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The Best Water Skis for Beginners

obrien vortex waterskis

Water skiing can have an exhilarating but rocky learning curve. Finding the best skis for the beginning rider is a top priority when it comes to purchasing gear. One of the most frequent mishaps that occur with the beginning water skier is that they are unable to get out of the water. Because of this we have looked for water skis that boast an easy ride, especially for beginners.


The price range for water skis is a little bit higher than your average skateboard, but spending a moderate amount of money will insure that one has a quality product which will not fail even with repeated use in the water. One can spend upwards of $500 on waterskies, but the ones chosen for this selection are a little more economically priced.


The shape of a waterski almost directly correlates to the amount of buoyancy it will give its rider especially for the beginning water-skier buoyancy is key to having a good time. Some Ski’s are very wide and also attached with a bar for added stability. The wider the ski the more flotation it will offer however also the more drag it will offer so riders who are progressively getting better might choose slimmer skis or skis that have a more defined and less buoyant design.


One thing that water skis usually included are bindings. The water skis for this review are sets that include bindings that are adjustable for multiple sizes and ages. Certain skis have support beams that can be attached to each ski in order to keep the writers tip and tale of the skis together and prevent a wipeout. Make sure to look for this option when at the check out online or usually it will be advertised on its own just due to its popularity among beginning riders.

Construction & Materials

Water skis for beginners and pros alike are usually constructed from a very buoyant woven resin layers that create stiffness and durability for and ease of ride and longevity.


For our decision in this review we wanted to a couple of different criteria one of which being ease-of-use and overall positive buoyancy for the beginning water skier. Realizing that the beginning water-skier may not want to spend so much money we’ve also taken price into account when deciding

Overall Pick: O’Brien Vortex Combo Water Skis with 700 Bindings

obrien vortex waterskis

The first pic on this list of the best beginning water skis is the O’Brien vortex combo pack with the 700 bindings. This is the perfect set up for beginners just because of the durability of the skis the amount of reviews it has that are positive and also the included bindings make for a use right out-of-the-box experience. Measuring in at 65.5 inches this pair of skis can fit a wide range of riders and also includes a plastic fin that adds another level of stability for those who might be just beginning on the water.

With the price of these awesome skis, the quality, and the positive reviews the have received, we decided that since the bindings are included as well, this would be an awesome first pick for beginners and even seasoned veterans.

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Runner Up: O’Brien Wakestar ECO Trainer Skis

obrien eco trainer water skis

These are definitely a runner up on the list because of a really awesome feature that beginners will totally appreciate! These O’Brien wake star ego trainer skis for right around one hundred bucks is a killer deal that will make the first time waterskiing a blast. The feature included that makes it easier to learn the basics is the stabilizer bar that connects the skis. This way, when the boat starts going forward all you have to do is rock back and the skis will stay together giving you the feel of what it’s like to waterski, kind of like training wheels for a bicycle. These skis are designed to support up to 86 pounds of weight and are entirely ready out of the box. One interesting fact that sealed the deal is that it includes a towrope with an EVA handle and also the price is pretty manageable for skis that will last a long time over many outings. When it comes to water skis there really isn’t a better option catered for beginning users.

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Second Runner Up: O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis with 700 Bindings, 67″

obrien reactor combo water skis

At about $170 The O’Brien reactor combo Water skis with the 700 bindings (like the first O’Brien featured) is a perfect water ski for a beginner who has maybe waterskied before and is looking for a slight upgrade in the quality of the construction and ride. The ability for these waterskies to be used by even veteran riders and professionals for that matter makes them a perfect choice for families with different aged riders.
Also Measuring in at 67 inches this pair of skis can fit a wider range of riders and also includes a plastic fin that adds another level of stability for those who might not be as confident on the water yet. The included 700 bindings fit a Foot Size: Men’s 4.5-13. The Reactor skis also have a rear toe piece on one of the skis for the rider to place their foot on. Overall as far as skis for beginners go, this is only the third on the list because of the price and also the fact that there are simply skis that are better suited for solely a beginner, overall it is a good pair of skis that will last.

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When it comes to waterskiing, nothing can be more frustrating than not being able to get up onto the skis themselves. The skis chosen in this review should make it easier for the beginning rider so that you can progress at more of the stable rate. I hope these reviews will make your time on the water awesome! Thanks for reading and good luck! Feel free to drop a question, or comment and let us know what you thought of our selections and yours.



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