Volkl Kendo Skis Men’s Review 2022

Updated Feb 17, 2022

Volkl 2022 Kendo 88 Skis review

If you are searching for a pair of All-Mountain skis that is hard-charging and versatile enough to provide you a smooth ride both on and off the groomers, then the 2022 Kendo skis from Völkl might just be what you are looking for. In this Völkl  Kendo Skis Men’s review, we shall be analyzing the outstanding features and specifications that this ski has to offer.

Additionally, we shall also devote some time to look at the pros and cons of the Kendo as well as sample customer FAQs.

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At the end of the review, we believe you would have armed yourself with so much information about the Völkl Kendo ski to decide for yourself whether or not it would make a great company as you hit the slopes.

Volkl Kendo Skis Men’s 2022 Review

Multi-Layer Wood Core

The Kendo is engineered with a multi-layer wood core that is made of full titanal layers and strips of wood that have been perfectly laminated. This attribute allows the ski to not only be solid but also capable of delivering outstanding power and boosting stability.

Moderate Tip and Tail Taper

The moderately tapered tip and tail of the Kendo is another key attribute that is worth mentioning. This feature greatly improves the smooth gliding of the ski since it enhances its floatation in fresh snow. The moderately tapered tips are one of the biggest reasons why this ski performs brilliantly both on-piste and off-piste.

Full Sidewall

The full sidewalls that run the entire length of the ski make it stiffer torsionally and allow for excellent power transmission. These sidewalls also give the Kendo a better edge grip and make it more stable at high speeds.

88mm Waist Width

The Kendo’s 88mm waist provides several benefits, including giving you the ability to stay afloat in soft snow. It also makes the process of making turns on piste covered with wet thick snow very easy.

Volkl Kendo Skis Men’s Specifications


Ability Level:Advanced – Expert
Rocker:  Tip & Tail Rocker
Bindings:No bindings included
Type of Construction:Full Sidewall
Core: Multiple layer woodcore
Base:P-Tex 2100
Available Sizes:163cm, 170cm, 177cm, and 184cm
Weight:1750g (@163cm), 1840g (@170cm), 1940g (@177cm), and 2010g (@184cm)
Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 129/88/111 (@163cm, @170cm, @177cm, and @184cm)
Turning Radius by Length: (15.0m (@163cm), 16.8m (@170cm), 18.6m (@177cm), and 19.8m (@184cm)



  • The Kendo is a durable and solid ski.
  • It handles turns effortlessly thanks to its rockered tip and tail and camber underfoot.
  • It offers great stability and power.
  • The cambered underfoot gives it a brilliant grip across various surfaces.
  • It is damp at high speeds.
  • It is comfortable and offers smooth rides in various conditions.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • The sidewall construction of the ski adds a little more weight to it.
  • The ski would have been better if it were more forgiving.
  • It glides better on piste than off-piste.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the Kendo skis?

A. This ski is manufactured by Völkl, a company that is widely renowned for manufacturing high-performance skis and other sports equipment. Völkl is based in Straubing, Germany, and was founded in 1923.

Q. How does the Kendo handle turn?

A. The Kendo has a tapered shape, which makes it very easy to go into turns and exit them.

Q. What bindings are good for the Völkl  Kendo skis?

A. Some of the best bindings that you can use with the Völkl  Kendo skis include the following: the Marker Griffon, the Tyrolia Attack 13, and the Look SPX 12.

Q. Does the Kendo come with bindings?

A. No.

Q. How does this ski perform in powder?

A. Thanks to the rockered tip and tail, the ski glides well in powder.

Q. How good is Kendo’s grip?

A. Because it features camber underfoot, it can bite into various snow conditions and terrains and offer an outstanding grip.

Q. How good is this ski when it comes to damping at high speeds?

A. The Kendo has a very good damping ability, and that is why at higher speeds, it easily absorbs or gets rid of vibrations/chatter to enhance the smoothness of your ride.

Q. How does this ski fare in powder and bump?

A. It handles them very well thanks to its tip and tail rocker.

Q. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, how would you rate the freeride performance of the Kendo?

A. We would give it a 6.

Q. How durable is this ski?

A. The Kendo is a strong and durable ski thanks to such features as its titanal metal laminates.

Q. How many years of warranty does the Kendo come with?

A. The ski is supported with a one-year warranty.

Q. Where is this ski manufactured?

A. It is made in Bavaria, Germany.


Final Verdict

The review above shows us that the Volkl Kendo skis come engineered with a whole lot of amazing features and specifications that are not very easy to find in many similar skis on the market.

With a waist width that measures 88mm, a multi-layer wood core, a full sidewall construction, and a moderately tapered tip and tail, the ski is built to excel across a variety of terrains, which makes it a very useful ski to have for your adventures on the mountain.

The Völkl Kendo is indeed one of those skis that improve your likelihood of getting the most out of your time on the slopes. However, it isn’t a good ski for you if you are a beginner skier. Why is this so? Due to the sheets of metals incorporated into the ski, it is quite heavy and stiffer, thereby making it necessary for the skier to put in more effort to control it and enjoy the power it comes with – something a beginner skier would struggle a lot with. It is, for this reason, the ski suits aggressive skiers whose ability levels range from advanced to expert much more than any other category of skiers.

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Völkl Kendo Skis Men’s Video Presentation

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  • I haven’t skied these yet but am hopeful. I bought Kendos in 2014 and am grudgingly replacing what has been the BEST all mountain ski I’ve ever owned or skied on. I have powder skies for powder days and will use those for skiing in the glades as well. But on the east coast I ski a lot more groomers and hardpack than powder and the Kendos were super stable at speed, carved nice turns, and were fast! If I could have found a pair of unused 2014 Kendos I would have paid full price for them. Fingers crossed I like the 2022 model just as much!

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