume despite their compact size, and the molded ABS plastic basket keeps your sound crisp, clear, and distortion-free. It’s quite simple to set up, and mounting hardware is included in the package. You can now begin your musical journey right away.

These Pyle Hydra wakeboard speakers are designed for maritime use; they’re water-resistant and would look excellent on the dock or at sea. With a frequency response of 70 Hz to 20 kHz, these 200-watt speakers have a 6.5′ poly mica woofer cone for booming lows and a 1′ polymer dome tweeter for sweet highs.


  • Includes (2) Speakers
  • Water Resistant Housing
  • Marine Grade Construction
  • Bullet-Style Speaker Design
  • 2-Way Audio Speaker System
  • Full Range Sound Reproduction
  • Large Diameter Sound Projection
  • Gold-Plated Speaker Plug Terminals
  • Sound: 6.5” Speaker, 1” Dome Tweeter
  • Excellent for Monitor or Surround Sound Applications
  • Mounting Bracket and Hardware Included
  • Fits Mounting Bars up to 2.0” in Diameter
  • Support Bar, Tubing, Frame, Roll-Cage Mounting
  • Heavy Duty Engineered ABS Construction
  • Corrosion and Stain Resistant Coating
  • Protective Metal Grill Cover

Technical Specs:

  • Max Power Output: 200 Watt
  • RMS Power Output: 100 Watt
  • Marine Grade IP Rating: IP-44
  • 4 Ohm Impedance
  • Butyl Rubber Surround
  • 25 oz. Magnet Structure
  • Voice Coils: 1.0”
  • Built-in Crossover Network
  • Frequency Response: 70Hz – 20kHz
  • Subwoofer Cone Material: Poly Mica
  • Tweeter Type: Polymer Dome
  • Dimensions (L x W): 9.1” x 8.5”
  • Weight: 7.71 lbs (Each)

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4: Rockville 250 Watt Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Rockville 250 Watt Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers

These are the best value-for-money wakeboard tower speakers you can find with an unbelievably low price for their worth. With the Rockville 250 Watt Marine wakeboard tower speakers, you get exactly what you see. Many speakers on the market, whether wakeboard tower or not, will have excessive power levels. Some speakers will claim to have 400W when they have much less, but these speakers do not overstate their power. You receive a 500W maximum power level with 250W in each speaker, and they’re rated with genuine world RMS ratings.

They’ve always come with a mounting bracket, but it’s been upgraded recently. Steel has been added to the structure. The brackets are also watertight because they are composed of strong plastic. These brackets are as tough as they come, with added nylon strength and total adjustability.

Because these are marine-grade speakers, they are built to last while yet providing excellent sound in any water condition.

Rockville RWB65B Pair of 6.5″ Wakeboard Tower Speakers Totaling 500 Watts (250 Watts per speaker)

  • Color: Black
  • 6.5″ Two-Way High Fidelity Speaker System
  • Adjustable Nylon Mounting Bracket Reinforced With Embedded Steel
  • Includes Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware​​
  • 1″ Polymide Dome Neodymium Midrange Tweeter
  • Built-In Two-Way Crossover Network
  • Fully Marinized Against Salt & Fresh Water Conditions
  • Completely Water / Rust Resistant
  • Terminals Are Sealed with Rubber Gaskets
  • Specially Tuned for PA Voice Over
  • Polypropylene Mica Injected Cone with Santoprene Surround
  • High BL Magnet Motor Structure
  • Y30 High-Density Magnets
  • Oversized 1.25” Kapton Voice Coil
  • Large mounting screw accommodates roll bars found on many off-road vehicles such as Jeep Wranglers, and ATV’s equipped with a roll bar/cage
  • These Wakeboards Fit bars range from 1.26 inches to 2.05 inches and can even fit larger Bars with our optional longer screws

Peak Power Handling: 500 Watts (250 Watts per Speaker)
RMS Power Handling: 300 Watts (150 Watts per Speaker)
Frequency Response : 70 – 20,000 Hz
Sound Pressure Level : 96dB @ 1w/1m
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Mounting Depth: 9″

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5: Pyle Wakeboard Boat Tower Speaker with Dome Tweeter

Pyle Wakeboard Boat Tower Speaker with Dome Tweeter

Another choice of the best wakeboard tower speakers is the Pyle Wakeboard Boat Tower Speaker with Dome Tweeter. These speakers have programmable multi-color dancing LED lights incorporated into them. Outdoor weather, saltwater, and rust are no match for the tweeters’ toughness and strength. Using the provided remote control, you may change the color and speed of the flashing. Your stereo system will be compatible with the marine construction and speaker plug connections with Bluetooth.

The bullet-styled and compact speakers are ideal for individuals who desire something small. They’ll easily fit into any available space on your boat. The Hydra tower speakers also have reinforced butyl rubber, a built-in crossover network, and titanium dome tweeters, all of which work together to deliver strong and full-range stereo sound.

These wakeboard tower speakers have 6.5” subwoofers have 1.0” dome tweeters and butyl rubber surround for durability. Constructed with 60Hz – 20kHz frequency response and 90dB sensitivity for impressive bass response.

With a maximum power of 400 watts, the twin 6.5″ speaker system kit is designed to give a remarkable performance in terms of output power, bandwidth extension, and distortion. It has a 4 Ohm impedance, which ensures good sound quality.

Each marine speaker has a bullet-style form and a sleek black finish, allowing it to be installed discreetly anywhere. With an integrated mounting bracket, installation is simple enough for anyone.


