Rossignol Experience 88 Open All Mountain Ski – Men’s Review

Rossignol Experience 88 Open All Mountain Ski - Men's Review - Rossignol Experience 88

Rossignol Experience 88 Open All Mountain Ski

Rossignol offers an impressive all-mountain ski for the expert skier with its renowned Rossignol Experience 88. This All-Mountain ski comes equipped with such outstanding features as the state-of-the-art Air Tip technology that greatly enhances floatation on different kinds of snowy surfaces, the Auto Turn Rocker that allows for an impressive edge grip and maneuverability, the Konect fastening system for easy adjustment, and the Extended Sidecut for a fantastic grip at fast speeds.

But to understand all the benefits that this ski has to offer the average skilled skier, you should take a look at the insightful review of the Rossignol Experience 88 Open All Mountain Ski that we have created for you below.

The review will expose you to the key attributes of this product, the pros, and cons of owning it as well as the answers to some of the most common questions skiers ask.

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We are optimistic that by the time you have finished going through the review, you’d be in a better position to make the important decision of whether this ski is what you need for your exploits on the slopes.

Rossignol Experience 88 Open All Mountain Ski - Men's Review - Rossignol Experience 88

Rossignol Experience 88 Open All Mountain Ski – Specs


Size Available159, 169, 173, 180, 187
Main size180
Sidecut127 – 88 – 117 mm
Tip dimension127
Waist dimension88
Tail dimension117
Ski Radius13 m, 13,5m, 15m, 16,5m, 18m
Tail ProfileFlared
Profile sidecutsPROGRESSIVE
Construction reinforcementsTITANAL
Construction otherTIP PROTECTOR
Ski Gear Intended UseAll Mountain
WarrantyOne Year
Skill RangeIntermediate-Expert

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Rossignol Experience 88 Technology


Rossignol Experience 88 also comes with An all-new blend of iconic Rossignol innovation, AIR TIP VAS lightens swing weight and absorbs initial impacts, delivering pure snow contact and control. The integrated visco dampener filters terrain shocks, calming and stabilizing the ski for concentrated energy and cleaner power transfer.


Rossignol Experience 88 has RECTANGULAR SIDEWALL constructions that feature a horizontal layering of core materials (wood, fiberglass, metal, etc.) combined with full-length vertical sidewalls to deliver optimized edge grip, precision, balance, and power.


Specifically developed around Rossignol’s groundbreaking new Line Control Technology, LCT HD CORE AI is a new Hight Density Core lighter and more stable than traditional poplar, balancing high-definition dampness, stability, and drive with the lively, dynamic mobility and power for mixed snow conditions and changing terrain.

On and off Piste Performance

Another important feature of the Experience 88 that endears it to many is its ability to perform very well on-piste as well as off-piste. This means that if you go off-piste (areas of snow that are not designed purposely for skiing), the Rossignol Experience 88 would have you covered. Not too many skis on the market can do this!


Rossignol Experience 88 also comes with An all-new shape for modern all-mountain skiing, the PROGRESSIVE SIDECUT profile that delivers a confident grip while unleashing more playfulness and fluidity to drift, smear, and carve through any terrain or snow conditions. The rounder tip and tail profiles offer instant engagement while release turns with ease for playful manipulation of changing snow and terrain.


Adapted for every terrain and snow condition, our new ALL-TERRAIN ROCKER profile delivers a more balanced blend of hard snow precision and soft snow playfulness. The longer, more progressive tip and early rise tail profiles are adjusted across each model, delivering more targeted all-terrain performance and the freedom to excel in all conditions.


Evolution of World Cup racing innovation, Rossignol’s patented new LCT construction harnesses pure power and energy, delivering fluid stability in all conditions. Featuring a central “power rail” integrated from tip-to-tail, LCT eliminates counter-flexing of the ski to ensure consistently smooth stability and dynamic control of your line.

Rossignol Experience 88 HD Review

Rossignol Experience 88 Open All Mountain Ski


  • It floats effortlessly in powder.
  • It is a very versatile and easy-to-control ski.
  • It performs well on piste and off.
  • It comes already waxed.
  • It holds up very well at high speeds.
  • Great performance on hardpack.
  • The ski comes with the impressive Konect fastening system that facilitates easy adjustment of fasteners.
  • It is backed by a one-year warranty.


  • It is not the most impressive ski when it comes to short turns.
  • It would have been better if it came with bindings.
  • Less comfortable off the groomers.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the Experience 88?

A. The ski is manufactured by Skis Rossignol S.A. – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of snowboard, alpine and Nordic equipment. Rossignol was founded in France in 1907.

Q. Is this ski good for beginners?

A. This ski isn’t best suited for a beginner skier; it is designed for expert skiers.

Q. Does the ski come with bindings?

A. No, it doesn’t.

Q. What is the material(s) used for the core?

A. Poplar wood core.

Q. Does the ski come waxed?

A. Yes, the Experience 88 comes already waxed.

Q. What are the available sizes?

A. You can get the Experience 88 in the following sizes: 159 cm, 169 cm, 173 cm, and 180 cm.

Q. What kind of binding system does the Experience 88 use?

A. It uses the Open Binding System.

Q. Does this ski perform well off-piste?

A. Yes. The Experience 88 performs smoothly both on and off-piste.

Q. Is the Experience 88 a ski for men or women?

A. It is designed purposely for men.

Q. Does the Experience 88 have a metal layer?

A. No.

Q. What are the best ski boots and bindings that I can use with this ski?

A. While you can use a number of different skis and bindings with this ski, the manufacturers recommend that for the best experience, you use this ski in conjunction with Look bindings and Rossignol ski boots.

Q. Is this ski supported with a warranty?

A. Yes. Rossignol supports the Experience 88 HD with a 1-year warranty.


Final Verdict

All in all, we hope this Rossignol Experience 88 Open All Mountain Ski – Men’s review has done a good job in introducing you to the most pertinent things you need to know about this ski.

And while the choice is yours to make at the end of the day, you should remember that having the Experience 88 in your possession isn’t only going to give you more benefits than most skis on the market but will go the extra mile in making you have value for your money while greatly enhancing your performance on all types of snow conditions you encounter on the mountain.

If you are hunting for outstanding value on the ski market, it is not a bad idea to consider this outstanding all-mountain ski from Rossignol.

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Rossignol Experience 88 Video

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