System Timeless and Summit Complete Men’s Snowboard Package New 2022 Review

Updated Jan 7, 2022

System Timeless and Summit Complete Men's Snowboard Package New 2018 Review

There is no doubt the market is flooded with many snowboard packages, but not too many of these packages can be compared to the System Timeless and Summit Complete Men’s Snowboard Package New 2022.

This brilliant set comes with the following items: a sturdy  System Timeless Snowboard, the widely recommended APX Boots, and last but not least the ultra-light Summit Bindings.

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To truly understand why this snowboard set separates itself from others on the market, take a moment to closely peruse the review we have carefully prepared for you below.

System Timeless CRCX 2022 Snowboard Review

System Timeless CRCX 2018 Snowboard Review

Even amidst a marketplace full of competitors, the  System Timeless Snowboard is one of the most popular snowboards around.

But what makes this board renowned?  Many things! The board is engineered with one of the strongest cores in the industry, the 3D Core with Edgelock that provides an excellent edge hold in any type of snow conditions you can think of.

The Timeless also sports a CRCX camber profile whose primary job is to allow for a very smooth ride by mitigating or preventing edge catches while at the same time allowing the board to float easily in even the deepest of powders. This feature is one of the main reasons why using the Timeless to make high-speed turns is super exciting and easy!

The UV gloss is another outstanding feature of this board that many riders can’t seem to get enough of simply because, in addition to keeping the board looking fresh after hours of use, it also contributes significantly to extending its lifespan.

Other outstanding features of the Timeless that separate it from many other boards out there include the 12 pack inserts that dramatically increase the board’s stance options and the Rockwell 48 steel edges that seem virtually invulnerable to wear and tear.

These steel edges will allow you to hit the slopes freely and have fun without worrying about performance or deterioration. If you already have boots and bindings, you can choose only the board from this set.

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System Timeless CRCX 2022 Snowboard – Specs

Profile:Camber Rocker Camber
Construction :3D Core with Edgelock
Outline :Directional Twin
Laminates :Biaxial and Triaxial Fiberglass
Edges :Fully Wrapped Rockwell 48
Top Sheet :UV Protected Gloss
Base :Extruded
Inserts :2×4 12 Pack
Warranty :Three Years

System Timeless CRCX 2022 Snowboard – Sizing Information

Consider the following to choose the right board size.

  • The 153 is ideal for a rider between 100 to 180 lbs. and a shoe size of 6-11.
  • The 156 is ideal for a rider between 110 to 200 lbs. and a shoe size of 7-12.
  • The 158 Wide is ideal for a rider between 120 to 220 lbs. and a shoe size of 8-13.
  • The 159 is ideal for a rider between 130 to 230 lbs. and a shoe size of 8-13.
  • The 163 Wide is ideal for a rider between 170 to 250+ lbs. and a shoe size of 11-14.

Camp Seven Summit Snowboard Bindings

Camp Seven Summit Bindings Review

The Summit Bindings are not only lightweight, but they are also a cinch to strap into.

They work well with System’s APX boots and Timeless snowboard. Besides being noted for their outstanding light construction and durability, they also come with lots of cool and very useful features.

One such feature is the EVA foam footbed that is fully padded. This foam footbed not only greatly enhances comfort on the slopes, but also protects several things beneath it, including the baseplate.

Another outstanding feature of these bindings that enhance the rider’s comfort is the gel injected straps. In addition to comfort, these straps also help in enhancing stability and control. All in all, the Summit is designed to improve your performance and comfort on any type of terrain you decide to venture on.

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System APX Snowboard Boots

System Timeless and Summit Complete Men's Snowboard Package New 2022 Review - System Timeless Snowboard

Not enough can be said about the efficiency of System’s APX snowboard boots, which are ranked among the most useful snowboard boots on the market.

There are so many remarkable attributes of these boots that make them widely praised. One such attribute is the Thermofit heat moldable liner the boots are engineered with. This feature is outstanding because it allows the boot to take the shape of the rider’s foot, thereby allowing him to enjoy a perfect fit.

In addition to that, the liner also gets rid of all pressure points to maximize the rider’s comfort. The boots’ reinforced traditional laces are also another important feature worth mentioning. These laces allow the wearer to easily tighten the boot at the right places to enjoy an excellent fit.

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  • The snowboard boots are very comfortable, durable, and allow for maximum performance.
  • Boots are waterproof and will keep your feet warm and dry regardless of how severe snow conditions are.
  • The beautifully designed snowboard not only enhances performance, but it is also light and at the same time very durable.
  • The board comes with a brilliant flex.
  • The price of the snowboard package is good considering the impressive components that it comes with.
  • Each item in the package is protected with a 3-year warranty.


  • The System bindings could have been constructed better.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are all the items in the package from the same manufacturer?

A. No. The APX Snowboard Boots and the Timeless CRCX 2022 Snowboard are manufactured by System, whereas the Summit Bindings are manufactured by Camp Seven. Both System and Camp Seven are among the leading brands in the snowboard industry.

Q. Is the Timeless Snowboard a true twin?

A. This board is a directional twin that comes with a nose and a tail that are similar.

Q. Are the boots waterproof?

A. Yes, they are.

Q. Which part of the snowboard I’m I supposed to stand on?

You should stand on the top of the board. This is the part that has the larger mountain image.

Q. I am 5 ft 8 and would like to know which size of board would fit me well?

A. When it comes to board sizing, the height of the rider shouldn’t be used to choose the appropriate board size. Your barefoot measurement should be taken and used to get the correct board size.

Q. Do the items in the package come warrantied?

A. Each of the items in the set is supported with a 3-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.

Final Verdict

At this juncture, we hope that the System Timeless snowboard and Summit Complete Men’s Package New 2022 review above has been truly helpful to you in terms of making it easier for you to decide for yourself whether this snowboard package is something that can enhance your performance and comfort you need on those snow-covered slopes you intend heading to this season.

Overall, this set is nothing short of brilliant because it comes with a very durable board designed to float effortlessly over all types of powder, boots that enhance both your performance and comfort and bindings that are not only lightweight but also very durable.

If you choose this snowboard package, don’t forget to get a proper bag to put your gear in, we suggest the Grayne Premium Padded Snowboard Bag but you can check out here for more options.

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And on top of all these amazing things that come with this package, each item in it also comes with a 3-year warranty!

Let us know what you think of this snowboard set. If you liked what you read, don’t forget to share it. It helps us a lot.

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