  • Includes (1) Speaker Tower with Dual Built-in Speakers
  • Marine Grade Construction Water Resistant Housing
  • Sleek Bullet-Style Speaker Design
  • 2-Way Audio Speaker System
  • Full Range Sound Reproduction
  • Large Diameter Sound Projection
  • Built-in Crossover Network
  • Chrome-Plated Speaker Plug Terminals
  • Sound: (2) x 8.0” Speakers, (2) x 1.0” Dome Tweeters
  • Excellent for Monitor or Surround Sound Applications
  • Mounting Bracket and Hardware Included
  • Fits Mounting Bars up to 2.4” in Diameter
  • Support Bar, Tubing, Frame, Roll-Cage Mounting
  • 360 Degree Speaker Rotation Bracket
  • Heavy Duty Engineered ABS Construction
  • Corrosion and Stain Resistant Coating
  • Protective Metal Grill Cover

Color-Changing LED Lights:

  • Built-in Dancing / Flashing Lights
  • 19 Dynamic Color Changing Modes
  • Speed & Color Brightness Adjustable
  • Multi-Color LED Lights: Red/Green/Blue
  • Includes LED Lighting Remote Control

Technical Specs:

  • MAX Power Output: 2 x 300 Watt
  • Marine Grade IP Rating: IP-44
  • Butyl Rubber Surround
  • Subwoofer Cone Material: Polypropylene
  • Tweeter Type: Titanium Dome
  • Sensitivity: 91dB
  • 4 Ohm Impedance
  • Magnet Structure: 2 x 20 oz.
  • Voice Coils: 1.0”
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20kHz
  • Remote Control Battery Operated: Button Cell (CR2032)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 13.4” x 22.7” x 11.4”

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6: Rockford Fosgate M282B-WAKE M2 Wakeboard 8-Inch Tower Speaker

rockford fosgate tower speakers

This is another great choice because it quite frankly blew all the other speakers out of the water. First and foremost, you can be confident in its reliable and durable build. The enclosures of the speaker are made from polyethylene of high density and UV inhibitors. The speaker also has a mechanism for being able to resist damages that can be caused by salt fog, or UV rays. This ensures that the speaker will remain functional throughout many years. It is also worth noting that the components can resist corrosion, among other external damages.

At a price range of around 500 dollars, the Rockford Fosgate M282B-WAKE M2 Wakeboard has a 360-degree mounting capability and rotational orientation, for the reproduction of sound all around and heavy-duty use on rugged outdoor vehicles. You will rock everyone’s world with the ear-shattering sound that will leave others envious.

Mounting this speaker is easy and convenient due to the cast aluminum hardware that is adjustable from 1.5 inches to 2 ¾ inches of bar size which makes it easy to hang on any part of the vehicle or the boat.

Most importantly, the speaker has high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors to enable positioning right outside while ensuring that the impressive sound quality does not change. Plus, the M282’s are undeniably good-looking.

We are supremely confident that we have found the best speaker on the market. The 8-inch size may throw some people off, but this is our first choice because this set of speakers is going to give you the best quality and value for your dollar more than any other wakeboard tower speaker on this list, or any other.

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7: MTX TM652WBB 6.5-Inch Wakeboard Speakers

mtx wakeboard speakers

If the M282’s aren’t your thing, and they aren’t going to be for everyone. The is a wonderful backup speaker to listen to while you cruise on the water. In terms of construction quality, it is made with the use of high-quality materials and it has an exceptional design that makes it better than most of the models that can be found in the market today. Undeniably, this speaker will provide wonderful value for your money, even if it can prove to be slightly expensive at 297 dollars.

However, for that price, the 2-way wakeboard tower speaker measures 6.5 inches, good enough for mounting anywhere to enjoy premium sound quality every time. Its peak power output performance is outstanding at 150 watts, offering ear-busting sound quality that makes the boat sound like a large moving boom box.

The MTX is housed in 6.5″ Polypropylene with Mounting Depth that fits up to a 3″ Wakeboard Tower. This makes it able to withstand the wind, waves, or water without complaint. The clamping style for boats may not be good enough for some users, but the quality and value of the speaker for your dollar are undeniable and in this market, the MTX speakers are as good as any other set of speakers.

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8: MCM Custom Audio 60-10031 8″ Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speaker Pair

mcm wakeboard tower speakers

As our value pick, we value this model because you will not be able to have one but two marine-grade speakers. It is unrivaled in terms of being tough, which is a major reason why it is considered to be amongst the top-rated wakeboard tower speakers in 2015. We assure you of its durability and reliability. In terms of sound reproduction, you can also expect nothing but the best, which is why it remains to be the preferred choice amongst many people.

The Rubber surround on an 8″ poly cone woofer with a 1″ titanium dome tweeter ensured us that the sound reproduction is at its finest. It has binding post connections with heavy-duty ABS case and mounts to ensure safe and secure mounting while keeping the speakers protected against the elements. It has a great power handling of 130 watts to 260 watts RMS and tops at 4 ohms with an amazing frequency response of 30Hz~20KHz and sensitivity at 91 decibels.

Simply put, the sound delivery is exceptional. At the mere price of $90 against the other options. This may be the easily affordable wakeboard tower speaker you’ve been searching for an underrated value you’d have to hear to believe.

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a fantastic sound system for your boat. It doesn’t matter what kind of music player you have; what matters is the quality of your speakers. The cost of wakeboard tower speakers is decreasing as technology progresses. Most speakers are now universal in terms of mounting to the wakeboard tower and connecting to your music player.

The majority of wakeboard tower speakers are compatible with your boat. Now you may choose what you want from the greatest wakeboard tower speakers.  You’re surrounded by options. Some speakers are beautiful, while others are functional. Some are adjustable, while others are quick release. There is a speaker system out there for whatever you are searching for.

Those were our choices for the best wakeboard tower speakers for your boat on the market. Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.

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